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  1. One of the things I've tried to do in v32 is optimise the installation time a bit, since it's been getting a bit out of hand (especially in heavily-kitted installs). Here are the install times I got for a clean install on BG2EE and BGEE (in both cases on a reasonably good 2016-vintage desktop PC). If you get radically longer times, even on a heavily modded install, I'd be interested to know. (Components marked with + will take longer in rough proportion to how many NPCs you have installed; components marked with * will take longer in rough proportion to how many creatures you have installed.) BG2EE IWD arcane spells: 2m (+)IWD divine spells: 2m 40s (+)NPC customisation: 2m 15s Remove unrealistically convenient items: 1m25s Remove unrealistically convenient ammo: 25s (*)Initialise AI components: 3m40s (*)Smarter general AI: 3m20s Better calls for help: 8s (*)Smarter mages: 13m (*)Smarter priests: 4m (*)Potions for NPCs: 2m Improved Golems: 35s Improved Fiends: 1m 35s Smarter Dragons: 25s Smarter Beholders: 1m5s Smarter Illithids: 25s Smarter Vampires: 15s Spellcasting Demiliches: 11s Improved Bodhi: 21s Improved Sahuagin: 27s Improved Drow: 15s Improved Fire Giant Temple: 15s Improved Sendai's Enclave: 17s Improved Abazigal's Lair: 24s Improved BG2 minor encounters: 24s Everything else: 10s or less BGEE IWD arcane spells: 2m 10s (+)IWD divine spells: 2m 25s (+)NPC customisation: 2m 35s (*)Initialise AI components: 4m 20s (*)Smarter general AI: 1m 10s (*)Smarter mages: 3m 15s (*)Smarter priests: 55s (*)Potions for NPCs: 1m 5s Improved Durlag's tower: 50s Everything else: 10s or less I didn't do systematic timing for EET, but I did time the big ones: NPC customisation: 3m 20s Initialise AI components: 5m 15s Smarter general AI: 4m 20s Smarter mages: 18m 40s Smarter priests: 6m
  2. For testing, I've just uploaded a release candidate for SCS v32 (now v10) to Github. Version 32 of SCS is complete and has passed a bunch of install tests (it installs cleanly on unmodded BGEE, BG2EE, SoD, EasyTutu, BGT, and BG2-ToB, and I've done a bit of testing with SR and Ascension). But since it's a fairly substantial revision - the biggest since I merged SCS and SCSII, I think - and since it's built on the v30 codebase, not the v31, I'd like to get a bit more reassurance it's working correctly before I do an 'official' release. Release Candidate 10 Changelog Improved NPC management no longer messes up NPC interjections when you change their class Fixed the crash bug in Diaytha's room Enemies should use HLAs correctly WEIDU is now 64-bit Difficulty widget should now appear properly on non-EE installs Demiliches are no longer immune to Breach Fixed an error in the German translation Fixed various problems caused by Cure Serious Wounds being missing We now check whether Modmerge is needed Removed the various DEPRECATED component entries - among other things, this fixes problems with the new cure-wounds component Planetars should be more obedient and use their spells more intelligently Fixed various problems with PC-summoned fiends Smarter Genies should now install correctly on SR installs Snowball Swarm is now properly blocked by Minor Globe, Rakshasa immunities, et al Scroll Randomizer now skips the unused 'dancing lights' and 'darkness' scrolls in SoD The UI-updating code has been refactored - it's much faster, and deals with 3rd-party UI mods better [edit 3/27/19: minor fix to block a bug in this] Difficulty fine-tune option no longer appears on the gameplay screen when a game is not loaded Pit fiends no longer appear invisible Boneguards get a name properly Release Candidate 9 Changelog Fixes: Solved a bunch of problems concerning summoned fiends Detecting Tome & Blood version of Sequencer BG1 NPCs now keep their special abilities Vampires are properly affected by the difficulty slider Rebalancing of spawn difficulties (among other things, affects vampire spawns) Summons (Planetars, Efreeti,...) are more obedient HLAs should work properly Multiple-spell-turning bug fixed Davaeorn now equips his robe Spellhold item-stealing component handles stacks properly Stripped out evasion effects from IWD spells Gibberlings no longer get potions Bodhi gets into combat properly Better detection of IWD spell scrolls from third-party mods Adalon uses breath weapons better Restored compatibility with aTweaks fiends Lich fear should now work correctly Doppelganger AI settings correctly labelled Content changes: Difficulty widget now merged with UI on EE installs Ust Natha Demon Lord gets a proper upgrade Entropy Shield spell tweaks New EE-only component: Restoration removes ability drain New EE-only component: thief skills increment in multiples of 5 New component: increased power to cleric cause/cure spells (& priest AI to respond if it's installed) Less ugly buttons for the thief bonus points in NPC management Nevaziah's