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  1. Yes, I meant the encounter with Masyrd. Gavin keeps repeating "thank you for that", I have to shut down the game to get out of that loop. Deleted Whoops, scratch that last issue I had, it seems it was just a glitch that was gone when I reloaded! Sorry!
  2. After that encounter at the lust chambers at the Drow city, when you reply "It won't happen again", there's a loop, Gavin keeps repeating "Thank you for that". There's also a reply missing in one of the flirts/PID (no valid reply or link), but I don't remember where it was, sorry. I also found a few typos. I could check my screenshots tomorrow, if you like.
  3. So I used your little mod today. The first time I get the banter between Gavin and Mazzy, block 121 of b!gavs.BCS is running. The second, third etc. time, it's block 122 of b!gavs.BCS that is repeating. I decompiled the .bcs; this is what I got: IF InParty(Myself) InParty("Mazzy") // Mazzy PartyRested() AreaType(OUTDOOR) Global("B!GavMaz2","GLOBAL",0) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) !StateCheck("Mazzy",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) // Mazzy CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY]) THEN RESPONSE #100 ActionOverride(Player1,DisplayString(Myself,98919)) // ~Running block 121 of b!gavs.BCS~
  4. I just checked the save I have right before it happens. I rest, and then the banter pops up, again and again. If it's another mod messing with this, I think it's probably NPC IEP or the Mazzy friendship. I'm off to bed now, but I'll check the .bcs tomorrow.
  5. I fixed the Jan issue myself, but thank you for the quick fix! You're right, it must be that vanilla bug, Aerie probably tried to remind me to meet Raelis, I never went to see her. Hm, about Mazzy, I've no idea why this is happening, just that it is happening. I also have the Mazzy friendship installed, by the way.
  6. Two banters keep repeating: The one between Gavin and Jan (where Gavin says he's sorry about Lissa) and the one between Gavin and Mazzy (where Mazzy complains that the food is out of her reach). Aerie and Yoshimo stuttered so much I kicked them out of the party. I assume in Yoshimo's case it might be caused by NPC IEP/Yoshimo friendship, but I have no idea. Just thought I'd post it here, as others have reported stuttering, too.
  7. Aaand now I'm resting in dungeons.
  8. Oh my, who knew Gavin could be so naughty? I've spent several rl(!) hours resting at inns and outside and he still comes up with something new. Just when I think I've seen it all, an even naughtier dialogue pops up. I like!
  9. Yay!! Congrats on the release, I'm downloading right now.
  10. Shouldn't be: Interjecting, he should say @661 = ~Was? Wir sollen uns als Drow ausgeben, unter ihnen leben und vielleicht sogar mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten? Ich halte nichts von einer solchen Täuschung!~ and in the dialogue afterwards, he sais: @671 = ~Ich kann das nicht glauben! Wir sollen uns als Drow ausgeben, unter ihnen leben und vielleicht sogar mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten? Warum all diese Geheimnistuerei? Lasst uns zusammen gegen sie vorgehen! Wenn wir zusammenarbeiten, können wir die Drow vernichten!~ Different text, no typo. Oops, sorry, I had some old sc
  11. I'm playing version 0.2.19, but I still have the same issue I reported here (the typo is still there, too): I also found some other typos: Some of Valygar's lines (sorry, don't have time to check the files right now): Das es heute Nacht sehr kalt für diese Jahreszeit werden wird. Dass Something from a banter with Edwin I think: Das ich sie nicht retten kann, bedeutet nicht, dass ich sie benutzen darf. Dass From a lovetalk: Ich habe häufig an Euch gedacht, mich nach Euch gesehnt. Manches mal... Manches Mal I th
  12. Glad you like the idea! You could try this command: CLUAConsole:AdvanceRealTime(999999) In case you are waiting for a messenger, I think it's better if you wait outdoors somewhere in Athkatla and use this command. It doesn't always work, of course, because sometimes there are more conditions you have to meet, but if it's just a timer, it should speed things up a little. Check out the "c#ajantis_sva" folder, and open the "install" folder. All the readmes and guides are in there. About the races, here are some quotes from the guides: "Conditions f
  13. I'm currently playing Tutu again and romancing Ajantis. If you sleep with him for the first time, you get a morning after talk. I miss those talks in BG2. I know it's more difficult than in BG1, as there are several different occasions that could be the first time, but I'd really love to get some "feedback". It needn't be so specific, I just wish he would say something. I also think the wedding night should have a morning after talk, no matter what happens - it's a very special night after all (and maybe just this once, <Charname> could persuade Ajantis to rest a little longer? ).
