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  1. The fix that I did for the first issue (above) was to make a copy of CH1CUT02.BCS. Then after installing "the Horde" just copy this file back into the override. This way the cut scene works properly and no ogre and two archers ambushing me when I visit Gorion's body. For me this was the show stopper. I have no solution for the duplicate quest drops but I can play around those by ignoring the duplicate items.
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    With no reply, I will restate my issue and hope for clarity. 1. I downloaded newest version of DLTCEP 7.8b 2. Works with no issues for BGT installation 3. Does not work with SOD. Error message indicates it cannot find dialog.tlk file. 4. SOD runs OK, so missing file is not the problem. Dialog.tlk for SOD is not in the same location as BGT. In fact, I can't find the file at all. I do find dialog.bff. Do I need to extract this file (how) and put it in the same location like BGT? If so I would appreciate some documentation on what I need to do to get DLTCEP to work with
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    Installed but it can't find the SOD dialog.tlk file. It doesn't give me an option to search for the file and I don't know where it is. I did find a dialog.bif file in data. Not working because it can't find the dialog file.
  4. Started a new SOD game and decided to load some mods (1st time modding SOD). In lieu of SCS decided to load the Horde. Like the results except for the 1st area. When going to check out Gorion's body I don't enjoy being ambushed by an Ogre and two thugs shooting fire arrows at me. I really had to meta game and use some cheese factors to survive that battle. The other immersion factor is the drops. Two requests: 1. Remove the duplicate from the script for the Ambush at circle in AR2700 (the cut scene where Gorion dies) - for me this is a critical fix for players that don't want
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