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  1. No thanks, I've no idea how to read .dmp. Will investigate.
  2. & the game crashes a moment after that screenshot? I'll have another look. (Don't hold your breath, though; in the short run the best workaround is just to CTRL-Y him)
  3. I have tried and failed to reproduce this bug. (I believe you! several other people have reported it. It's clearly something to do with SCS.) Can you give me: - your WEIDU.log - an exact description of how to cause the crash. (Attach a savegame if you like.) Incidentally, I think BGEE is now at 2.3, not 1.3 - but I doubt that's the issue.
  4. enforce_thac0 ought to be restricted to humanoids (but I think isn't working correctly) so if your familiars aren't humanoids, this should be fixed in v31. If they are humanoids, you can avoid SCS here by using opcode 54.
  5. True, although if you have a thief with detect illusions, the former can be removed without using any spells at all. So it isn't completely clear cut. That's a good point. Thief detect-illusions wasn't something I considered enough when writing SCS.
  6. I don't regard that as a bug. The wording of the wish is: "I wish for my enemies' magical defences to be utterly destroyed!" It doesn't say "Unless they're protected from Spell Shield". And from a source-material perspective, Wish certainly shouldn't be being blocked by a sub-9th level spell. Having said which, if SR changes this it won't break anything in SCS.
  7. Putting aside the issue of visual variety and just considering what's optimal, II + SI:Div needs two spells to penetrate, ST needs only one. But more generally, it's true that Spell Shield adds some flexibility here. When I wrote the buffing routines, SS hadn't been fixed. That's one reason I think it would be worth going through them again.
  8. I doubt that's a bug exactly, more likely they're using bespoke scripts written before I added cloud-avoidance. (It wasn't part of original SCS I, and I haven't really touched Sarevok et al for ages.
  9. Yes, I see it. The variable that tells SSL that Refinements is installed is set too early and is being overwritten. Fixed locally.
  10. The mod wasn't in very great condition by then... it might have influenced DavidW to remove the spells. It didn't. (If it had, it would have made it into the readme.) If they're not showing up, it's a bug. (Not implausibly something to do with the updating-Refinements-to-EE issues though.)
  11. That sort of unfairness is definitely against SCS's design criteria. I agree that precast Stoneskin is essential for those casters, but they'll need to pay for it honestly with a spell slot.
  12. I think you're right. TBH I ought to go over that code in general, I haven't looked at it systematically since about v15.
  13. Not sure yet; I'll have a look at spell memorisations. (I'm reviewing the vanilla ones for v31 in any case.)
  14. SR makes Stoenskin 8 hours, nobody complained about not really being in the spellbook.... Except me! (Or rather, I didn't complain, as I didn't know that, but I'm complaining now )
  15. Replacing SI:Conjuration with SI:Abjuration in fighter-mage buffing (that routine already sometimes gives them SI:Abjuration) Mind Blank is supposed to be a very-long term buff (has the same duration as stoneskins, for example). Can u replace SI:Con with some other spell then (just not another SI)? SI:Con: ok, can do. Mind Blank: It's clearly a spell that should be a long-term buff *if* it's memorised. But it's not currently being learned so far as I can see. (I cast Stoneskin even when it's not learned, because it has a 24-hour duration so it's plausibly cast before the last time the mage slept. That isn't possible for Mind Blank, which has an eight-hour duration.) It sounds like I should be including it in the defensive spells roster?
  16. But don't bother emailing the file - as noted in the pinned topic on the forum, IWD-in-BG2 is no longer in development now that IWDEE is out.
  17. It's choking when it gets a level that's set to (or below) 0. Fixed locally. That's a general feature of level override; it's not very sensitive to multiclasses. Again, fixed locally. Lich or demilich? Yes, that's intentional. (It's roughly what's implied by her memorised spells, iirc). Cleric/mages aren't caught by the level_scale ini setting because they're done individually (so there's no code to work out what spells they should have if they have their level changed); that's not likely to change. Yeah, they shouldn't be on the general help loop in most cases. Will check.
