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  1. It applied to ghast lords as well and other forms of undead.
  2. Some more feedback, it seem phantom blade does not do the additional 10 damage to undead. I think it was fixed by someone else a while back, by another person. But, i think the fix was never uploaded to the recent release, here is the zip for anyone who wants to investigate the fix and consider putting it in the new release. phantom.zip
  3. Interesting, it would also seem that cure disease also removes feeble-mind, yet does not seem to indicate in either the spells description, that is either cure disease or feeblemind itself; and it does not remove the feeblemind's icon on the portrait after thus being removed. I think this is more of a conflict with SCS, But i will continue testing.
  4. On a side note, i think if you install SCS and SR; the shield spell does not block Mordekaine's force missile as it should. Oh, and for some reason i think xan in the romantic encounter mod/scs might also obstruct protection from the elements as you are not able to select which element you want to use when you cast the spell, for whatever reason.
  5. Got the Fibula from kegain's quest but can't seem to turn that item anywhere in the estate of silvershield, am i missing something? Btw, when i try to talk to lady silvershield she does not give any dialogue options regarding the item.
  6. Well, it doesn't slow them down as per part of the spell, but i think freedom of movement might be intended to not be thrown down and unconscious on the grease pile. But, in all honesty, i don't really see a huge issue with leaving the way it is, tbh.
  7. I found an interesting interaction between grease and freedom of movement/potion of freedom. If you drink the potion and walk around through the spell it causes your character to go unconscious; was this intentional or a bug that i am experiencing?
  8. Hey! I like what the mod does... but it causes problems for my runs. Like not being able to select spells as a sorcerer. Another thing was i think that or this one mod called refinements, also. But yeah, it might've been mostly some other mods screwing with spells and stuff. Heck ctb and dark side of the sword coast had problems.
  9. Yeah sorry, i didnt know what mod was making changes to it. However i did a reinstall with things like tome of blood removed, among the spells from dsotsc removed because it would vonflict with ctb. I also got rid of a fix pack for spell notification expiration. Which seems to make it normal now. Weird though isn't it.
  10. Can it be investigated if certain creatures (I.E Planar sphere elder orb) is using specific spells or abilities that don't exist. Because it seems elder orb will use an ability that doesn't exist and just gives an ERROR followed by a series of numbers in the chat with the mini-map coming up to take up the screen.
  11. Huh, odd. Then maybe SR changes certain spells/overwrites them which causes the issue/error to begin with.
  12. Has the elder bug be looked into? (Sorry if i am a little impatient) Also, i think improved vampires should have the mass spam/transfermation to rats/wolves removed and replaced with something else. Maybe Ability drain of some sort?
  13. A quick note, i think i also had this occurrence with a iron golem as well, but i can't recall exactly. Either or, maybe it is something like an ability that SR/PnP changed around or so that these specific enemies try to call upon, which no longer exist of course, these occur in hyper specific fights like the elder orb in the planar spear.
  14. The invalid code appears in the chat box as "Invalid:478172"
  15. Sure, i activated the golem and followed it to the room the elder orb beholder is in and engaged it alongside the golem in which said beholder would use an ability that doesn't exist and forces the screen to zoom out.
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