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  1. Hey and thanks for answering Ah, i got same errors also by scroll stacking I cut both out from the tp2 Regards, Marlow
  2. increase Gem and Jewelry Stacking gives MANY mistakes!!! BG2, no other Mods Example: Marlow
  3. Marlow

    Need help, PLEASE!!!

    Many thanks for answering!! YES, i have it I tested all version from DLTCEP and the last one what works, is version 7.6d So i accept it. Again, many thanks for trying to help!! Regards, Marlow
  4. Marlow

    Need help, PLEASE!!!

    I reinstalled Windows and formatted the install partition. Only BG2/ToB without Mods but DLTCEP no more will work :( :( :( Marlow
  5. Hey! Something happend with my Editor. Yesterday all was okay, but today something is wrong. Look at the screen-shot: I no more have the option per day and recharges has an new position. I tryed to reinstall, but not help. Regards, Marlow
  6. Marlow

    Can´t download!

    All are fine now! Many thanks!!
  7. Why i can´t download many of the Mods like Item Randomiser, SP Collection, Divine Remix and so on?? Regards, Marlow
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