  14. Very good question: Because I forgot about this quest. Hm, would Ajantis tolerate the theft, if it is about to save someone? I might change this quest so that the PC can talk to the Harpers instead. Wasn't there a mod that already makes this possible? The Quest Pack does something to the Harpers quest, but I don't remember what exactly happens. From the readme:
  15. There is something in the Underdark I find odd: When you talk to Adalon for the first time, Ajantis interjects: "Was? Wir sollen uns als Drow ausgeben, unter ihnen leben und vielleicht sogar mit ihnen zusammen Arbeiten? Warum all diese Geheimnistuerei? Lasst uns zusammen gegen sie vorgehen! Wenn wir zusammenarbeiten, können wir die Drow vernichten, Dame Adalon!" Adalon didn't reply to Ajantis, but tranformed the party. When I got out of her cave, Ajantis started a dialogue: "Ich kann das nicht glauben! Wir sollen uns als Drow ausgeben, unter ihnen leben und vielleicht sogar mit ihn
  16. Ok, I just tried breaking up with him via PID. They were engaged, not married yet. He said "Ich... ich werde Euch weiterhin unterstützen, solange Ihr Verwendung für mich habt. Lasst uns weiterziehen... und nicht sprechen." After that, he left. Edit: Just went to the Order and there he was. He approached me and said the line about being a good team.
  17. I went to see the fat merchant in the dock district, Jahaboam. He said he sensed a "familiarity" between Ajantis and <Charname>, but Ajantis claimed that Jahaboam must be mistaken concerning their relationship. Uhm, they got married mere days earlier and Ajantis already denies he has a wife?! I'm offended. Edit: And something else, though I don't have a screenshot or real evidence or anything. I broke up with Ajantis at some point, just to see what happens - I don't know if it was part of the romance conflict or some other occasion. Anyway, he said something along the lines t
  18. I admit I'm not too familiar with a paladin's honour code, but are you sure this would work? Sure, the PC wouldn't have to steal herself, but she would still cause an item being stolen from a temple... I was suprised about that, too.
  19. I have a savegame, in case you still need it. I just loaded it and realised that it was actually the other way round: First, Douglas appears and says the engaged path bit; then a second Douglas approaches us and says the nbromance bit. There was something odd in my nbromance before that, as well: There was a dialogue in Spellhold where Ajantis called the PC "Liebste", so I assume the nbromance got mixed up with the engaged path at this point, too. It was only this one line, though. The drow city content which is exclusive to the engaged path did not appear, just as it should be. (I di
  20. Three things that might be bugs: - The first two of the banters between Ajantis and Yoshimo fired right after each other, without any break inbetween. This happened when I played the new beginnings romance and again when I played the engaged path. - I played the new beginnings romance and got to the LT where a messenger (Douglas) gives Ajantis a note and he refuses to talk about what's going on. A moment later, the messenger came again and I got the LT from the engaged path (Es ist ein Brief von meinen Eltern, zusammen mit einer öffentlichen Ankündigung. Sie erfüllen ihre A
  21. You are right, of course, and I did take screenshots, but the mod uses quite a lot of different files and it's not easy for me to find the exact sentence (even with the search function). I also found a couple of typos in dialogues that I hadn't seen while playing, so I decided to try to proofread all the files if possible.
  22. A while ago, I found a couple of typos and two things that might be bugs, but I haven't had the time/keep forgetting to go through all the files and locate the typos. Hopefully, I'll have to time to do so tomorrow.
  23. Beware, spoilers ahead! As I said, the talk spoilt the moment a bit, but that was mainly because of the wording in the German version ("schwängern" sounds a bit awkward to me ). It sounds better in the English version, I think. I don't know why talking about contraception is so very offensive, though. He's just being reasonable. However, Ajantis says and does some things that would offend me in RL: I don't like this at all, but it shows how very serious he is about being a paladin and it fits the personality he was given in BG1 NPC very well.
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