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  1. cool, thanks for the tips Meira, look forward to checking it out!
  2. hello all, i'm just started SoA with this mod installed and I was wondering if there are any helpful tips...not spoilers but just good advice like: when is a good time to start the romance/ add amber to the party party composition that might create interesting situations side quests that will be more fun with the mod installed and so on.... thanks for the help everybody !
  3. oh, really? that's kind of a bummer...but i suppose it makes sense...i can respect that
  4. hey SimDing0!!! since i know you are an influential modder, i wanted to share a comment about the NPC-specific items: some of them make no sense. For example, Kivan gets a spear from the wizard at High Hedge. the problem? Kivan has no spear proficiencies. Ajantis has a cool Ilvastarr family shield. The problem? All this proficiencies are for shieldless fighting: he has 2 *'s in 2-handed sword and 2 *'s in two-handed fighting. so you end up never using the shield. other than that, keep the good times rolling!!
  5. I second that!! I can't say enough about how awesome this mod is. BG1 was a great game when it came out, but the lack of party banter really makes it feel 'lonely' when compared to newer RPG's. The BG1 NPC allows you to add a lot more depth to your game and really makes it come alive
  6. i think i may be having a bug with the branwen romance. a while ago the PC-initiated flirts started getting the cold shoulder: her response is 'I'm sorry CHARNAME but I've decided to be alone' and she smiles wistfully, or something like that. this matched up with the lovetalk, which starts 'It will not pass...' or something like that and she says that her romantic feelings cause her to have fear in battle and she's not happy about the trade-off. fast forward a while, i have gotten to candlekeep and there have been a couple of lovetalks in BG city and now in Candlekeep. however, the PC-initiated flirts still get the cold shoulder (as I described above). Is this part of the romance or a bug? Thanks everybody!
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    oh, so the mod is compatible with ToB but no content has been written yet? well, do you need some help writing the dialogues and stuff....? shout a holla at me! (does this forum have PM's? if so, send me one)
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