level is less overwhelming Davaeorn now wears his cloak Release Candidate 8 Changelog NPCs no longer level up upon being resurrected NPCs no longer leak hit points when repeatedly levelling Monsters should spawn correctly on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty Dispel-magic targetting improved (it should now be used more often and more accurately) Tweaked spell lists and elemental immunities for fiends Enemy spellcasters now use HLAs correctly when Innate HLAs are installed Fixed some significant bugs in the elemental_area_immunity function Tightened the code spawning Baresh's werewolf form Ground piles now moved somewhere more sensible if you install Watcher's Keep early On enhanced edition, Spell Striking wand properly modified Fixed a bug in Protection from Normal Missiles, and taken the opportunity to systematise its effects a bit and document them in the spell better Existing spells that are modified by IWD spells (e.g. Emotion: Hopelessness, Monster Summoning I) now get their scroll descriptions updated. Spellcasting spirit trolls reinstated as default by popular request; other tweaks to d'Arnise keep priests of Umberlee get proper scripts tweaks to Davaeorn spellcasting Fiends, illithids, beholders are detected rather than hardcoded (should help compatibility) Two removed magic weapons restored to 'fine weapons' component support for native version of Perl, as workaround for 32-bit users Release Candidate 7 Changelog Fixes to IWD spells: opposition schools should now be correct; fixes to Cat's Grace, Spiritual Wrath, Seven Eyes, Stalker; more general fix for summoned-monster animation oddities Release Candidate 6 Changelog fixed a critical bug which caused crashes in areas with Blackguards present (notably AR3022) party-joinable rangers now get their two stars in 2-weapon fighting added a few missing strings to Italian translation fixed some minor glitches with Ease-of-Use AI Release Candidate 5 Changelog Updated Italian translation, thanks to improb@bile Improved NPC Customisation copes better with malformed CLAB files (which inter alia fixes the problem with Archer Called Shots going missing) Sarevok death movie should now play on EET fixed some glitches in the new difficulty system (one of which was blocking completion of the Merchant League quest in Baldur's Gate) Cause Wounds no longer restricted by alignment use restrictions for scrolls properly handled minor fixes to smarter mages/priests, mostly improving handling of Innocent spellcasters fine-tuning of ranged AI Release Candidate 4 Changelog Fixed a critical bug in the NPC customization component that was preventing NPCs from pursuing their stories. (NB: this fix isn't retroactive, so NPCs who joined your party under RC3 or earlier are permanently silent. Apologies for this; I warned you these were release candidates, not stable releases.) Substantial rewriting of the help script to (I hope!) deal with the persistent reports of contagious help calls. Complete rewriting of the random-scroll code (it now applies to BG2EE as well as BGEE) Beetle animations are now present on non-SoD installs Fixed incomplete implementation of NPC-potion distribution on EE More robust patching of cures into stores for IWD divine spells (this should help with SR compatibility issues) Pure-damage mephit effects no longer break concentration on EE if you are 100% immune to the damage type As of 8am 11/22 PST, fixed a new problem with Davaeorn and one with Smarter Deployment component of General AI Release Candidate 3 Changelog Second, hopefully-successful, try to get SSL to work on OSX Non-English-language installs should now work IWD Arcane Spells should now install properly even when some other mod has already added an IWD spell Misc fixes to IWD spell-scroll distribution NPC customisation now works properly when the PC is still first level NPC customisation now gives creatures 10hp at start, not 1hp (the latter confuses various NPC pre-join scripts, notably causing Aerie to vanish) NPC customisation is now more likely to cope with broken cre files in badly-coded NPC mods Fixed other more minor glitches with NPC Customisation Restored Davaeorn's AI, and fixed a bunch of other mage-AI issues shown up in the fix Tweaks to the mage/priest AI for SRv4final Fixes to acid-storm tonedown and to spell use if IWDification is being used rather than native IWD spells Fixed minor compile bug on BG1NPC enforces Stopped ranged creatures from wandering Less misleading description of Stoneskin component Fixed minor glitch in cleric/mage sequencer script Fiends in Chain Contingency now summoned properly Missing ini entry for elemental-arrow tonedown restored Metadata in ini updated as per AlienQuake request Release Candidate 2 Changelog allows SCS to install on OSX fixes a critical bug with Improved NPC Customisation and Management which in some circumstances would cause the player to level