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  1. Alright, I won't make any promises just yet as I really need to just start playing the bloody game again... Things used to be so much simpler back in the day. My very first play through ever was actually without sound as there wasn't enough space on the 1,2 GB HDD for a full install. And MODs didn't exist. Now I constantly interrupt playing to change/tweak/fix/modify whatever nitpick I come across and don't like.
  2. I could perhaps give it a try, although my German is somewhat rusty. Haven't really used it in years, but reading and listening definitely is better than writing and speaking. Still, I'd prefer playing through that part of the game first to get a better impression of, feeling for, the 'color' (or mood/tone) of the dialogues. If I were to install over an English installation of BG 2 EE, would the MOD still work and just give me some parts in German?
  3. That does seem a better option, as it's not an actual bug or otherwise an issue with the MOD. Thanks.
  4. Not sure if this would even qualify for the thread, although I suppose it could be considered an oversight: The reactions both Jaheira and Aerie give after the Anne Romantic Encounter do not seem to match at all with the encounter outcome, at least for me. Perhaps I am missing the context, in which case I'd highly appreciate being given the context/background for their lines. I've checked the actual script for this encounter, and their lines are the ones set for this particular outcome. So not a bug it would seem. In this case lines 26 and 27 from the .TRA file (to avoid potential spoilers
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