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  1. Hello, got a few more things i thought I'd ask about. First, I've got another crash to desktop bug. This one is reproducible. I've got to Baldur's Gate and was finishing up the poisoning quest. Once i've killed Marek i tried drinking the potion he drops and it crashes the game So i googled it and found this; https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28282-casting-bug-in-bgt-installation-with-bws/ which lead to this; http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58797-casting-bug-in-bgt-installation-with-bws/ whic
  2. @Lauriel try these; http://www.shsforums.net/topic/57873-mod-klatu-tweaks-and-fixes/ http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=888
  3. I found this over on spellhold studios http://www.shsforums.net/topic/61024-114-1ppv4-softer-spell-effects-ctd/ One character was using the flaming longsword +1 when the crash happened in my game, but it had been used before with no crash, its really handy fpor finishing off the trolls at firewine and dread wolves. Has anyone else had similar crash?
  4. That worked fine, thanks for that. I'll test going to that area before clearing the mines with a new character in a bit and see what happens. I've just had a crash to desktop as well at Firewine Bridge An Assertion failed in ChDataTypes.cpp at line number 1591 [Sat 16 Jan 2021 18:42:48] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x9892C8 File: ChDataTypes.cpp Line: 1591 Expression: !(x >= pBitmapInfoHeader->biWidth || x < 0 || y > pBitmapInfoHeader->biHeight || y < 0) Message: (null) -----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Sat 16 Jan 2021 18:43:36)
  5. Yeah i went there after clearing the mines so its probably that. If they've disappeared/not spawned because i've cleared the mines already, that would be because of a global value being set once mulahey is dead, or after picking up the letter anyway? So setting it back, to get the xvarts to spawn, would need it setting again after killing them? Which sounds like to much dicking about to kill a few little blue gits to me, plus i'd probably balls it up and break something else in the process. I'll just have to remember to go there before the mines next time. I went back to speak to Hulrik a
  6. Damn it. I hadnt noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out. I've just had a look on https://www.baldurs-gate.de/index.php?resources/ thanks to the wonders of google translate, and downloaded the newest version and checked other mods were up to date. I'll use it in next install. I did have a couplle of questions about JA#BGT_AdvPack too. First, the xvarts arent spawning next to Hulrik's cow. He keeps going on about them attacking it and why aren't i helping etc but there aren't any xvarts to kill. Not seen this happen before. Also, in the readme it mentions compatiblitity with Xva
  7. I've been poking around in NearInfinity looking at stuff and the thing where Davaeorn no longer has the River plug key has happened again,. It starts off in Inventory 1 but has ended up being replaced with RNDTRE35.ITM (No such index) I havent actually got to him in the game yet and can get round this by using the console to add the key back into the game, just wondering why its happened. It looks like ~STRATAGEMS\SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 6100 // Potions for NPCs33.7 has caused it to change. Could it be because other mods have added more stuff to his inventory and as there's no free s
  8. Here's a list of all the mods that generated errors during install, they're from the PI logs. If anyone has any suggestions as to what went wrong or whether they are anything to worry about let me know. Generally, everything seems to be working OK so far, there are few little issues which I'll go through as well. BGT - The syntax of the command is incorrect. (This has happened with a few mods, i don't think its a problem as there's another log saying installation successful) VCv21 - 7 [Restored Twisted Rune Quest (by Vlad)] LostItems-0 Lost Items [vR2 BWP Fix
  9. @JMKarlsson that shows whats changed the file the scs component stops at so hopefully it'll help someone figure out the problem. Im far from an expert on this. You'll need to provide a load more info too. What game are you installing SCS on? Baldur's Gate? Baldur's Gate 2? The Enhanced editions? What version of SCS are you using? Newest is 33.7 What order did you install mods in? Because that can play a big part too. In my current install i have some of BP really early on, then some components after SCS and then BP-Series after that. But as i said im far from the expert. Po
  10. @JMKarlsson Download the smaller of the 2 files in the link Jarno gave you. Extract the the files into your game folder, ie \BGII - SOA You'll need 7zip or WinRAR or something similar. Once the contents of the zip file have been extracted into your game folder, right click on change-log.bat and select edit The lines starting with :: are commented out so wont do anything, once you have edited the file the lines without :: are the ones that will run This is the line you'll need to edit; WeiDU.exe --log nul --change-log ########.### >change-log/change-log.txt
  11. @Jarno Mikkola @jastey Installing generalise biffing with weidu 246 has sorted it. Well, I can start a new game without a crash to desktop anyway. Now to find out what else is misbehaving Thanks for your help. @Magus i've never tried that mod, which sounds odd i know, considering the silly number of mods i try and install in one go. I'll give it a look. I did really want to get to the bottom of what was causing the problem though and it definately seems to be the lanthorn lenses component of oversight that was the problem. I'll post on the Oversight subforum a
  12. @Jarno Mikkola thanks. I did Google the problem but didn't find that. So if I run generalised biffing with weidu 246 it should work? If I cut all the weidu setup exes from the game folder and then re extract generalised biffing will that stop it updating to 247 as there isn't a new version in the folder for it to update to?
  13. It seems like generalised biffing is causing the crash to desktop. I completed the install without the Oversight component, tried to start a new game and got ctd. This affects starting both a new BG1 and BG2 game but not a new ToB game. So i started yet another install. I installed up to Oversight and then tested a new game after installing each mod. This takes ages without generalised biffing as the more mods you add the longer it takes to load the game to test it. Anyway, once i'd got to the last few mods (Creature slot fixer, Area patcher, CRE patcher, Item patcher, lolfixer, ge
  14. @AL|EN the mods were; Heart of the Wood http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60821-heart-of-the-wood-updated-to-v700-ee-compatible/ The mod doesnt seem to copy over from \extracted mods to the \GGII - SOA folder. If i copy it manually it installs. Ruad Ro'fhessa http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/790-ruad-rofhessa-item-upgrade/ Seems to have same issue, folder not coppying over fully but works if done manually. K'aeloree's facing the Shade Lord again http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Contests/ShadeLord2006/submission-k'aeloree.zip I think i had to manually copy over and run
  15. I've finally found the mod component causing the problem. Only taken about 6 months. The culprit is the Lanthorn Lenses from Oversight. I've tested it a few times now and im about 99% sure this is whats causing the problem. I'll continue the rest of the install now and test again but i reckon i've finally found it. I might actually get to play the game again without it driving me mental which will be nice. I've tweaked my sorting order file for Project Infinity to take into account the new version of 1PP, i'll upload it once i've tested this install, hopefully it'll be usef
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