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  1. It was a problem with my install. Somehow i'd missed downloading this http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/867-ia-content-worms-nwn-ports-alternate-modron-v3/ I checked through my project infinity install logs and saw that a couple of comonents had been skipped because "IA_NWN_01_Modron.rar needs to be extracted and installed with the main component." Not quite sure how i've missed this one but its my fault. I checked with Gwendolyne and tried what he suggested and it now works I downloaded the file in the link and extracted the contents of \[NWN]+Amel into the \ov
  2. @Gwendolyne Here's the results of changelog for NTHAEBAL and NTDRAAGI If i use the console to summon them, regardless of area, if Animation is set to AMEL_PC_NWN - 21101 the game crashes. Let me know if you want me to check anything else. Thanks for your help NTHAEBAL and NTDRAAGI.7z
  3. I've found the problem, its Infinity Animations i think I added the NTHAEBAL.0000#.CRE files one at a time to the override folder and renamed them to NTHAEBAL.CRE Then started the game and used CreateCreature to summon them. Haeball appeared for .00001 .00002 and .00003 then crashed on .00004 So i added both NTHAEBAL.00003 and NTHAEBAL.00004 to the override and compared in NI The difference was between the Animation setting, changing from MAGE_MALE_HUMAN - 25088 to AMEL_PC_NWN - 21101 If im reading the changelog correctly its Infinity Animations that is doin
  4. @jastey I've tested it a bit more and i have a save that will reliably let me console into the area. Save is from Chapter 3, before going to Restenford to do the Bonehill mod stuff. Once in AR9001 i can send a few party members to either AR900 or AR9002 and return to AR9001. Basically as long as i have 1 party member in AR9001 i can move between areas ok. Haeball wasnt in the tower when i consoled to it. Yes its BGT and English. My weidu log is a bit mangled, as Jarno said it would be, from moving the setup.exes out of the folder to run generalised biffing with weidu 2
  5. @jastey I've just tried that and get the same crash. Using the console to move to AR9001 puts the party in the other doorway but same crash. I was able to console them to AR9002. Leaving that area to enter AR9001 causes the crash as well. Before the game crashes im able to see the area and the party and a terrifed hobgoblin captain but no Haeball. The green or yellow circles are displayed under each creature/party member. I tried with earlier saves and the party appear in the room but no Haeball then the crash, except once where they appeared in the tower, no crash, i was a
  6. Hello I've got another crash to desktop. It happens when trying to enter Haeball's tower in Larswood. The area loads, the party are displayed but then the game hangs, the Windows system busy icon shows (swirly blue thing) and then it exits the game. Im currently in chapter 5, i've tried only entering the buiilding with single character, makes no difference, tried earlier save and get same crash. No errors shown. No entries in baldur.log or baldur.err I've googled it and only found an old problem from 2006 http://www.shsforums.net/topic/18760-ctd-when-entering-haeb
  7. @jastey Yeah it's a bit of an odd one. You could use sorcerous to describe any non specific magical gubbins. It doesn't help that its in a game with actual sorcerers. I just saw it and thought maybe they meant sorcerous as in mur'neth is a weird slime thingy that looks humanoid and sorcerous could be used to describe his weird abilities etc.
  8. Could that line have meant to say; @1 = ~Bring me Mur'Neth, the sorcerous Ghaunadan.~ ?
  9. Hello, got a few more things i thought I'd ask about. First, I've got another crash to desktop bug. This one is reproducible. I've got to Baldur's Gate and was finishing up the poisoning quest. Once i've killed Marek i tried drinking the potion he drops and it crashes the game So i googled it and found this; https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28282-casting-bug-in-bgt-installation-with-bws/ which lead to this; http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58797-casting-bug-in-bgt-installation-with-bws/ whic
  10. @Lauriel try these; http://www.shsforums.net/topic/57873-mod-klatu-tweaks-and-fixes/ http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=888
  11. I found this over on spellhold studios http://www.shsforums.net/topic/61024-114-1ppv4-softer-spell-effects-ctd/ One character was using the flaming longsword +1 when the crash happened in my game, but it had been used before with no crash, its really handy fpor finishing off the trolls at firewine and dread wolves. Has anyone else had similar crash?
  12. That worked fine, thanks for that. I'll test going to that area before clearing the mines with a new character in a bit and see what happens. I've just had a crash to desktop as well at Firewine Bridge An Assertion failed in ChDataTypes.cpp at line number 1591 [Sat 16 Jan 2021 18:42:48] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x9892C8 File: ChDataTypes.cpp Line: 1591 Expression: !(x >= pBitmapInfoHeader->biWidth || x < 0 || y > pBitmapInfoHeader->biHeight || y < 0) Message: (null) -----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Sat 16 Jan 2021 18:43:36)
  13. Yeah i went there after clearing the mines so its probably that. If they've disappeared/not spawned because i've cleared the mines already, that would be because of a global value being set once mulahey is dead, or after picking up the letter anyway? So setting it back, to get the xvarts to spawn, would need it setting again after killing them? Which sounds like to much dicking about to kill a few little blue gits to me, plus i'd probably balls it up and break something else in the process. I'll just have to remember to go there before the mines next time. I went back to speak to Hulrik a
  14. Damn it. I hadnt noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out. I've just had a look on https://www.baldurs-gate.de/index.php?resources/ thanks to the wonders of google translate, and downloaded the newest version and checked other mods were up to date. I'll use it in next install. I did have a couplle of questions about JA#BGT_AdvPack too. First, the xvarts arent spawning next to Hulrik's cow. He keeps going on about them attacking it and why aren't i helping etc but there aren't any xvarts to kill. Not seen this happen before. Also, in the readme it mentions compatiblitity with Xva
  15. I've been poking around in NearInfinity looking at stuff and the thing where Davaeorn no longer has the River plug key has happened again,. It starts off in Inventory 1 but has ended up being replaced with RNDTRE35.ITM (No such index) I havent actually got to him in the game yet and can get round this by using the console to add the key back into the game, just wondering why its happened. It looks like ~STRATAGEMS\SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 6100 // Potions for NPCs33.7 has caused it to change. Could it be because other mods have added more stuff to his inventory and as there's no free s
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