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  1. Hello, thanks for maintaining this great mod! I want to report a small issue I met while playing Gavin BG2. In regular Talk 2, which starts with the line "Did you ever find out why you were abducted?", as the pic shows (a screenshot from DLTCEP): I think the conditions for the two responses pointed by the red arrow are reversed, which make Gavin react as he had already known the Bhaalspawn matter when he had never met PC in BG1, and vice versa. One other thing: the download button on Gavin for BG2's homepage seems not linked to the correct download page.
  2. Bug report (v23.3): found a loop in a dialog of Coran starts with this line: @37 = ~<CHARNAME>, you step out of a bloodbath on the carpet of rose hips, naked and tender. Your foe's blood could be flower petals clinging to your body enviously, or a sensual pattern drawn in henna dye by a frivolous hand, or claret spilled in abandon, enticing a thirsty mouth to drink of it...~ [CORANB] to @57 = ~I never saw anyone in whom love and death are so intermingled, and so... seductive. Carnage turns into a thrill in your presence. You have shown me the new meaning of love, which I but guessed at previously. When I loved the strongest, I found myself on the brink of death, almost, in pain from pleasure. Now I know why.~ If I keep choosing the following reply: @54 = ~You sound insane, Coran, and that gleam in your eyes puts me ill at ease.~ Coran keeps returning line @57 with the same reply options.
  3. About the rest movie, I found it strange that there's no rest movie after Aran's night visit dialogue. Ask him to "Come to me when we rest" from PID then click the rest button, night visit dialogue plays but it will not trigger a rest when it ends. I need to click the rest button again to rest the party.
  4. I think it's the same problem as the "PID shows two 'Well, do you have any advice for me' when in Hell" that I mentioned before. Actually not only in Hell but also in Suldanessellar. After the update one of the options is changed to "Do you have any advice about our tasks?". In my case, Bodhi is dead.
  5. typo: @10444, @10445 Brynlaw --> Brynnlaw
  6. I've finished a game with ver.02.08.2019. No serious new EET issues were noticed this time, only a few very small ones I think are not related to EET. In spellhold when I removed Aran from the party, he stayed right there without saying anything. No item received when I bought a document case for Aran from Gavin's gift shop. Was there supposed to be one? His ToB leave and join dialogue acts strange, and a bit different in EE and EET. Not sure if they are the same problem. It can roughly be summarized as follows: Remove Aran from the party and tell him to wait here, then come to him and tell him to rejoin; →Remove him the second time (or the 3rd/4th/... time), his rejoin dialogue appears and then he leaves; →Come to him again, he says lines like "It has been a pleasure adventuring with you." or "Goodnight Ladies, Ladies Goodnight." In EE, the above only happened in Pocket Plane, and his leave dialogue was the SoA one ("Hey, I'm right out...") whether in PP or other areas. I can even ask him to head for Brynlaw/Athkatla/etc. In EET, the above happened in any area, and his leave dialogue was the ToB one ("Do you be certain..."). EDIT: Similar thing happened in SoA's taverns (EE and EET). Leave dialogue in Brynnlaw's tavern had two "Aran, wait here for me, will you?" reply options. Some PC information: Female PC, romanced with Aran throughout SoA and ToB, done nothing more than kissing until ToB. Aran came to apologize one day after I made him angry (tell him to just be friends). If I choose "I will kill you now and be done with it", he will start a fight ("Barbarian Rage: Aran" made me laugh). The odd thing is that some of the "Aran" is displayed as PC's name in the log box. Like, "Anomen: Attacks <charname>""<charname>: Death", where there should be "Anomen: Attacks Aran" and "Aran: Death". Make up with him and show romance interest again, then tell him to just be friends from PID the second time. He apologized immediately after this breakup talk. (EDIT: I guess it might because the timer is already expired since the last apology talk.) While I think my PC has had serious sex with Aran during that ToB night talk, Aran still thinks “our relationship” is "mayhap I can coax you into somthin' more than kissin'". (EDIT: I didn't adjust the relationship level from PID. Had sex but Aran did not recognize it.) (Heard you are rebuilding ToB lovetalk, so don't know if this matters) In LT1, if I keep choosing the reply "So because I withhold being fully... physical...", the conversation loops. (Ask this just in case) Aran sometimes has an epilogue, sometimes not. Is this still in progress? Speaking of ToB lovetalk, (I never touch any previews/spoilers before read them in game, so) don't know which kind of rebuild you're working on now, just want to say I quite like the current LTs, especially LT2 and 4. Hope that they can be kept in some form, if appropriate. Typos? Are they typos? I'm not sure, my English is bad. @12652 = ~[ARAN] If that be some kind o' crack about hangin' back in combat, m'<PRO_GIRLBOY>, I go where you be tellin' me an' do what you be tellin' me, so more's th' fault wi' you!.~ A . after the ! . @12191 = ~[ARAN] Aye, I do tend to talk too much. Which probably be why I done forgot what it were I had on my mind to begin with. Mayhap I should start scribblin' down my thoughts before I satrt talkin'. Or mayhap I'll just wander along an' see if I can remember on my own.~ start? @12178 = ~[ARAN] Aye. 'Back in th' days when REAL adventurin' happened, we had to lug weapons around what shattered in our hands. But did we complain? No, we forged twigs an' branches together an' whacked th' enemy 'til they ran. An' we were happy to do it, to!'~ too? Really enjoy playing with Aran because I can always discover new interesting things! Hope your work with new content going well.
