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    The land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow
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    diablo series, starcraft, series, warcraft series, baldurs gate series, icewind dale series, anime

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  1. Good to hear this is still going. Only one choice for a Paladin in BGII, so like i said earlier in this thread, (and maybe not in these exact words) Bring it ON!!!! as for altenrative portraits I like these two; http--virtuelles-rollenspiel.de-Rumpelkammer-Jastey-AjantisMod-Portraits-Plasmocat_blonde.jpg http--virtuelles-rollenspiel.de-Rumpelkammer-Jastey-AjantisMod-Portraits-Casul3L.jpg but I'd rather he have his old BG one
  2. true indeed, but it never hurts to suggest ideas.
  3. yeh, if you want a Paladin in your party, short of making one yourself you limited to one choice, there are several fighters, druids, mages, thieves, clerics, but only one Paladin, its always good to have options. and yeh it would be nice to choice a kit too.
  4. sounds good. im liking this mod more and more.
  5. hmm ok, yeh, this sounds like a mod i'd like to try out.
  6. ohh i will definitely. be sure that you do, prehaps you could revive him somehow? or he is teleported away. not sure just rattling off ideas. im sure you have yours. yeh. its been far too long, Ajantis was a paladin right? would be nice to have a paladin other than Keldorn, too many mages, fighters and clerics in BGII, not many specialist classes.
  7. Ajantis mod? Ajantis from BGI? sounds interesting. but wasnt Ajantis one of the people in that group of men disguised as monsters in the winspear hills? or is that not the same person?
  8. i love clerics too, (and fighter/clerics) not sure why?
  9. oh ok, DR is sounding more interesting by the day. might have to get it one of these days, im a little busy right now to start a new game though. real life is calling (a lot)
  10. Elfen Lied


    so no rightious zealotry then, lol.
  11. so this still on or just taking a huge break?
  12. probably not something your interested in doing, but what about some of the racial deities? you have priest of Talos, Helm, and Lathander, but what about some of the elven or drow deities. Rillfane, Lloth, Shar, uh i forget the rest. would be kind of cool to recieve the boon of Lloth or the boon of Shar, if you were a Drow of course. or is this something like covered by divine remix?
  13. good very good it is annoy the lack of oppurtunities for evil aligned parties or good parties wanting to lower their rep without killing innocents
  14. this all sounds good. what new oppurtunitie will there be for evil parties, they kinda get stinged in the unmodded game, or because there is the 'mod for the wicked' would you prefer to just let them handle all that stuff?
  15. sounds good, can you give any hints as to which cleric strongholds they are, oghma, amunator, waukeen, illaster (forget the name), lolth?
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