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  1. Thanks for your work guys, you are keeping the game alive and interesting!
  2. Yeah, I know you are kidding, but just to ... the in game lore is completely against this, because the world is lived in, and so the rules reflect that. One being that the Lichdom is like said, a curse like state of a failed ascension ... which leaves the Lich itself unable to live and learn more. From this page: https://www.realmshelps.net/monsters/aboutundead.shtml "The living spend their time living life and gathering experience, thereby shaping their personalities and adjusting to the world as it changes around them. In contrast, the undead mind sees the passage of time very differe
  3. Yeah, so when and what exactly did the Liches do to earn their super powers to get to level 29 ? That's just a number for them, but for the player, it's their experience in the game. So you are OK with the player then cheating their chars to level 50 ? Good, cause in that case, the whole thing is easy to have already to been solved. But then why would one even need to fight against the liches, cause it's not like they can provide anymore XP.This is why the whole make DM & RM capped at level z is a good solution. Yeah, the bards get a few level ahead of mages, but it's no +10 levels at leve
  4. I think you'll be fine, tweaks are meant to be installed after those mods anyway.
  5. Liches in SCS are what, 29lvl mages? And dispel magic's success is based on caster level difference, right? So what does it mean? Do i need to hit exp cap to fight them? There are a lot of liches triggered as encounter in SoA when you past level 15. You have no chance but to fight. In fact, only in temple ruins, you encounter 2. I am just not sure if these fights are even doable with a solo arcane caster without ProUndead OR 9lvl spells.
  6. Liches in SCS are what, 29lvl mages? And dispel magic's success is based on caster level difference, right?
  7. Seems like OP is severely underleveled, you just can't solo a SCS timestop using enemy without having timestop yourself, buffs or not.
  8. Thanks for the great work! Almost all the new spells work as intended with the exception of Mordy's force missiles, wich fails to produce the right number of missiles/missiles wander around instead of landing on enemies. Also, the monster summons, even the high level ones are a bit on the weak side.
  9. You are right. The above efffects with an AOE and a 5 turn duration would make for a much better 9 level spell... SR seems like a conservative spell mod - more toning down strong spells than making weak ones stronger, so i tried being conservative
  10. IMO, single target, 3-6 rounds (likePFMW, powerful but short duration), protection from maze, imprisonment/trap the soul plus the benefits of the divine spell freedom of movement. Imp/trap the soul - no save but magic resistance stops it.
  11. If Freedom has indeed a duration then it's not so bad...(Sorry for double posting!)
  12. Wouldn't be easier to give Freedom a duration?
  13. If it's still a no save then the only possible counters would be spell trap/shield of the archons.
  14. Greetings! How does DS fare against let's say imprisonment spamming from demiliches? Is it a viable counter like the former SI Abjuration?
  15. Sorry for that. I will happily delete my post if the above issues are no longer relevant.
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