uncontrollably prevents duplicate entries being removed from stats.ids by Detectable Spells (among other things, this allows SCS to be installed after Tweaks IWD proficiencies without errors) gives the correct names to summoned orcs and hobgoblins on BG1EE installs removes a (harmless) missing-high-level-ability warning on BG1EE installs ensures the CONTINGENCY_TRIGGERED string is added to splstate.ids (under certain circumstances it could be absent on BG1EE installs, causing parse errors) As of 9am PST 11/15, fixes the critical dependency bug that stopped earlier versions of RC2 installing Version 32 Changelog New or Substantially Modified Content Systematic integration of the difficulty slider (and per-component difficulty customisation) into scripts; hardcoded difficulty-based adjustments are deactivated by default Substantial streamlining of the mod structure: "Initial" component is only required for AI/tactical components (it's silly to require its various changes if someone just wants to skip Candlekeep) All spell-tweak components have been integrated into the Initial component (but can be adjusted via the ini) - since they're more-or-less assumed by the AI, playing without them doesn't cound as a "recommended" install and so I'd rather install them by default Most item-tweak components have been integrated into a single component (though again, power users can deselect individual components via the ini) As listed in the v31 change-log, eight of the gameplay/ease-of-use components have migrated to the Tweaks Anthology and are deprecated. Remaining non-tactical/AI components have been collected together into "Gameplay". All customisation options for AI and tactical components have been absorbed into the new difficulty system, so that they can be adjusted in-game rather than at install time Smarter Celestials and Improved Fiends have been combined; 'Mages/Priests get High-Level Abilities' has been absorbed into the Mage/Priest components. New components: include IWD:EE priest and mage spells. Smarter Mages and Smarter Priests will now use Icewind Dale spells, if they are installed via IWDification or via SCS itself (and if Spell Revisions is not installed) Big increase in level of support for Spell Revisions; I think I pretty much fully allow for its changes now. Major overhaul of scripts (in particular targetting), to take advantage of new Enhanced Edition / ToBEx and to allow for the new spell systems. Far too many changes to list, but in particular: Spellcasters will now notice your protective items only after their first failed attempt to use a spell on you. (They still notice visible spell effects immediately.) Spellcasters are now more willing to use their single-target spells to try to break through a wizard's Spell Deflection. (This is experimental; let me know how it plays out.) Moderate increase in the number of spells used (even without Spell Revisions / Icewind Dale spells) More careful targetting of area-effects spells to avoid friendly fire (and so, more willingness to use those spells) Substantial increase in the variety of contingencies, sequencers and triggers used (and sequencers/triggers are chosen at install time now, not when you first encounter the mage) I make a bit more effort to make mages use more distinctive abilities. (For instance, invokers now pretty much have a monopoly on Fire Shields; necromancers are fond of cold spells.) Additional tweaks to the standard spell system: Removed the spell-battle framework for summoned elementals Fiend-summoning spells now summon alignment-appropriate fiends (I always did this for enemy mages with 'Smarter Mages' installed, but now I do it for the PC too Elemental-protection effects now give complete immunity to the effect (i.e. it doesn't disrupt spellcasting) if the damage resistance is 100% or more (EE is in the process of rolling this out but it hasn't come to BG2EE yet) Player-cast Symbol spells are now party-friendly. (NPC ones always were even in the vanilla game, so this is a fairness tweak.) Tweaks to the Icewind Dale spell system. (Some of these are rather more drastic than the changes I make to the vanilla system; feedback welcomed. My ulterior motive is to experiment a bit with improving priest magical defenses.) Circle of Bones now lasts for 1 round per level Shield of Lathander and Greater Shield of Lathander have been renamed to something neutral (Divine Protection/Greater Divine Protection), are self-only, and are not restricted to evil characters. Impervious Sanctity of Mind (which was a L7 self-only spell functionally equivalent to Chaotic Commands) now has a longer duration, includes a Spell Shield, and prevents spell failure effects. Thorn Spray now does a tolerable amount of damage. Acid Storm now functions more like an area-effect Vitriolic sphere (previously it was more or less an automatic way to shut down spellcasters). Mordenkainen's Force Missiles has