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  1. Ok, fresh install I guess I was missing it - it's a 'use item' ability to choose arcane spells. Just like the description page explains.
  2. I did try the two abilities and they didn't appear to do anything. For now I've started over again with a fresh install and currently trying to get past some modmerge errors. I'll post back here when I've got it all installed again and can test it once more.
  3. Hello, kind of new to modding BG. I've managed to get EET installed and working as well as a couple different setups with other mods installed. The Magus Sorcerer sounded pretty interesting so I've made a whole new install twice now and both times, when it comes time to select spells, you can't select any. It says zero spells left to choose and venturing forth lands me in Candlekeep with... no spells. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe it's the new 2.6 release. Any advice where I might look or something to try to clear it up?
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