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  1. Hello I want to add this to my next install. Where in the install sequence should it go, for a BGT install? Would it be installed in one go or different bits at different points in the install? Thanks
  2. Hello This sounds really interesting and i'll try adding it to my next install. Two questions; 1. Where would go recommend it go in the install sequence for a BGT install? 2. Is it compatible with the Item Pack mod, that adds an extra chuck of Illithium? https://sites.google.com/site/daulmakan/home/item-pack-readme Thanks
  3. So I've been experimenting with the stuttering/lag thing and have found some more strangeness. I got a bag of holdi ng fro m Wintrope, in Candlekeep. Walking around with the bag in inventory doesnt cause a problem. As soon as an item is added to the bag the game starts to stutter. Taking the item out, emptying the bag, does not fix the issue. Once the bag has been used, having it in a character's inventory causes stuttering/lag. Dropping the bag causes the stuttering/lag to stop immediately. The same behaviour happens with the scroll case found on Gorion's corpse. No problem until it is used. So i wandered around a bit with both containers unused but in inventory. I then found doing a quest triggered the same problem. The retrieve the ring from the hobgoblins one at the friendly arm inn. I already had the ring when i spoke to the quest giver. Then once i spoke to her again she takes the item and the stuttering started. So i tested with containers in inventory and dropped outside. If the quest is completed while the container arent in anyones inventory the stuttering doesnt happen, but if they are it does, and only stops when they are dropped. I'll try installing LStest again tomorrow and testing again and seeing whether a script triggers or something stands out. Has anyone else experienced this or seen anything similar? Or have any clue what the hell is going on? Is there a limit to how much RAM that can be assigned to the game cache? Because the games were originally written for 32 bit Windows OS, is it limited to 2GB of RAM or am i being daft?
  4. @Jarno Mikkola i ran chanre-log on the file and got the following; Mods affecting Z#1507.BCS: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~SETUP-SPGAUNT.TP2~ 0 0 // Spellhold Gauntlet1.16 BWP Fix 00001: ~SETUP-SPGAUNT.TP2~ 0 3 // Interjections for Spellhold Gauntlet (dialogue by Liam)1.16 BWP Fix 00002: /* acted upon in an undefined manner */ ~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 1 // Generalized BiffingBiff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)v2.4 I had a look in both the main BGII-SOA foilder and my extracted mods folder for spgaunt and there is a Z#1507.BAF file in both. There is a Z#1507.BCS file viewable in Near Infinity. What, if anything, can i do to fix the .bcs.baf thing in my current install? Thanks
  5. @Jarno Mikkola and @jastey I've tried several times to install the stutter debug tool i downloaded using the link Jasyey provided above. The first time it failed due to lack of memory so i rebooted and tried again and got the following error; Copied [YXYV25.BCS] to [override/YXYV25.BCS] Copied [YXYVE.BCS] to [override/YXYVE.BCS] [Z#1507.BCS.BAF] PARSE ERROR at line 20 column 1-25 Near Text: ActionOverride syntax error [Z#1507.BCS.BAF] ERROR at line 20 column 1-25 Near Text: ActionOverride Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [Z#1507.BCS.BAF]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: [Z#1507.BCS] -> [override/Z#1507.BCS] Patching Failed (COPY) (Parsing.Parse_error) Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Stutter Debug Tool -> Patching all scripts except NoAction() blocks - chose this when installing the first time (Installation could take a while!)], rolling back to previous state Unable to Unlink [stutterdebug/backup/1/OTHER.1]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "stutterdebug/backup/1/OTHER.1") [stutterdebug/backup/1/UNSETSTR.1] SET_STRING uninstall info not found Will uninstall 8252 files for [STUTTERDEBUG/STUTTERDEBUG.TP2] component 1. Restoring backed-up [stutterdebug/backup/1/II_MISC4R.BCS] stutterdebug/backup/1/II_MISC4R.BCS copied to override/II_MISC4R.BCS, 886 bytes Uninstalled 8252 files for [STUTTERDEBUG/STUTTERDEBUG.TP2] component 1. Unable to Unlink [stutterdebug/backup/1/READLN.1]: Unix.Unix_error(20, "unlink", "stutterdebug/backup/1/READLN.1") Unable to Unlink [stutterdebug/backup/1/READLN.1.TEXT]: Unix.Unix_error(20, "unlink", "stutterdebug/backup/1/READLN.1.TEXT") Any idea whats gone wrong? Should i try installing LStest aswell and see if that gives a similar error? Im trying to work out whats causing the stutter/lag when having certain bags of holding in a character's inventory. The issue is affecting all party members. They temporarily pause for a fraction of a second every 2 steps. Movement isnt cancelled, just slowed down a bit. Its also affecting animations. For example in High Hedge there is an animation of some sort of big bird flying overhead. When the stutter/lag causing bag of holding is in a chars inventory the animation stutters in time with party movement. As soon as the bag is dropped it goes back to normal. And its not all bags of holding