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  1. The BWP pdf does explain quite a bit about why you can and cant use certain mods together. And the BWInstall tool will make you choose between conflicting mods if you are trying to install mods that clash. So does the reasoning behind why you cant use mod A with mod B hold true regardless of whether you are modding BG1 or BG2 or BGT or BG EE or anything else? Surely there is some overlap regardless of some of the differences between game versions? And obviously some mods will only work one the old or new system exclusively. So the information about which order, and why, does exist for a specific install type. There must be a way of extracting it into a useable form for something like PI otherwise it seems a bit like re-inventing the wheel. Or should individuals be left to do there own research into what to use, where to install it and why x doesnt work with y unless you do z. And will that ultimately put people off modding the games, because at the end of the day people want to actually play the damn game? I've rambled on a bit but i think the point i was trying to make is that a lot of the information already exists, in BWP pdf and BWInstall and in the EET install tool. Surely there must be a way of collating that into one resource? Or have the potential modding variations become too diverse and you would need several different sets of rules depending on what you were trying to achieve?
  2. @ithildurnew yeah i should have been more specific. The spellpacmk i meant was "Lost Crossroads Spell Pack for Baldur's Gate 2 v6b" Afaik it plays ok with spell revisions if they are installed the right way round. Other odd things with this install are item stacks, specifically ammo. I can buy big stacks (ie greater than 50) but cant create stacks in inventory greater than 50, bigger stacks will split into 50's. I've probably got several mods doing the same thing which has ballsed it up. Here's the weidu log if anyone can help
  3. Thanks @subtledoctor i'll use that in next attempt at an install. The problem with Xzar and Montaron isnt happening in my current install which is weird weidu log of current working install
  4. Here's a sorting order file based on latest BWP pdf. Hopefully its useful BWP sorting order.csv
  5. Thanks @Jarno Mikkola I wondered how that worked. Made use of it and cleared a load of files i'd uploaded.
  6. Tried a BWP install using same mods, game starts correctly but get CTD when speaking to Montaron and Xzar, crashes just before they join party. -----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Sun 08 Dec 2019 00:35:56) [Sun 08 Dec 2019 01:08:38] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x4FF726 File: CGameEffect.cpp Line: 1536 Expression: FALSE Message: (null)
  7. Im using strategems 32.7. Probably should have put that in the original post. First install worked fine, just checked the weidu log, smarter mages and smarter clerics both showing as installed successfully. One of the differences between the two is in the first install i used spellpack but didnt in the second. Dont know if that would have affected anything.
  8. @AL|EN thanks for that. Ill include it in next PI install. I know I've asked in another post as well but thought id ask again. BWP fixpack. Is there a way PI can get it to run? Only way i can run it without using BWInstall is by editing the batch cut. I just cut the first bit out which checks for bwinstall, very crude i know but it mostly works. I run it in the extracted mods folder prior to starting PI install. Im not convinced it does everything though as when its run as part of a bwp install it seems to do more, might just be me though. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. BWP install edited indivdual.bat so may have done something daft, was following pdf as editing (butchering) it though so not sure Previous BWP install using same mod selection installed fine though, again using edited individual.bat file, but much less edited get this error; [./override/MXSPLBRD.2da] loaded, 2409 bytes ERROR: cannot convert spell_level_to_caster_level_bard_8 or %spell_level_to_caster_level_bard_8% to an integer Stopping installation because of error. I cant find the error for smarter clerics but im pretty sure it was exactly the same. Everything else went ok, game runs fine, just wondering if anyone has any ideas what stupid thing I've done this time. Thanks (I tried uploading weidu log but can only upload 0.02MB and file is 65KB. I can copy and paste it if needed, i know it is usually asked for. Also why cant i upload more than 0.02MB?)
  10. No they aren't. They appear to have the same file size but one is beta 5 and one is beta 4.
  11. Which file should i be using? \iwdification\setup-iwdification (date modified 05/09/2018 size 242kb) or \stratagems\test\setup-iwdification (date modified 23/01/2019 size 242kb) Im inclined to use the newer one but as its in a folder called test i thought id check. Thanks
  12. @Morywen thats what i've been doing wrong. I knew id read somewhere that you can run it independantly from BWP install. I did, on the actually download page, http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/521-big-world-fixpack/ I've got my extracted mods in a seperate folder than BGII, hence why it isnt running. Thanks for pointing that out. Ill give it another go. Thought i was doing something dumb. Yeah, i ignored the warnings about tp2 files the first few times too, impatience making things take twice as long.