been nerfed at higher levels (maximum 4 missiles, maximum 15 hp splash damage per missile), since it was pretty ridiculous otherwise, especially in Sequencers. Create Boneguard has been added as a L9 necromancy spell, basically stealing the Boneguard from Monster Summoning VII. Faster Bears now works on EE. Early Access to Watcher's Keep now works on EE (and no longer blocks access to Watcher's Keep in SoA). Big improvements in install speed, especially on heavily kitted installs. (It still takes a while, though.) New EE-only component: improved NPC customisation and management. (This is an EE version of 'choose NPC proficiencies and skills', but much more powerful and (I hope) robust.) New EE-only component: wider selection of random scrolls. New component: make sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities. I've decided that I need to require ToBEX on non-Enhanced Edition installs. Unfortunately, this means I no longer support non-Enhanced versions of the game on MacOX or Linux. On the Enhanced Edition, ease-of-use AI now replaces the Advanced AI, and can be customised using the controls under "Customise/Scripts". Added yochlols and rilmani to "Improved Fiends and Celestials". Deprecated 'more resilient trolls' component. Deprecated the auto-installer, in anticipation of Zeitgeist (and because it's a bit hacky). Scream if you want it back. Deprecated 'move hell items' component, since this is now fixed both in EE and in v12 of the Fixpack. Other Content Changes Removed the beholder burn-thru option (since EE, at least, handles burnthru correctly) and fixed on the PnP-style antimagic eye as a default. On EE installs, enemy invisibility spells now hide the spellcaster's animations. Reduced use of fiend summoning by mages (mostly, only liches summon fiends now). On EE installs, if you're not using Spell Revisions (and at the risk of their immortal soul) it is possible - though difficult - for party members to acquire the ability to summon non-hostile fiends. (This removes a piece of enemy cheating I was always a bit uncomfortable with.) Demilich Trap the Soul no longer causes level drain (actually changed earlier, but only now documented) Slightly reduced rate of vampire constitution drain. Priest AI use of Cure Serious Wounds touch attacks slightly tweaked. The "extra spell scrolls" component now includes a scroll of Improved Mantle (this was claimed in the documentation but not implemented). Slightly reduced allocation of invisibility potions to thieves. Alhoon now fights to the death. Moved the Cloak of Mirroring to Vongoethe. Daitel, being a ghost, is now immune to nonmagical attacks. Added a couple of yochlol to the drow ambush groups in Sendai's enclave. Carbos and Shank have been expelled from the Assassin's Guild. Under-the-hood changes (not visible in game) Recoded "add spell immunity scrolls". REQUIRE_COMPONENT now used to detect components, mostly replacing marker files. Rearranged external folder (and renamed it weidu_external to make it clearer that others are welcome to share it). Restructured crossplatform code to allow for EET and generally be more readable. Broken the single tra file into per-component tra files (for all languages). Upgraded SSL to include new SSLBoolean settings, TRIGGER_REPLACE library option, and use of scsargumentN in triggers. Updated function library. Updated to Weidu 246. Updated Detectable Spells. Smarter Abazigal component no longer biffs the lizard-weapon icons on Enhanced-Edition installs (unnecessary, and messes with iOS installs). Complete recoding of the mage/priest blocks to support IWDification, SR and the new spell system. Each mage and priest now has their own bespoke script. Streamlined detection of BG1 characters. Bugfixes (some but not all of the v31 fixes are called out here, as they have been implemented differently) detect-cloud code no longer fails on installs where some cloud spellls are absent (including current-version BGEE) Mulahey's scripting (in "tougher chapter 2 end fight") now works properly on TUTU and BGT installs Extra kobold spawn in "harder kobolds" now calculates the chapter correctly on BGT installs Fixed a typo that was preventing the no-dispelling-arrows component from functioning properly Duplicated BG2EE use of the more discriminating LastKilled trigger for the Shade Lord's shadowmaking (and tightened it up a bit on non-EE installs too) Fine longbows and shortbows no longer give an unintended +1 to damage A couple of changes to allow installation on a vanilla Tutu install, even though I don't officially support it. Anadramatis the yellow dragon now attacks with claws and fangs rather than unarmed The Priest of Cyric in the North Forest had both dual melee weapons and a sling, which causes crashes (stealth vanilla bug); the sling has been removed. Abazigal gets the effects of the "improved dragon staying power" subcomponent on non-Ascension installs