  7. I did the same thing before this playthrough, mistakenly copied and installed an old Aran folder instead of the newest one I just downloaded, found his chapter triggers was a mess in game, intended to report as an issue. Then despondently uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of Aran and a bunch of other mods in order again. This time found Aran's timer become strange. Cause it's a bit troublesome to uninst and reinstall mods on EET, I'll drop Aran at somewhere temporary and hang around with other members for a while, and wait for the official fix!
  8. I installed ver.Jan 27, 2019 and started a new game (EET and BG2EE) just now, and found Aran become crazy... Once his first FT fires, the next FTs will fire one after another without stop. Components I have installed: ~ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2~ #0 #0 // Install Aran Whitehand for SoA and ToB: RC_1 01.26.2019 ~ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2~ #0 #2 // Install Audio Files -> Install Only Soundset and Music: RC_1 01.26.2019 ~ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2~ #0 #9 // Choose Which Aran Configuration to install -> Aran Whitehand, Thief Dual-Class stats, choose configuration (Spy): RC_1 01.26.2019 ~ARANW/SETUP-ARANW.TP2~ #0 #230 // Customize Talk And Flirt Timers -> Content Speed: minimum 45 minutes real time between dialogues: RC_1 01.26.2019 And, the issue I mentioned in the third post in this thread This occurs in BG2EE too. It seems it will happen when Aran is installed after Jastey's Corthala Romantique.
  9. Remind of somthing: The second time Aran gets drunk > select reply "Hey, didn't we already have this conversation?" > select any of the next replies except for "I think the young redhead..." > party rest > Aran's drunk talk pops up again. Some SetGlobal actions is missing for some of the reply options. PID menu shows two "Well, do you have any advice for me, Aran?" options when in Hell in Chapter 7.
  10. Yes, you're right. It's C-ARAN for the Aran brought from SoA and C-ARAN25 for the new Aran. I recall that something similar happened to some old NPC mods I force-installed on EET. Now I know the reason.
  11. Thanks for all the quick fixes! @7671 has not been repaired yet. I guess this one has little to do with the c-aranmatch thing... I haven't tested the latest version yet, but before my last install (Aran v04.01.2019) I had modified c-arn25.baf in a similar way as you posted (change the "IF Global("c-aranmatch","GLOBAL",0)" to "IF Global("c-aranmatch","GLOBAL",1)" and such) attempting to make ToB romance active in my game. However it seems that the whole "IF Global("c-aranmatch","GLOBAL",1)...THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("c-arantobrom","GLOBAL",1)... END" thing didn't work on an Aran brought from SoA at all. I used CLUAConsole:AdvanceRealTime(999999) and then checked "CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("c-arantobrom","GLOBAL")". It returned "c-arantobrom does not exist". I didn't change anything about ToB friend talk in c-arn25.baf but c-aranfriendtobstart would not set to 1, too, the same as c-arantobrom. Once a new Aran is summoned, variables set as the script says and Aran start to initiate talks as normal.
  12. The first time I talk to Salvanas in Copper Coronet, Aran wil make a comment like "Persistant little bastard, eh?..." The second time I talk to Salvanas, the same place shows a "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS". Edit: Found this one was already mentioned in another thread years ago.
  13. This one is rather an odd issue. It happens like this: Ask Aran to "come to me when we rest" from PID/LT → Click the rest button → Aran's music plays, dialogue box appears and shows Valygar's Tree of Life dialogue "<charname>: Valygar... the intense and noble ranger whom you saved from the predations…" with the corresponding reply options → If Valygar is not in party, choose one of the replies and then dialogue ends; if Valygar is in party, he will answer and then go on to the next member's Tree of Life dialogue. I have tried uninstalling and installing different Aran versions, or changing the installation order, but this still happened in my every EET playthrough. I looked into player1.dlg and found that the line "<charname>: Valygar... the intense and noble ranger..." has been modified by Corthala Romantique mod. At last I added conditions like "!Global("c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2) !Global("c-aranrom","GLOBAL",1)" to this line and sucessfully made Aran's night visit dialogue show up properly. I wonder why Aran's night visit variables will trigger Valygar's Tree of Life talk. Or I just messed up my EET installation (still haven't tested this on a clean EET). Anyway the problem is solved and I just write it down here for reference… Deeply sorry for my poor English. I think I'd better shut up from now on and wait for the new ToB content silently...
  14. Thanks for the update! Glad to find a bug hunt thread is opened, I put the issues I've come across so far in EET here: (My PC is a female, and have romanced Aran through SoA and ToB.) About the format conversion of chapter numbers, I think the "GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL"," and "GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL"," may need to be converted too. If Aran stay in party from the ending of SoA to ToB, his ToB FT/LTs will not fire automatically, unless I send him back to Amn via Fate Spirit, and summon a new Aran by choosing "Bring me Aran Whitehand / my former lover / my lover Aran...". And then in ToB, Aran's SoA PID keep popping up instead of FT/LTs every few seconds. I solved it for myself by adding a condition "GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",%bg2_chapter_8%)" to the SoA PID trigger. Looks like the problem can be fixed by this. In ToB, Hexxat's banter triggers when Hexxat is not in party. Aran says "So you still be here." but no one answers. This one is a question: In ToB, When I ask "What do you think our "relationship" is?" from PID, Aran answers and says "why do you be askin'?", the option "I was just wondering." disappears from the PC reply list because my c-aranrom is 2 but it requires Global("c-aranrom","GLOBAL",0). Why it has trigger conditions like this while there's none in SoA? Another question about ToB romance: According to c-arn25.baf, one of the conditions to active ToB romance is Global("c-aranmatch","GLOBAL",0). But c-aranmatch is already 1 since SoA. Typos? A "(" is missing. Also in Line @7668, @7671,@7910. The dialog box shows "@68".
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