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  1. Here's a good video I found for editing Baldur's Gate with near infinity, but can't find anything for editing PST (I have the one disc version, not the EE) Does anyone know a resource? I've been doing many searches and haven't found anything. One that gives you a few examples like the above video on how to edit things. For one thing I don't have a characters folder in my game.
  2. I want to play mostly legit, just some things are a little difficult. If there was a mod for PST that let you keep gaining attribute points when you gain a level, even if it's with another class who's new level is lower than highest level you have with another class (eg, gaining 5th level in fighter when you're also a 6th level thief) and one that let Fell's tattoo's be wearable by any PC, regardless or class.
  3. I found out the answer (at to some of my other posts) Is there a way to delete some posts?
  4. I was planning on playing planescape torment legit. Only I ran into a few problems. First, I thought I could buy the friends spells at Old Mebbeth's in Ragpicker's square, so I could have a high enough charisma, only to do this you must first do some quests for her, easy enough. Then.....I got the spell for Dakkon and got all the way to dead nations because I wanted Stale Mary to show me the portal to discover the silent king, but ONLY Dakkon could cast it and only on HIMSELF. Since I had no recent saves I had to start out near the beginning. I did all my quests over (took several hour
  5. I think this has something to do with something I put in when I installed Qwinn's fixpack (by the way, it doesn't prevent all the wear-rats from turning hostile when you find a way out of your cell in the Warrens of thought, just the two guards who wait outside the cell.........is it supposed to only make them non-hostile? Everyone else in the warrens is hostile, but once I talk to many as one and agree to spy on the silent king that stops) Ah........I see was scale of souls, is there a bug in it that prevents alignment from changing? Shouldn't I be Chaotic evil by now with 18 chaotic
  6. Ok, so that's all set, I'm having another issue I'll do searches on this board (already done several goodles) to find out and or possibly post a thread on it.
  7. Ok, looks like there may be an alternative, if I can pick the lock in the warrens of thought (I can't smash it down with strength) I may be able to get the sphere and get to the Lower or Clerk's ward where I can get the spell....the only person who can train TNO as a thief in the hive is Ratbone in ragpickers square, it seems edit- can't pick the lock either. Guess the only real way to solve this is just keep killing abishai in the hive until I get a 16 charisma. I know strictly speaking it isn't the only way to get past the dead nations (the first time I was there when I played the game I
  8. Is the only way to get this at with a mod at the beginning of the game, or at the shop in the Clerk's Ward? I tried Qwinn's PST fixpack, and another mod which just has the tome itself- but only gives it to you at the beginning. And, even then, I think it may not help me because it doesn't give me the friends spell, the Mebbeth's shop in Ragpicker's square is supposed to sell it, I read, but it is not there, maybe because of another mod I sold, I need it for a dead nations quest. By the time I get to the Clerk's ward, I'll be past the dead nations.
  9. Well, what I may do is just use the tome of cheats to get the friends spell...............then run the mod again and delete the tome, will that work?
  10. Yes, I see I have several saves. I thought I only had 4 slots, I have more than that, but I don't know how much more.
  11. I have gotten several mods installed, I have the 1 disc versions. I'm told a spell called friends is supposed to be sold by old Mabbeth in Ragpicker square, but she doesn't sell it. I wonder if a mod could be responsible for this. I need it to raise my charisma for the dead nations quest. I wonder if I could just use the tome of cheats to get the spell, as it is supposed to be there and isn't. If I could use that mod, then undo the tome, would I still have the spell? Also she DOES buy things from me unlike what this says- https://torment.wikia.com/wiki/Old_Mebbeth#Items_for_Sale Also,
  12. the ones here https://www.reddit.com/r/planescape/comments/2ehytf/complete_list_of_planescape_torment_mods/ Just I am trying to find some of them elsewhere so I don't have to disable my ad blocker. Anyway is there one that gives you more saves? Preferrably as many as your hard drive can hold?
  13. Ok, I went ahead and installed every mod on the thunderpeel2001 blog, turns out I DO have the 1 disc non GOG version, it appears to work now.
  14. But, I don't have (this isn't) the GOG version, correct? I think I have to install all the patches at that link for thunderpeel2001 then it will probably work.
  15. First of all, let's just be clear about what version I have. I have the 1 disc DVD version, here. the cover the disc inside it I think I've been a bit confused, thinking this is GOG version which it isn't. Thus, that I'd only have to install certain mods that aren't already included. This link I think shows I'd have to install the first two mods first http://thunderpeel2001.blogspot.com/2009/01/planescape-torment-fully-modded.html The monitor I have is this one: https://www.asus.com/us/Commercial-Monitors/VS247HP/specifications/ It already runs full screen on m
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