The various avatars in the Durlag Lovefight are now explicitly immune to Avarice's poison cloud "Earlier Watcher's Keep" component now permits access to Watcher's Keep in the Shadows of Amn portion of the game Ettercaps and wyverns now correctly use their poisoned weapons. The staircase between the two levels of the Guarded Compound is now magically blocked during the fight with the Guarded Compound team, since there have been reports of glitches caused by people flitting between levels. Baalor telekinesis power is now correctly named. Invisible mages wander a little less far at the start, to avoid wandering away from the battle entirely. Ini-based adjustments to spellcaster level no longer cause trouble when the adjusted level is below zero. Smarter Mages and Smarter Priests now handle level adjustments to multiclass spellcasters more delicately. Corrected a couple of mismatches between Improved Shapeshifter paws and their descriptions as regards paw enhancement level (werewolf tokens changed to match the descriptions; other descriptions changed to match the items). On non-EE installs, attacking INNOCENT mages now causes reputation loss. Planar warden was getting an erroneous extra attack Creatures now correctly flee Storm of Vengeance. Insect plague/fire-shield changes should now work again. Player-summoned hotkey control now a bit smoother. Player-summoned creatures with ranged attacks now use them properly. Fixed a glitch in the Help script which in some circumstances causes enemies to home on to an invisible PC. "Recover items from Hell" no longer breaks the transition to ToB on some installs; component generally recoded to be more resistant to problems in the future. Support for variable libraries (and in particular for SR-specific libraries) now works properly Fixed a typo causing the fission slime "fix" to install on EE installs rather than *non*-EE installs. Corrected a glitch in Ascension Irenicus's Mislead. Several mages (including a couple of rakshasa, a kobold witch-doctor, and a few BG2EE-added creatures) inadvertently got skipped by "Smarter Mages" and are now included properly. The Cleric/Mage statue of Sendai no longer erroneously retains its old-style cleric/mage script. "Improved minor BG2 encounters" now correctly changes the traps in the Guarded Compound. The traps in the Prison Plane are now PC-only, as NPCs are apparently setting them off inappropriately. Clerics now correctly use Blade Barrier in their prebuff sequences. The tanar'ri summoners in Watcher's Keep no longer cast their spells instantly (among other things this brings the animation level in that encounter under control). Vithal now gets allocated a combat script correctly. Many rakshasa nobles have their level increased in Smarter Mages (the automated code was assigning a level that was too low for the powers they show in-game and that didn't respect the power differences between Ruhks, Rajahs and Maharajahs). The Planar Prison warden now acts intelligently when enemies attack and then retreat. Recoded fine-weapons component to update code and correct some glitches with weapon shatter. The initialisation component externalises the effects of the Wand of Spell Striking to spells (you won't see this in game but it makes the wand play nicely with various tweaks to Breach). Breach now properly affects rakshasas. Corrected some serious logic/naming errors with Abazigal; in particular, he should now use his SCS script if "Smarter Dragons" is installed, and Tamah should spawn correctly. Fixed some install bugs in "Antimagic penetrates invisibility", and taken advantage of new EE functionality. Gromnir now uses Vhailor's Helm if he has it. Nalmissra gets her proper script if "smarter fiends" is installed. Various help-script tweaks. Kobold poisoned weapons now grant saving throws properly. Compatibility fixes lib_macro is a little less fragile in the presence of third-party CLAB errors Various copy routines fail a bit more gracefully when some idiot leaves a broken file in the override We now recognise that SR v4 True Seeing cures blindness Flagged a (hidden) fix of a Fixpack/Ascension compatibility problem to apply only on non-EE installs (EE installs don't use the fixpack) We now determine the maximum spell level for any spellcasting type at install time (this fixes compatibility, in particular, with mods that increase the maximum level of bard spells) Code to remove broken items (iplotxx, etc) is now a little more robust, which might help some compatibility issues. RP part of Werewolf Island is now skipped if it's already been installed via The Calling. Fixed various compatibility problems (notably, duplicate of Tamah) with the new EE-friendly version of Ascension. Fixed a bug in new Ascension that was nerfing Demogorgon's summoning power. Items moved by 'Move or modify some overpowered magic items' now only move if they haven't already been moved by another mod.
