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  1. @Angel: the only caveat I should give is that I have tattered shards of my own rewrite locally, so might not be able to incorporate third-party fixes very directly. (This is what happened for v31/v32 of SCS: CamDawg put together v31; v32 was built on v30 code with some manual incorporation of things from v31.)
  2. I don't at all object. Feel free! (Not basically around right now, too busy in real life.)
  3. Yes. (It reflects the fact that the party are teleported in without warning, so it's implausible for the chess pieces to prebuff.) This is externalized to stratagems\mage\override\[bg1/bg2]\boolean.2da. Setting the Boolean DoNotPrebuff turns off buffing. You'll see that in BG1 it applies to the chess pieces, to a couple of dopplegangers, to Silke in Beregost, and (iirc) to a couple of adventurers you can meet abruptly in Baldur's Gate.
  4. It's because the mod isn't updated to WEIDU v247 yet.
  5. Please do advertise, especially since this version seems to be glitchy (and I don't think there are reports of yours being).
  6. Do many mods have translated READMEs? I would have thought that would be pretty problematic, for exactly the reason you give: they won't generally stay up-to-date.
  7. I don't have anything to add to subtledoctor's sensible comment. (I have no real experience with MacOS.)
  8. The icon trick was the only way I found to display a subrace. You can disguise it as a clone of an icon the creature ought already to have (e.g. magic resistance) if you also give them immunity to the original icon.
  9. Liches don't have any specific immunity to False Dawn or Sunray. But they do often have resistance to fire damage (False Dawn) or magic damage (Sunray) due to their buffs, so I think it's probably that.
  10. Don't overestimate SCS's AI. It's not clever enough to do a relative-armor check on spellcasters. Mostly it's working with a class-based priority list: if for the particular attack we're dealing with that priority list has cleric>bard, clerics will be prioritized. If you think that's anomalous, and it would be better to do bard>cleric, I can tweak it. (Sometimes, e.g. when we're explicitly targeting mages, it's that way round already.)
  11. Priests are sometimes prioritized over bards, so that might be part of it. I don't think it can be a mod conflict - this is a pure AI issue and SCS' AI is pretty much a destructive overwrite of the AI and wouldn't be affected by other mods.
  12. They should be treating bards pretty much like mages (lower priority than mages, but pretty much the same). I'll see if I can reproduce this when I get the chance. What's your party?
  13. I'm not at all confident that OR() blocks evaluate more slowly than the equivalent set of non-OR() blocks, no.
  14. No need to talk to me. I don't know the ETA for my project, and in any case there's no reason not to have multiple versions of an idea - people can choose which one they want to use, different people may have different preferences, and the same person may want different things in different playthroughs.
  15. It looks like a compatibility issue of some kind. Can you post your weidu.log?
  16. The ini system for animations was introduced with IWDEE (to make it easier to manage the large number of new animations), and then backported to BG2 and BG2EE.
  17. Avoiding clutter, really. There's no reason to have multiple tokens. How did it get lost?
  18. Dialog: Different people have different tastes. (Some people love the dragon dialog, some don't.) If you've concrete feedback on the dialog, I'd be interested to hear it. I'm reluctant to break up the component - I wouldn't rule it out 100% but this is a niche request and every time I do this it adds install complexity and the possibility of bugs. Treasure: I'm not much moved by the lack of treasure on the dragons: they don't live there, they've just turned up to attack, why would they be carrying treasure? (There is a case for them having scales, as has been pointed out before; that migh
  19. On the general proposal: for the most part I don't think this is realistic as stated, basically for the reasons qwerty1234567 gives. One of the key features of IE modding is that multiple mods can compatibly edit the same game files, and the better-written mods go to great lengths to try to do so. For instance, SCS modifies something like 1,000 .spl files (including pretty much every player-usable spell), 4800 .cre files, 100 .dlg files, and 160 .are files (and much more besides). But most of those modifications are minor things that should play nice with other modifications. Flagging any othe
  20. I've never really tried to mod the original BG1 (only its TUTU/BGT/EE conversions to the BG2 engine). I imagine you can probably move some of the resources over but I don't know what the constraints are (the BG engine is less sophisticated than the IWD one so that's likely to make it harder rather than easier).
  21. Can you give me a slightly more exact description so I can see if I can reproduce it? (It might be an issue from multiple-mod interactions but I'll see if I can reproduce it direct on SCS first.)
  22. Let me know. (And thanks for the nice words.)
  23. I never make release-date promises, sorry. Don't hold your breath, though. It requires substantial effort and has got buried under other things.
  24. Something isn't being removed. Thanks for the heads-up. Can you give me an exact reproduction scenario, so I can reproduce it locally?
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