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  1. Thank you for the mod, more spells to play around is always a good thing. Don't worry about this but I suggest a permanent block. Believe me, you are not gonna miss anything at all.
  2. Are you planning to use the half-dragon model/animation from the IWD series?
  3. Did you use those books in the quick item slot to get the letters?
  4. True but they are always easy to spot since every 3 messages the clones have to talk about its install tool while upvoting themselves and downvoting the dissenters. As a normal user the only solution is just to block those users and move on.
  5. Any particular reason to use SCS v31 instead of v32?
  6. Sorry to bump this again but I just realized I had some unexpected behaviour. Since I assumed the problem was the LOCALS I just change both for GLOBAL leaving: IF~~THEN REPLY ~Yes. Goodbye.~ DO ~SetGlobal("Z9MAIEVJoin","GLOBAL",0)~ EXIT IF~~THEN REPLY ~No. It’s just a mistake. Come, we should be moving.~ DO ~JoinParty()SetGlobal("Z9MAIEVJoin","GLOBAL",1)~ EXIT Now, the initial dialogue works, the kickout works and the rejoins works too. But, if I add the character to the party again (after the initial kick) and kick it again the dialogue that appears is the rejoin one.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to learn about modding so as a starting point I made a test npc following Lava's guide here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/63588/issue-2-of-the-wild-surge-this-issues-topic-dwarves Everything works fine except for one dialogue that doesn't trigger. I can remove the character from the group without problems. But If I speak to the character again (to rejoin) the dialogue appearing it's the same one that appears when I kicked the character. Here is the link if someone has time to check the archives and tell me what I doing wrong: https://www.dropbox.
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