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    BG1NPC v23 Bug Thread

    Hello Im still getting a ctd caused by Yeslick//Imoen banter when resting. The banter completes then when the resting cut scene should play game crashes. Kicking Yeslick out then resting bypasses the issue. The bug fix list mentions this but its till happening. Any idea what i've done wrong? BGT, installed using BWS Error message from log ASSERTION FAILED! File: CGameEffect.cpp Line: 1536 Exp: FALSE Msg: no msg. Run Debugger? Any ideas?
  2. Hello I know installing BGT (classic version, not EE) using BWS isnt technically supported anymore but was wondering if anyone could help. Any idea what i've done wrong as the following didnt install and i was expecting them too Mod: Sword Coast Stratagems Component: Improved Cloakwood Druids Component: Improved Red Wizards Component: Improved de'Arnise Keep ("Tactics Remix") -> Spirit trolls have the same powers as in the original game BWS used version Stratagems v32 What other information is needed to work out what went wrong? Thanks