  3. I think Cam knows about it; it's a glitch in the migration of that component from SCS. As a workaround: create a directory 'stratagems_external/workspace' in your game directory.
  4. Both the Enhanced Edition and the ToBEX-enhanced original game now have substantial advances in scripting options as compared to the original game. Version 32 of SCS (to be released fairly imminently, at least in playtest form) takes advantage of this rather more than previous versions; partly as a consequence, there are several substantive changes in targetting. These are all somewhat experimental and I'm keen to get feedback. 1) In previous versions, spellcasters totally ignore anyone protected by Spell Deflection, Spell Turning or Spell Trap. V32 is a bit more aggressive: it will use single-target spells on mages with Spell Deflection (but not the other protection types) in the hope of burning through the protection. The spellcaster's most powerful spells won't be used in this way: only spells 2 levels or more below the caster's highest level are used against Spell Deflection. 2) One dilemma in previous versions was how to handle magic items that provide protection (e.g., should you cast Domination on someone wearing a Helm of Charm Protection?) Previously, I've erred on the side of detecting these items, on the grounds that while it's a bit unrealistic for a mage to immediately see your items, it's not that obvious, whereas if a mage repeatedly targets someone who's obviously immune to an effect, it breaks immersion. V32 takes advantage of new scripting options to do something more sophisticated: the *first time* that a spell type is cast, the caster will fail to notice the protective item, but subsequently it is noticed. (So a mage might cast Domination on the protected creature, but won't then try a Dire Charm on the same opponent). 3) Previous versions of SCS were very cautious with party-unfriendly spells like Fireball, usually only using them if the caster was immune to the spell and if there are no allies anywhere around. V32 is significantly more aggressive with area-effect spells: it tries to target clumps of enemies, and it is willing to cast with allies or an unprotected caster around because it tries to detect if they're actually in range. I'm not sure exactly how this will play out; realistically there will be *some* friendly fire, but I'm keen to find out just how much. One consequence of embracing the full range of modern scripting options is that SCS now requires either the Enhanced Edition engine or a ToBEx-compatible engine. What that means in practice is that I no longer support OSX versions of the vanilla game. Apologies for this, but it's a very small fraction of my player base and maintaining backwards compatibility has just become too difficult.
  5. Not sure its really in the scope of the mod - and quite complicated to implement, for fairly niche payback.
  6. SCS doesn't patch away old proficiencies, but it does dynamically assign new proficiencies to creatures with character classes, based on the weapons they have equipped. So yes, it will get a little confused if you install Item Randomiser after it, though I doubt it's too dramatic. v32 of SCS checks if items have been moved already and doesn't move them again if they have, so I suspect your best bet (once it's out; probably next couple of days in beta) is to install SCS after Item Randomiser.
  7. Can someone explain whether it's still agreed practice to put "eet_end" at the end of any install order, and if so, why? It is a serious nuisance from a debugging point of view to have a several-minute-long extra install layered over one's mod and I'm seriously struggling to see the benefit, given modern WEIDU code.
  8. I'm happy to take suggestions for kits for enemies in BG/BG2 ("bosses" or otherwise - actually I don't think that distinction is so clear-cut in these games). "Make Sarevok a Deathbringer" gets suggested with some frequency, but I think instant death on a critical is OP for BG1 and not much fun to play against.
