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  1. That's how it works in 2E AD&D, unless you're a Strifeleader of Cyric in which case the Aerial Servant can fight for the caster. Bioware's developers probably wanted to make the spell more appealing, so they made the Aerial Servant fight for any priest. It would have been of little use in BG2 otherwise.
  2. Just a small heads up, aTweaks' Shambling Mounds will also use 11 HD and thereby match their PnP counterparts more closely than the shamblers provided by RR currently do. For consistency, aTweaks will also detect and adjust Shambling Mounds from other mods (including RR).
  3. Agreed, and I'm sure that Wisp will take that into account when he gets to PnP Mind Flayers. I personally find Bioware's "brain drain on-hit" implementation extremely silly.
  4. True, but with some restrictions. Water Elementals can only use Drown on helpless (held or sleeping) targets and it doesn't work on creatures that do not breathe (undead, constructs, elementals...) nor on large/incorporeal creatures. Note that this is handled via the Water Elemental AI script and not within the spell itself.
  5. If it helps, here's aTweaks' version of the Aerial Servant.
  6. Blindness sets STATE_BLIND which is used as a script check in my AI. Reducing the visual range does not. It depends on how much your lower the visual range. Reducing it by half probably wouldn't be that much of a problem, but going any lower than that without setting STATE_BLIND would almost certainly cause issues.
  7. aTweaks' Dryads also have Speak With Plants (a.k.a. "Unentangle"), Wild Empathy and Dimension Door. Not for aTweaks/RR AI. The only requirement is that reduced visual range is caused by the blindness opcode and therefore sets STATE_BLIND. Also, it should be noted that all effects caused by cloud spells have a base duration of 6 seconds and get re-applied every round but only if the victim actually remains within the cloud.
  8. If you do this, you might also want to make those spells party-friendly. Otherwise you'll get enemy priests harming their own neutral aligned summons (i.e. animals and elementals) with Unholy Blight while the party could accidentally kill neutral aligned commoners with Holy Smite during battles that take place in the city.
  9. That is all well and good, but it's still out of scope for Item Revisions. If you want to do this, make a separate mod/component named "Remove spurious Critical Hit immunity from opponents" or something and then hand-pick the target creatures. Most of them probably fall under Bioware's "Boss Immunity" stuff but there are also some creatures that should legitimately be immune to criticals. In aTweaks, we deliberately grant this immunity to elementals, slimes and mists and I'm sure that you don't want to intentionally break that. Admittedly, I haven't been to BWL much since the Iron Curtain went up, so I may have lost my appreciation for the finer aspects of modding debates. *insert snarky comment about IR breaking "dependencies" or some such*
  10. Personally, I see no problem here as long as it's planned as an optional component. The problem is that making such a change in the manner which Ardanis proposed can break other people's work. To clarify, I have no problem with Item Revisions removing critical hit immunity from Ioun Stones, helmets, hoods and similar headgear which is available to the party. My issue is with removing critical hit immunity from undroppable items which were deliberately placed on creatures to grant them this trait.
  11. I'm my view, removing critical immunity from items that are not available to the player is far beyond the scope of an Item Revisions mod. Again, I'd urge you to reconsider. While, I'm sure you're joking, I wasn't even aware that there is a Creature Revisions mod nor that we needed anyone's permission to reference PnP source material.
  12. In theory, yes, but remember that it is possible to flag items as undroppable in the CRE file as well, so your approach is not 100% error proof. If you are already doing mass patching, a better way would be to have a list of designated items which need to be changed instead of automatically modifying every single helmet-slot item in the game.
  13. I hope you mean all head slot items available to the player and not every single helmet-type item in the game. There are many instances where a helmet-type item is deliberately used to make a creature immune to critical hits, both in the ummodded game and in certain mods. For example, vanilla Bodhi has HELMNOAN.ITM in her helmet slot which makes her immune to criticals, while aTweaks' elementals use RR#ETRAI.ITM in for similar reasons.
  14. And while we are still off topic, when you find some time, please update the descriptions of all items and spells in IR/SR which grant +X to AC vs. creature Y (opcode #219) and remove the "saving throw bonus" references as that isn't implemented.
  15. It's also useful in cases when a large summon (i.e. an Earth Elemental) gets stuck behind a doorway or when you want to replace one summon with a different one without waiting for the duration to expire. Removing the cap would probably make it largely redundant though. While it's true that the CoC party carries much more magical gear than regular opponents, I think the readme makes it pretty clear that this is intended as they are supposed to be a high level group of adventurers, similar to the player's own party. And, as we all know, the player's party is always fully decked out in magical bling from head to toe. Eh? The luck opcode doesn't provide a bonus to saving throws on its own, and I don't add this manually. Again, luck doesn't provide a bonus to thieving skills on its own. Thanks, for the vote of confidence. In this particular case though, I disagree with you. Venduris' sword, cloak and Luckstone are meant to be at artifact-level. For that tier, I don't think they are so different from Carsomyr or the Staff of the Magi. Also, you get Venduris' Luckstone very late in Chapter 6 which isn't necessarily the case with the aforementioned two. However, I should probably update the description to make it clearer as to what bonuses the item actually provides.
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