  13. Im trying to do a pretty huge compilation, though not using the big older mods (SOS, TDD, CtB etc) for BGII as already had issues with that. Mostly Dsotsc and Ntotsc and SoBH plus smaller quest mods and loads of tweaks and fixes, that according to the BWP pdf should all work together. I've used BWP before, a long long time ago and used to use BWS. PI has worked but for i hadnt quite got my mod selection right and then had few other issues with the install. Most of those went away after using ToBex 0025b rather than 0026. I like PI cos its easy to pick which bits you want to use and now i've figured out what out what i was doing wrong with sorting order its fairly straightforward to use. Install order was based on same as BWS but recently saw BWP 18.2 released so made a new install order based on that. Spent ages going through the pdf. Pretty sure order is right (so overconfidently sure i posted it in the install order thread and then it failed miserably). Might have ballsed up the extraction of couple of mods or used wrong version, currently going through the list and rechecking everything. Again. @Morywen how did you run the BWP Fixpack? Did you have to edit the batch file? If so, what did you change? I just deleted the bit i think checks for BWP Install. It patches so files but im not sure if its patch everything it can. Some suggestions from @Al|en next time he's about would be good. But i'll keep experimenting til something works until then. Thanks
  14. Hello. Not sure if this is the best place to ask, if it isnt feel free to move it to the relevant place (hopefully not the bin). Apologies if this is a bit rambling and barely coherent. Im trying to use PI to install a BWP based megamod. The last couple of attempts have failed but during the install i found few issues, that i think, having given them a good google, could be fixed with BWFixpack. But i cant seem to get it to work - fix the relevant mods. So i've been testing a few ideas and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on whether these might work, before i give another install a go. Trying to run the ficpack by itself fails as it wants BWInstall. So i edited (deleted) the first bit of the .bat, removing the check for BWInstall and ran it again. Some mods were patched but im not convinced this patched everything it should have, I might be wrong though but the install still failed but that could also be other things. So back to more dicking about with stuff to see what happens. I extracted Big World Fixpack 18.2 into a folder by itself and pointed PI to look there for extracted mods. This then lists all the fixes with .tp2 files So i could potentially include them in the install sequence. Would these need to be the first things done or could I put them individaully just before the relevant mods? What about the other fixes that dont have .tp2 files? BWFixpack doesnt have its own entry in PI, im assuming because it doesnt have a .tp2 file. Looking through an old install using BWS i found Setup-BWFixpack .exe and .tp2 So out of curiosity i copied them into the same folder id extracted BWFixpack into. And now theres and entry for BWFixpack showing "BWFixpack:0:Big World Fixpack (includes Trimpack)" Would using this in the install sequence install all the fixes and make selecting each one with a tp2 file irrelevant? Is this post too specific to Project Inifinity? Should i just stop dicking about and edit the indivual.bat from BWInstall to how i want it and install everything that way? Any advice appreciated. Thanks for reading
  15. Cant load a game either, get the exact same crash. Yes, i have got Divine Remix installed. Used following options; divine_remix:11:Only add spells if not present from other mods divine_remix:100:Cleric Remix divine_remix:103:Install Silverstar of Selune Cleric Kit divine_remix:106:Install Nightcloak of Shar Cleric Kit divine_remix:109:Install Battleguard of Tempus Cleric Kit divine_remix:115:Install Firewalker of Kossuth Cleric Kit divine_remix:127:Install Feywarden of Corellon Cleric Kit divine_remix:200:Druid Remix divine_remix:203:Install Oozemaster Druid kit divine_remix:403:Install Bowslinger Ranger Kit divine_remix:412:Install Justifier Ranger Kit divine_remix:600:Install Battleguard of Tempus Kit for Branwen Also used this, which is in BWP Fixpack, shows as an entry in PI DR8_hotfix:0:hotfix for Divine Remix v8b Ill try another install without th oozemaster kit and see what happens. Ill go back through each mod and check ive got the right version etc again too. Thanks
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