  9. Okay, I think we have different conceptions of what's good design here. On the contrary, the intention is to be human-readable so anyone could prepare such list for general usage. It's an attempt to define install order recommendations like "Install kit mods before SCS", "install Fixpack as first mod", "install UI mods at the end" with a possibility to also take into consideration all exceptions like "RR components from 0 to 8 before SCS and components from 9 to 12 after SCS". Also for all "NPC cross-banter install recommendations" - mod Readme are full of "install NPC X before NPC Y if you want to have cross-banters" instructions. Weidu.log data can't be effectively used for such definitions. I think this is a bad idea: if a list is distributed, I want some reassurance that the distributor has actually tested it and it works. That's doubly true if the list looks very specific, i.e. not just "quests, then kits, then tweaks" or whatever, but a component-by-component ordering. Only if those conditions are fulfill: - it's for the same game - mod versions are the same - selected mods are exactly the ones from wiedu.log So weidu log is not only install order it also list of components of specific version, for one game, bound to such order. If any of those elements will be altered, installation might fail. Sure, but this is vastly better than no test at all. Obviously I don't test every permutation of SCS components (there are thousands of permutations) but I wouldn't dream of releasing it into the wild without at least having checked that everything installs, and doing so on every game I claim to support. I think it's a seriously big deal. If you release a project - and I count a specific, machine-readable installation list as a product - there's some implied guarantee that you've checked that it works. "My specific list doesn't install? Oh well, thanks for the feedback" is a pretty irresponsible thing to say to an end user.
  10. The idea of duration (over and above having *something* systematic) is that it pays at least lip service to verisimilitude: the higher the difficulty, the more the spellcaster is assumed to be keeping close track of the strategic situation, and so the more precisely they can time their casting. (At one extreme, there's just no excuse for a spellcaster remotely expecting combat *not* to cast Stoneskin, so I wouldn't want to block Stoneskin except on the absolute-easiest difficulty setting.) But it's something to monitor when I get reports in - theory only goes so far here, and of course SoD had and has a large playtest data-set.
  11. 'Prebuffing' - that is, casting spells immediately at the start of combat, to simulate having cast spells well in advance of combat - is one of the more controversial bits of any AI mod. Pretty much all AI does it to some extent (even in the vanilla game) and without it the player has a huge advantage, but exactly how much prebuffing to use is very much a matter of taste and it's one thing that some players find annoying about SCS. Version 32 of SCS (now feature-complete and most of the way through its testing cycle) systematises and fine-graines the prebuffing options, and ties them to the difficulty slider (hopefully making it easier for players to adjust prebuffing on the fly if they find it's too much or too little). The system is based on the spell's duration: roughly speaking, defensive sequencers and contingencies are used on all difficulty settings. spells with a duration of several hours or more (like Stoneskin, or (in IWD/SR) Mind Blank) are precast on IMPROVED (setting 2) and higher difficulty. spells with a duration of one turn per level or more are precast on TACTICAL (setting 3) and higher difficulty. spells with a duration of three rounds per level or more are precast on HARDCORE (setting 4) and higher difficulty. They're also precast on TACTICAL difficulty if the spellcaster appears in front of the party (e.g. by teleporting, or because they're in sight when you enter the map). spells with a duration of one round per level or more are precast on INSANE (setting 5) difficulty. They're also precast on HARDCORE difficulty if the spellcaster appears in front of the party. spells with a duration of less than one round per level never get precast. spells that don't fit the usual N rounds per level duration get treated a bit ad hoc, but roughly as if the caster was 10th level, e.g. spells with a fixed duration of 10 rounds count as "one round per level". As usual, you can fine-tune this difficulty using the difficulty widget. Prebuffing difficulty is independent of the rest of the spellcaster's difficulty, so you can (e.g.) turn off prebuffing entirely and otherwise have the spellcaster fight at INSANE level. I should say that this is all a bit less systematic in SR, which changes the durations a lot and in particular doesn't have durations proportional to level (I assume at least in part because the way SR was coded would have made it very tedious to implement.) I've kept a vague eye on the changes but for the most part I've just treated SR spells as if they had the vanilla durations.
