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  1. Yeah, Daxtreme deserves a clear: Thank you, for the Cowled Menace efforts. And true, a level 14+ wizard would have to be mugged in an alley to risk combat with only a woolen robe and a generic, wooden quarterstaff. They ain't monks, or nuns, after all.
  2. On Nalia: I always thought BARD is the most fitting, if unmodified MUST be taken, class for nobles. Just lacks the backstabbing bonus of the rogue (thief), but adds social skills any noble would have, and gives a LIMITED magic to the aristocracy...
  3. One hint I remember is NOT using outdated 2da files, which are often kept or copied into the override folder (some old files do not have all class combos, crashing the game). Best mentor I could think of is a guy named @Gusinda over in the beamdog forum - He did not only explain to me, but made mods run on my Android stand alone version of SoD.
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