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  1. That good news, thanks. Will wait untill translation on english will complete, i cant read on deutsch, sadly.
  2. Will this mod work together with another 7ht companion mod, like Djinni companion or Golem Construct, etc ?
  3. Hello. Im not sure it is bug, maybe i just dont understand something. After i take letters from chest in bandits camp chapter 4 doesnt start. I use BGEE. That problem appear after i install BG1UB and UB, im my last playthrough without them, all was normal.
  4. Thanks ! Does it work like in BGT, where u end BG 1 with some cutscene and then awake in Joneleth dungeon ?
  5. Hi ! Does anything change, it is possible now to play EET without SOD stuff or just skip it ?
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