that are doing it. The one addded to Thalantyr's store isnt causing a problem, the same as i have described previously. Other odd things that are happening in current install; Silke, in Beregost, cast cause moderate wounds on herself and no longer casts lightning bolt like she does in unmodded game. I had a look in near infinity and it doesnt look like she knows either spell so thats a bit weird. According to her .cre file (SILKE.CRE) i looked at in near infinity she has the following spells Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI112.SPL (Magic Missile),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI111.SPL (True Strike),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI114.SPL (Shield),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI205.SPL (Horror),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI212.SPL (Mirror Image),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI212.SPL (Mirror Image),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI306.SPL (Hold Person),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI305.SPL (Haste),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Memorized spell: Spell: SPWI408.SPL (Stoneskin),Memorization: ( Spell memorized(0) ),Unknown: 00 00 h Im going to guess ands say the lightning removal thing might be scs related but the casting cause wounds is a (hopefully) minor 'something went wrong somewhere' thing. Its only a small issue and isnt causing a problem, the cause moderate wounds thing just seemed weird. I guess im just expecting a lightning bolt and instead she buffs herrself then starts bashing people with a magic stick. Level1npcs is doing something slightly strange in regard to druid spells. I have component 'level1npcs:1207:Jaheira' installed, mostly because i wanted to swap her staff proficiency points for something actually useful. Anyway, when she joins in the Friendly Arm Inn, she has the spells from unmodded game, such as cure minor wounds, then after levelling up for first time she gains the druid specific spells from the changes made by divine remix. Same thing when starting a bg2 game, when you first let her out of the cage she has generic spells then after levelling she has the druid specific ones as well. So i tested by creating a new fighter/druid PC and starting BG1 and that char has the druid specific spell selection only (ie no cure minor wounds, command etc). This isnt really a problem, just bit odd and i just thought i'd mention it. Also, including 'BGSpawn:2:Vampiric Wolf Lord (inspired to DavidW Wolf of Ulcaster)NOTE: this changes some Vampiric Wolf in the game. It's used by BGSpawn-system' was a silly idea on my part. Getting chomped by a big red vampire doggo that randomly spawned in the middle of the road north of Nashkel was briefly amusing but also really annoying, there's not a lot a party of level 1 characters can do against that thing. Its a real pain in the arse fighting the one in Ulcaster, won't include that in next install.
  6. @subtledoctor I think Guest means the issue with the new version of refinements causing a crash to desktop with mage character, either creating them or npcs joining, and the fact its not happening with the older 3.1 version. Working out which of the individual HLA components is causing the crash.
  7. @Bartimaeus and @DavidW thank you very much for figuring this out, its much appreciated. I'll wait for new version of SCS before attempting another full install. I think I just need to look at the stuttering a bit more and play around with stuff affected by aTweaks and see if any weirdness happens. If there are any specific requests relating to that let me know. @jastey i was going to ask if this should be mentioned over on spellhold but you beat me too it. Thanks again everyone
  8. @DavidW here you go. This from the install i stopped just after installing SCS 5900. I checked again in Near Infinity and the description is messed up as previously described with that compnent installed and the game crashes when trying to read description in spellbook, sorry if i sem to be repeating myself alot, just trying to make sure this is exactly what you're asking for. I then uninstalled 5900 and checked again in Near Infinity and the description looks ok. I also started a new bg2 game and checked the description in Imoen's spellbook, and it worked fine. Breach Level: 5 School: Abjuration Range: Long Duration: Instant Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None When this spell is cast at a creature, it breaches and dispels all of the specific and combat protections on the target creature. The target's magic resistance, if any, does not affect this spell. The specific protection spells dispelled by Breach are: Resist Fear, Resist Elements, Death Ward, Free Action, Protection from Acid, Protection from Cold, Protection from Electricity, Protection from Fire, Chaotic Commands, Protection from Magic Energy, Protection from the Elements, and Protection from Energy. The combat protection spells dispelled by Breach are: Mage Armor, Shield, Armor of Faith, Barkskin, Protection from Missiles, Spirit Armor, Stoneskin, Protection from Normal Weapons, Protection from Magical Weapons, Physical Mirror, Prismatic Mantle, and Absolute Immunity. Thanks for all the help so far.
