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  1. Can you give me more details? Im still learning
  2. Hi, Ive got problem with notes in journal in my mod for BGEE. Notes are written in "journal part", not in "quest part". How can I change it? Where am i wrong? In setup.tp2: ADD_JOURNAL TITLE (@0) @1 @2 @3 USING ~mode\tra\%LANGUAGE%\NPCJ.tra~ In NPCJ.tra: @0 = ~title~ @1 = ~bla bla1~ @2 = ~bla bla2~ @3 = ~bla bla3~ In NPCJ.d, for example: IF~~THEN BEGIN SIMPLE1 SAY~qwertyyuui~ IF~~THEN DO~SetGlobal("nevermind","GLOBAL",2)~UNSOLVED_JOURNAL @1 EXIT END or IF~~THEN BEGIN SIMPLE2 SAY~qwertyyufdgfghghgghhfui~ IF~~THEN DO~SetGlobal("neverminddfsdfgfg","GLOBAL",4) EraseJournalEntry(@1)~SOLVED_JOURNAL @3 EXIT END I will be very grateful for help
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