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  1. @davidw Im starting a completely fresh install. I've renamed the faulty install folder and i'll hang onto it for a bit to check couple of things but i always start from scratch. I'll check the breach spell description in near infinity as i install mods to see if/when it gets corrupted. Its just going to take ages. 3 SCS components installed with warnings last time so i'll probably install it one component at a time and ask if i get any warning this time apart from the Breach issue. Should i ask in this thread or start a new one in the SCS forum? Thanks
  2. @DavidW I've uninstalled SCS and checked the spell description in NearInfinity and its still messed up and trying to read the descripion is still causing issues. I'll start a fresh install and do it in chunks and regularly check to see if i can narrow down whats causing the problem. I have a few other things to check for too. Thanks for all the help from everybody so far.
  3. @DavidW Just to check, im probably being dumb, can i just uninstall scs and it will uninstall everything that was installed after it first or do i have to manually uninstall each mod that was in stalled after scs before uninstalling scs? Sorry if stupid question. Thanks
  4. @subtledoctor i tried editing the description with this But it just seems to cause Near Infinity to crash. I then used the Find References button and have attached the results (find references results.txt). No idea if thats of any help. I also had a look in the PI logs and have attached the error logs for the SCS components that had errors. @DavidW i've attached the stats.ids I'll start uninstalling stuff and and let you know what i find Thanks for all the help find references result.txt ProjectInfinity-Weidu-Debug-stratagems-5900-Error.log ProjectInfinity-Weidu-Debug-stratagems-6100-Error.log ProjectInfinity-Weidu-Debug-stratagems-6510-Error.log STATS.IDS
  5. Hello I edited change-log.bat to; :: Replace ########.### and ********.*** with the file name you are looking for. :: Run the batch file in the BGII directory and see the change-log.txt. :: You can make multiple logs from multiple files if you copy-paste the last line, change the log txt files number and remove the "::" at the start. :: Ersetzt ########.### und ********.*** durch den Dateinamen, nach dem Ihr sucht. :: Führt die Batch-Datei im BGII Verzeichnis aus und seht in die change-log.txt. WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log spwi513.sp >change-log/change-log.txt --out change-log WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log spwi513B.sp >change-log/change-log1.txt --out change-log WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log spwi513C.sp >change-log/change-log2.txt --out change-log I ran it, logs were generated but they aren't showing anything, as before. Am i doing something wrong or is it just not picking up any mods that have made changes, if any? I started the game and tried to read the Breach spell description and got another crash to desktop but it generated an error code this time; [Wed 01 Jul 2020 13:12:02] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x59CEAB File: ChUIControls.cpp Line: 5599 Expression: m_plstStrings != NULL Message: (null) I checked the spell desciption in Near Infinity and it shows this; So this looks like the problem. Just got to figure out whats done it. I can export and upload the SPWI513B and C files if you think they'll be of use Thanks
  6. I did read the instructions. And the smaller download doesnt have a weidu.exe file. Not sure where the one in the game folder game from, i did notice the version number and think it was a bit low. Anyway, i did what you said and got this; [WeiDU.exe] WeiDU version 24600 Mods affecting SPWI513.SP: Im going to take a guess and say thats still not right, either that or nothing is affecting it. I've exported the file if its any help. SPWI513.SPL
  7. I tried that and got this; [WeiDU.exe] WeiDU version 24000 In state 68, I expected one of these tokens: [10] AUTHOR Parse error (state 68) at ~~ [BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 2 column 1-7 Near Text: SUPPORT GLR parse error [BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] ERROR at line 2 column 1-7 Near Text: SUPPORT Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error FATAL ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error change log.bat; :: Replace ########.### and ********.*** with the file name you are looking for. :: Run the batch file in the BGII directory and see the change-log.txt. :: You can make multiple logs from multiple files if you copy-paste the last line, change the log txt files number and remove the "::" at the start. :: Ersetzt ########.### und ********.*** durch den Dateinamen, nach dem Ihr sucht. :: Führt die Batch-Datei im BGII Verzeichnis aus und seht in die change-log.txt. WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log spwi513.sp >change-log/change-log.txt --out change-log :: WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log ********.*** >change-log/change-log1.txt --out change-log Have I done it wrong? I downloaded the smaller of the 2 files in the link and exstract that directly into \BGII - SOA
