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  1. I've engulfed with life and school recently so I haven't been keeping up with my favourite mods like I want, but... RAWR.
  2. Certainly, to the right kind of person. You could snuggle to the glow of the flaming passersby.
  3. It sounds like a sassy little vacation! Milk, cookies, chicken soup, and a crackling fire. Throw in some snow outside and you have a bad romantic CD commercial!
  4. Dear BigRob; I think I speak for all of us when I say that you have put us in a conundrum. While we don't wish to rush you in the slightest, and don't want for Aklon to become a burden or a hassle, we are all eagerly awaiting the release with metaphorical baited breath. (I find that homemade lures are better when fishing, but whatever). So I would like to offer these things to you, once again on the behalf of the group (it's worth pointing out that none of the actual 'group' knew in advance that I was going to say this, but let's *assume* that they would all agree): I would like t
  5. I have to say, I completely agree with Mylene. Not enough female romances feature the option of eventually having a child, either in the epilogue or in ToB, and I think this happens to be an incredibly sweet and romantic thing. So if this option or idea was ever kicked 'round for Aklon, I think it would be well-received.
  6. How sad is it that the main reason I'm replying here is because of the extremely amusing image of Aerie being pushed off a cliff? No, no, I'm extremely thrilled about the Aklon romance, and the possibility of snickering quietly when he turns Aerie down. *snickers quietly* I've actually run out of romances for BGII (I've done Edwin three times already! *snickers quietly*) and it's made my day to know that another one--that sounds really well-done and amazing!--will soon be an option. Thank you, BigRob!
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