  18. I'm hoping to release v31 of SCS in the next few weeks, and so I've been going through these scripting modifications. Many are straightforward fixes to errors in SCS v30, and others are clearly sensible given SR. But I have a residual list where I'm not sure about the rationale and haven't implemented on my local v31. I thought I'd list them here to see if Kreso or others can advise! (I'm unfamiliar enough with SR that it's probable I'm often missing something.) I'm not: ignoring Spell Turning/Deflection, since I think it will lead to lots of targeting of protected creatures when unprotected ones are available (though elsewhere in v31 I do pay some attention to the need to force them sometimes) avoiding checking for Slay before casting FoD telling Anadramatis to cast Pierce Magic instead of Pierce Shield (he doesn't have it learned) letting Imix be subtle about spell turning. (Not everyone is perfect) worrying about SR school changes when the relevant specialist doesn't actually use the spell anyway dropping the saving throw check for the Wand of Paralysis dropping the pro/magic weapons check for touch attacks dropping the Mirror Image check for touch attacks and the Wand of Frost turning off the Stun check for Symbol of Stun casting monster summoning as a long-term buff (that breaks the rules for what counts as a longterm buff) Using Mind Blank or Protection from the Elements, since I don't think anyone has it memorised Replacing SI:Conjuration with SI:Abjuration in fighter-mage buffing (that routine already sometimes gives them SI:Abjuration) Memorising Summon Djinni, since we don't have scripting to cast it Giving Conjurers Wail of the Banshee, since it gets in the way of the thematic specialisations Giving necromancers Bigby's crushing hand rather than PW: kill (ditto)
  19. Version v8.5


    Wheels of Prophecy adds new content, dialogue, and roleplaying options to the Throne of Bhaal expansion, giving players a chance to explore Chapter 9 in a less linear manner. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  20. I officially support: - Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition - Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear - Enhanced Edition Trilogy - Original Baldur's Gate II, with Throne of Bhaal and the BG2 Fixpack mod - EasyTutu, including Tales of the Sworde Coast - Baldur's Gate Trilogy, with the BG2 Fixpack mod I do an install-test of the mod on these whenever I do a major update. My primary target these days is the Enhanced Editions but I don't anticipate stopping support for the older versions as long as they're widely used. I don't do install tests on vanilla BG1 TUTU (including Tales of the Sword Coast, plus TUTUfix), if only to keep my workload under control, but I'll probably be helpful fixing problems with it if they're not too difficult. I no longer support BGT or vanilla BG2 without the Fixpack (SCS will refuse to install unless it is present). I don't currently support IWD:EE; this may change at some point. I don't, and never will, support original BG, or vanilla BG2 without Throne of Bhaal, or (Easy)Tutu without ToTSC, or vanilla IWD.
  21. You might be surprised at how easy that would be (unless I'm missing something). The BG2EE and IWDEE engines are much closer together than any two engines of vanilla IE games.
  22. As a point of interest I avoid using Death Spell against PCs in SCS precisely because it feels so unfair.
  23. The last released version of IWD-in-BG2 was v8, released in Fall 2013. In Winter 2013-14 I supplied a modified v9, designed for the Enhanced Edition engine and written to allow for engine modifications, to Beamdog. That modified v9 formed the core of IWDEE, but IWDEE was able to go a long way beyond what was possible in IWD-in-BG2 v8 because its development team (including CamDawg, the other main author for IWD-in-BG2) had access to the source code of the engine. To me (and I believe to CamDawg too) IWDEE represents a successful completion of the project we began in IWD-in-BG2, and with its release yesterday I no longer intend to develop IWD-in-BG2. (I apologise for not making this clearer in the couple of months since IWDEE was announced; I took it as obvious but clearly shouldn't have done.) There is some more discussion of the issue at this thread: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/26767-is-a-newer-version-than-v8-in-progress/
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