  8. I've started yet another install to try and find the issue with Breach causing crash to desktop and few other issues. In the base, unmodded game, Imoen has 4 level 5 spells including Breach, and you can read the description fine. I installed first few mods, including spell revisions revised and BGT and tested it and its still fine. I've had a look throught my install sequnece for PI and the only specific mention of anything affecting the Breach spell is; atweaks:200:Allow Breach to take down Stoneskin effects applied by items @Bartimaeus and @DavidW (sorry yet more questions. Thanks for fixing the f/m/t issue with smarter mages from a while ago and taking a look at the crash i mentioned above) Do either of spell revisions revised or SCS make changes to the Breach spell that combined with the atweaks change could be causing the problem? Any one got any ideas on this? I still have the old install so could check spell info in Near Infinity in both installs if that would be useful, though not sure exactly what im looking for. Help appreciated. Thanks
  9. Just found yet another fun and exciting crash to desktop. This one does generate an error code; [Mon 29 Jun 2020 23:39:40] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-521) [Mon 29 Jun 2020 23:39:40] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x56C49A File: CGameFireball3d.cpp Line: 560 Expression: FALSE Message: (null) I was fighting the ogre mage summoned by the genie at the start of BG2. I googled it and found this; Could it be a similar issue to this? @DavidW
  10. Just tried that, it (the bird thingy) must not be a creature, can't talk to it (it doesnt have a cirle under it), plus PC is still locked in cage. When i tested it and it was working (at earlier stage of the install) it automatically opens a dialogue window and asks you to select spells but now it's just sat (hovering) there flapping its wings
  11. Me again. So, I've finally got a sort of working install. Using Refinements 3.31 on a fresh install with RR HLAs installed after, has fixed the crash to desktop with mages. I can create a mage class character and start a new BG1 game and get mage NPCs to join without any problem. But, i now have a couple of small issues. Firstly, its not really a problem but is odd, when starting a new BG2 game, Jonny is invisible. He says his bit and casts spells etc, and then the golem turns up etc. But he's invisible. No idea why. Secondly, and more importantly, there's another couple of issues with mage class characters. Start new BG2 game, create character. Dungeon loads, prompted to select difficulty - Novice to Insane The intro movie then plays Then back to the dungeon, character levels up. After levelling up the little spell selection birdy appears and theres a prompt saying to pause the game, change difficulty to Novice or Normal and unpause. But this does nothing. It never progresses to the spell selection dialogues. I tested the install at the first stable point after installing BGT and this was working correctly. It only affects mages - single or multi-class. I started a new game with every character class and nothing else is affected. Bards just start with no spells and Sorcerers get to pick theirs as normal at level up. I guess a work around would be to change a character to a non mage class via shadowkeeper prior to transitioning from BG1 to BG2 and then changing back. Could it be something to do with the changes to, and additions of, spells are causing an issue where a list of spells to select can't be found? Also, trying to right click on Breach in Imoen's spell book to read the description causes the game to crash to desktop with no error message. I installed LStest and there are numerous scripts running but i didnt see any difference between character classes. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. It looks like its the Thief HLAs that are causing the problem. Not sure quite why i ignored that bit from the BWP pdf, must have been an oversight on my part, quite annoyed with myself. I've done a few tests with a reduced mod install. I used the following install sequence for PI Why can't i seem to put text after a spoiler tag ? Why is everything after the closing tag disappearing inside the spoiler?
  13. As an experiment i tried installing the old unique containers mod that the CDTweaks component is based on and that installed without any isses. http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/789-unique-containers-v3/ The contents of the mod look pretty much the same as in CDTweaks And there's no t-bhld47.bam file in either mod folder so i hve no clue whats going wrong with the CDTweaks version I can post the contents of the debug if that helps at all.
  14. @subtledoctor thanks for the advise. I've tried that but unfortunately im still getting the same error. I'll test another install with a lot less mods and see if still i still get the same issues.
  15. Its not fixed. I got over excited and posted before i'd tested it as much as i should have done. So If I just install refinements:11:Choose which classes get revised HLAs refinements:108:Wizard HLAs I can create a mage character and get mage npcs to join my party without problem. If i install refinements:11:Choose which classes get revised HLAs refinements:101:Fighter HLAs refinements:102:Barbarian HLAs refinements:103:Ranger HLAs refinements:104:Paladin HLAs refinements:105:Cleric HLAs refinements:106:Druid HLAs refinements:107:Monk HLAs refinements:108:Wizard HLAs refinements:109:Bard HLAs refinements:110:Thief HLAs refinements:30:Heal on shifting back to human (Default) refinements:40:Universal lesser mage robes I get the crash to desktop. During character creation, the game crashes when clicking on the skills tab. The game also crashes when trying to get a mage, eg Xzar, to join the party. Bards arent affected. Same problem with versions 4.26 and 4.28 -----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Mon 22 Jun 2020 16:03:00) [Mon 22 Jun 2020 16:11:10] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x4FF726 File: CGameEffect.cpp Line: 1536 Expression: FALSE Message: (null) @subtledoctor I dont suppose you could help at all with this? Thanks
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