  12. It's not clear to me that this is much of an improvement on the weidu.log. It doesn't seem to address the problems with weidu.log you identify; the only advantages I can see are 1) * catches new components, but that's a mixed blessing at best since who knows if you wanted to include the new components in your install anyway, or even if you did, where they would go? 2) It's somewhat more compressed than weidu.log - but I don't see that's particularly helpful in practice. This is a file to be consumed by an autoinstaller, after all, not human-readable, and 700 lines is still trivial in terms of overall install space. Against that, a weidu.log file is a guarantee that the particular install actually worked.
  13. I’m not super-interested in balancing EET because (a) it’s not my preferred play style and (b) I think if you write a mod that effectively removes the BG1 level cap, it’s your own responsibility to rebalance it. It sounds like the power gap if you just import from SoD is more like 1-2 levels? I might look at that, but it’s not too drastic and I’m not sure a gentle introduction to SCS is such a bad idea anyway!
  14. David, I assume this means that both the MC, companions and NPCs will have access to the IWD spells, as well as relevant scrolls added to vendors, appropriate random lists, etc? Almost. There are some fiddly issues with including new spells in random loot drops. Otherwise yes.
  15. I'm handicapped here because I haven't yet had a chance to play SoD (and anyone who reveals spoilers to me will be cast into the outer darkness, wherein there is a wailing and a gnashing of teeth). If someone can give me spoiler-free information about the power boost from SoD, I'll have a look (but not for v32, which is feature-complete).
  16. Not quite. The slider doesnt have a memory that way. If you want vanilla difficulty effects, reenable them and set them via the slider, then fine tune SCS difficulty with the widget.
  17. Difficulty should be fairly similar - the difficulty slider is intended to let you move between the various SCS difficulties at install time, and to widen the range of options for easier difficulty. The higher difficulty levels of v32 are pretty similar to a max-difficulty install of v31. Otherwise, v32,should install more quickly and has a bunch of incremental scripting improvements, but unless you use SR or the IWD spell system, you wont see a drastic change.
  18. I’ve seen that page a few times recently myself, though I’ve never paid enough attention to know how to reproduce it
  19. Im not going to waste my time with this.
  20. No, sufficiently many IF blocks evaluated 15 times per second can slow the game to a crawl (at least on vanilla BG2) even if none of them actually fire. Avoiding that problem is a significant design constraint on SCS mage scripts, which are 10,000 to 20,000 lines long; I did fairly extensive testing on it back in the early days of SCS.
  21. It wont make any difference. NPCs use undroppable clones of the symbolic paws; those clones wont be overwritten by another mod. (And in any case, the other components only affect the werewolf shapeshifts, whereas SCS affects all of them - so most of SCSs effect persists even with the other component present. Theyre not either/or.)
  22. 1) TA is very often installed last. SCS smarter priests cant react to something in the future. 2) The SCS component does something radically different from the other mods youre considering, so I cant even see the prima facie case for a merger.
  23. Fair enough! But in that case, you can probably use the search function on the GitHub repository? (Like I say, I don't mind fielding questions, but searching the mod has way faster response times and 90% of the time all I do to answer the question is search the mod myself.)
  24. For about the millionth time (and you and I personally have had this conversation *at least* once before), this component was never designed to get around any bug. It's designed to improve the action economy of shapeshifting creatures. The readme is totally explicit about this. I have no idea where this "fix a bug" thing comes from, but it is extremely irritating to have to keep re-squashing it. [EDIT: here is a link to the previous conversation: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27681&page=2 ] It's 'improved' in the same sense that 'improved fiends' are improved; that is: shapeshifting is more powerful with it than without it. That's standard usage in SCS, and is mostly inherited from Tactics ('improved' for game-mechanical advantages, 'smarter' for better scripting) though I appreciate I have had a near-monopoly on AI for ages so appeals to standard AI-mod usage are a bit circular by now. I agree that it's a bit uninformative, but I can't readily think of a more-informative description that's not prohibitively long. Ultimately, these descriptors are just an invitation for people to check the readme (and as I have said for years, if you don't read the readme I'm not interested in supporting you). This is defensible as a matter of theory, but I've done playthroughs with the component and it doesn't seem to be unbalanced. I am experimenting in v32 with a very short pause for NPC users, following an earlier conversation we had about it, but it's for cosmetic reasons rather than tactical ones.
  25. Who is that addressed to? If its me, youll need to explain what it means.
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