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  1. Hi, So, what's the status on this mod? There's obviously a beta out (with some good changes in it). Is it being worked on - or should the project be considered dead? Cheers, Filippo
  2. Aah cool - glad it worked out. Looking forward to testing the changes in the new SCS.
  3. So I tried the SR (v4 beta 16) + SCS install and it didn't work unfortunately (same error msg). It seems there's no 25spell.sto in the override folder. Is SRv4b16 the version you're using or is it some other? If so, my bad. I'll redo the full install and upload 25spell.sto...
  4. I'll check. I'll go about uploading the correct 25spell.sto (before SCS) later today.
  5. Hi David, Just replying quickly. I'll upload the 25spell.sto later today. Need to do a re-install with the same mods installed. I have gotten it to work by omitting Spell Revisions(!) AFAIK I'm using the latest versions of all the mods. Checking back later today. Cheers.
  6. Hi David, I'll do that. I tried reinstalling on a clean install and it (IWD arcane spells) worked this time. So I'll experiment some more and then post in this thread. Best, Filippo
  7. Hi, Tried installing the IWD-component but it doesn't seem to work. Installed mods: Attaching the Debug-file. Hopefully that helps with helping you improving the mod. Great content. SETUP-STRATAGEMS_Gibberlings_Filippo.DEBUG
  8. Hi, Is there a possibility to get a look at the tables regarding the changes to ability score bonuses? If the original ability score bonuses apply a Half-Orc getting +1 STR, +1 CON, -1 INT, -2 CHA is clearly superior to an Elf getting -1 STR, +1 DEX, -2 CON, +1 WIS. However, perhaps it isn't as bad with revised bonuses.
  9. I just wanted to give some quick feedback. Overall this mod is A+ and feels really essential. Here's some quick feedback on some things that stood out for me: *Changes in casting time. Making spells such as Doom and Prismatic Spray have a casting time of 1 (and thus actually making them useful) is great. Good job. *Changes to Druids. Mostly great. Changes the role of the Druid to be a more offensive caster. The addition of Ice Storm, the tweak to Call Lightning and Barkskin stands out. *Awkward changes to Divine Casting. There are a couple of instances in the story (Underdark and Watcher's Keep) where you can cast the Heal-spell on an NPC and get some benefits. In the original game Druids and Clerics can cast them (and use scrolls). This is of course not the case in SR. This was kind of annoying as I had to use SK/EEK to give myself some scrolls as to be able to cast it with my other divine caster (Keldorn) as opposed to just using the Druid (Jaheira). *Chaos. This is/was my favorite spell in the whole game so maybe I'm biased - but isn't level 7 a bit much? Perhaps it is justified. Overall, great changes!
  10. Ok, cool. New to Weidu. Got it working - Thanks Bartimaeus and Mike1072 for the help. Edit: and Jarno. @Bartimaeus Ok, thanks for the heads-up.
  11. Hi (again), So I've applied the tips (thanks!) and solved some issues - apparently changed the language via Ascension install. I got my game working with BWS but there were some other issues that came with that so I've reverted to using Weidu. So, now I've grabbed IRv4b10 (couldn't locate v4b15 on github) extracted it to my game folder and extracted (and overriden) the files with IRR v.1.15c as per thread instructions. However, (and I do feel a bit silly for asking) but there's no executable (setup-file) so how do I install it? Edit: Ok, So I simply used an old setup-item_rev and it seems to be working. So seems it was an unnecessary query. Still haven't got a great understanding of how Weidu works.
  12. Delete the weidu.conf file in your game directory. Then, the next time you try to install a mod, it will prompt you to select your game language. Hi, Yup that's correct! I simply grabbed the file available here from gibberlings. I'll download the others and it'll probably work. Thanks. Ok, then I'll know what to do if there's some future problems with the language settings.
  13. I don't think this will do, as you try to install on English Language, but your games language is de_de ... that's short for a German. Hmm, that's interesting. I definitely play with English Language(!) I checked ingame and it's set to English language. Sorry do you know how to choose a different language file for use in the Weidu-installation? I have some experience with R-coding so I could probably work it out...
  14. Regarding 8 Hit dice. Some really cool changes. I haven't played the KR yet but doesn't the change to 8 hit dice make the Ranger underperform compared to the Fighter and Paladin? Especially coupled with the armor restrictions.
  15. It didn't work unfortunately - but thanks anyway.I'll keep trying.
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