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  1. This is the kind of irritating doubling-up that means v22 will combine SCS and SCSII. I'm pleased to hear my hobgoblins know their business!
  2. Catching up belatedly with this thread, one observation: I'm no longer using melee attacks in timestop, as it was starting to strain my credulity. (You can turn it on again at the console, but it's deactivated by default). If you want Timestop to disable melee entirely, it won't inconvenience me.
  3. Haegan: fair enough, I'd forgotten that one. The other code snippet is a favour to Shaitan, not something I'm actually planning to add to v22.
  4. I didn't think I had posted any hotfixes or workarounds - what are you thinking of?
  5. SI:Abj never protected you from anti-magic-protection spells - it protects you from Remove Magic but not Secret Word etc. That's vanilla-game behaviour and SCS doesn't change it other than changing Breach to be blocked by SI:Abj.
  6. Here's a list of things reported on the v7.1-v7.10 bug threads that I haven't fixed, usually because I can't reproduce them. If you get one of these bugs, please do report it, but try to give me as much detail as possible: - exactly what happens? - are you using single or multi-player? - can you reproduce it yourself? - what mods do you have installed? They turn up reliably in my test. I can't reproduce this - the ghost is flagged as Neutral, so summons ignore it. (Is it possible you used a save where you'd entered Lysan's cave on a previous install?) It opened when I tried it. They seem okay when I try. That's particularly weird, as he doesn't have a min-hp item at all so far as I can see. [i need more data as to exactly when this happened.] He's visible on my install. Again, works on my install. I don't think this is a bug; it works that way in my install of IWD too.
  7. That's weird. I only posted it once. Are you sure one link isn't for SCS, the other for SCSII?
  8. While you're around, thanks for catching those various typos.
  9. I've just checked it: it downlads and opens fine with WINRAR, which is the program I've always used to handle it. Try downloading it again; if that fails, maybe something's wrong with your extractor program.
  10. Version 21 is now out, featuring two new translations and a variety of tweaks and bugfixes. Here's the changelog: New or heavily modified content Updated French translation, by Mornagest. Updated Russian translation, by Prowler. Minor tweaks, optimisations, and additions Updated ToBEx to version 23. This should fix a variety of glitches, notably with some death animations. Following suggestions by polytope, slightly tweaked the targetting on fighter HLA use. We now experiment with spacing out use of Timestops a bit. We make some attempt to react to offscreen casting of disabling spells (following suggestion by Topos). Bugfixes Beholders with vanilla-game antimagic rays now use them. (Thanks to Topos for spotting this.) The "golem" defending the door out of the underdark is only affected by Improved Golems if it actually is a golem. (It's turned into a golem by the Improved Drow City component, but Improved Golems was affecting it even if this component wasn't installed.) Thanks to Wisp for spotting this. The "summon elemental prince" spells in Smarter Priests are no longer being corrupted. (Thanks to Wisp for picking this up.) In the improved Abazigal's lair, black dragon immunities weren't working properly due to a typo, and lizard man shamans weren't being correctly flagged as cleric/mages. (Thanks, Ardanis.) The hidden fiends in Sendai's lair are now correctly taken from Smarter Fiends' list of modified fiends. (Thanks, Ardanis.) Fixed a bunch of typos in the English translation files, identified by hook71. Melissan's blade barrier is now affected by the party-friendly blade barrier component. Corrected a typo in the "improve reputation" part of the auto-installer. (Thanks to phuongww11 for catching this.) Fixed a bug in the Improved Vampires script that was preventing them from shapeshifting into rat form. In some circumstances, vampires were trying to trigger various animations in mist form (and so crashing the game); hopefully they no longer do. "Improved Vampires" now tightens up the logic of the Sime/Saemon autosave on arriving at Spellhold. (This isn't directly anything to do with SCSII, but it's made more visible by Improved Vampires.) Haegan no longer sits around like an idiot. (Subtle interaction of new and old code... I really need to recode this thing.) We now systematically enforce the requirement that the Initialise component is installed; allowing it not to be causes instabilities when it's uninstalled. (Power users can disable this by putting "dw#AIsetup.mrk" in the override... but, as Weimer used to say, Don't Do This.) Liches no longer cast Minor Globe (thanks to Topos for catching this). Compatibility fixes Fixed a typo in scsii.ini that was breaking SR compatibility. "Improved proficiencies for fighters" component now skips any fighter with a corrupt Effects offset. (This was breaking compatibility with Amber, in which M#YCLBM1.cre is corrupt). Added a couple more checks for corrupt files in patch-everything components. Spell Revisions' "Summon Shadow" and "Create Undead" spells were being confused with each other by the spell autoselector in "Smarter Mages". We now enforce the requirement that aTweaks "Smarter Fiends" is installed afterSCSII. Move-Boo components are now properly synchronised across SCS and SCSII.
  11. Version v2


    Hannah's portrait pack adds six new BG2-style sets of portraits to the game (five female, one male). These are original artwork, not based on any existing or in-game art. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  12. DavidW

    Hannah's Portrait Pack

    Hannah's Portrait Pack features six original sets of portraits in the BG/BG2 style, for use by PCs or NPCs.
  13. DavidW


    From the album: Hannah's Portrait Pack

  14. DavidW


    From the album: Hannah's Portrait Pack

  15. Almost certainly, but you'll need to explain in more detail just what you want it to do.
  16. Probably. I think the latter are ported from IWD, though I can't remember (it's seven years since I coded it). (1) pretty much, so far as I can recall. (2) I think it's a typo, and I meant "SCS versions". In any case, the point is that the SCSII versions don't keep track of the iron crisis and the SCS versions do. (Sorry, I'm a bit immersed in IWD-in-BG2 and can't immediately recall how this works. As always, SCS(II) is really designed around the Tutu rather than the BGT paradigm, so I'm not always 100% sure how they interact! A longer-term project is to merge them into a unified install so I can keep better track, but don't hold your breath. )
  17. Mxtu has been kind enough to produce a set of alternative BAM files for the "excellent" weapons introduced in SCS's "replace +1 weapons with Excellent weapons" component. They're available here for download. The simplest way to use them is just to dump them into the override after SCS is installed. (Uninstalling SCS should uninstall this change too.) alternate-weapons.zip
  18. I feel targeted by your description lol. Personally, I'm totally relaxed about being the kind of modder who might disappear at any minute . We don't get paid for this, after all. That's why I don't usually announce projects until they're finished (IWD-in-BG2 is a bit of an exception on both counts, since it's a collaborative effort.)
  19. Comments in this thread would be easiest, to be honest, though I can cope with pdf.
  20. As we inch towards something actually releasable, here are draft readmes for the converter and the Fixpack/Tweakpack.
  21. Updated to mention that Kulyok's mod is now IWD-in-BG2 compatible.
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