  9. @jastey yeah it was me that asked you about that, thanks for the help. I've taken the extended lighthouse component out of my newest full install sequence. The weidu log above is a re-install using an earlier install sequence as i was asked some questions about another bug, funnily enough caused by giant insects. My current full install is below, it doesnt have the extended lighthouse area, or a couple of other mods but still has the crash to desktop from the Breach spell description. I installed this pretty much in one go, hoping that the Breach issue was caused by Revised Battles clashing with SCS but it doesnt seem to be that that's causing the problem.
  10. Here's the smallest one i think i have still with the error. Its still pretty massive though sorry. This is an install where I i was checking the Breach spell description every few mods to see where it got corrupted.
  11. @Bartimaeus thanks for testing that. From a previous install where i was checking breach every few mods the error is happening after; stratagems:5900:Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components) I have an install stopped at that point if its any use for testing. (I just checked in Near Infinity to make double sure im not talking rubbish). It does have Revised Bttles in the install but the newest install doesnt and still has the problem. Let me know if there's any more information i can provide. (I just checked the readme in SCS and it is version 33.2) That component is installing with warnings, but they dont appear to be related to Breach The warnings, from the PI error log WARNING: no effects added to scrl07.itm WARNING: no effects added to scrl07.itm WARNING: no effects added to scrl07.itm and Copying and patching 1 file ... WARNING: no effects added to SPPR623.spl Clearing the IDS map. Copying and patching 1 file ... WARNING: no effects added to SPPR623.spl The same warnings are in both logs (Yesterdays full install and the one i stopped at component 5900) The only reference to Breach in the PI component log is Clearing the IDS map. Including and running function(s) modify_breach Copying and patching 1 file ... SFO: Applying patch(es) to SPL file(s) SPWI513... ...done
  12. Yeah its the same as before. Im playing in English
  13. Im an idiot. Typed wrong spell name into change-log and didnt notice. (spwi514 is lower resistance, and that looks fine) Let's start again. New full install (SRR and SCS included) but without spellpack or revised battles Trying to read the description of the Breach spell causesa a crash. Spell description is corrupt when i checked in near infinity. Ran changelog again on correct spell id and got this; Mods affecting SPWI513.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~SETUP-OVERSIGHT.TP2~ 0 0 // Tougher Sendai (ToB Required)16 BWP Fix 00001: ~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Spell Revisionsv4 Beta 18 (Revised V1.3.2) 00002: ~JIMFIX/SETUP-JIMFIX.TP2~ 0 201 // Add spell school notifications to the combat logAll spells with a casting time greater than 1v2.5 00003: /* acted upon in an undefined manner */ ~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 1 // Generalized BiffingBiff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)v2.4
  14. I've just completed another install, minus spellpack and Revised Battles and im still getting the Breach spell crash. From change-log Mods affecting SPWI514.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Spell Revisionsv4 Beta 18 (Revised V1.3.2) 00001: ~JIMFIX/SETUP-JIMFIX.TP2~ 0 201 // Add spell school notifications to the combat logAll spells with a casting time greater than 1v2.5 00002: ~!BINFINITYSOUNDS/SETUP-!BINFINITYSOUNDS.TP2~ 0 1 // Restored BG1 Spell Casting Sound Effectsv1.3 00003: /* acted upon in an undefined manner */ ~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 1 // Generalized BiffingBiff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)v2.4
  15. I've re biffed the game and will keep testing. My other questions were going to be about aTweaks which already seems to be being looked at. I have the following components installed; atweaks:100:Restore innate infravision to Half-Orc characters atweaks:101:Prevent skeletal and incorporeal undead from being affected by Illithids' Devour Brain attack atweaks:102:Change Spiritual Hammer into a ranged force weapon atweaks:103:Allow Dispel/Remove Magic to take down Globes of Invulnerability atweaks:104:PnP Color Spray atweaks:115:Scrolls can be scribed everywhere atweaks:125:Rangers' Animal Empathy improves with experience atweaks:130:Additional racial traits for Dwarves atweaks:140:Additional racial traits for Gnomes atweaks:160:PnP Undead atweaks:180:PnP Mephits atweaks:185:PnP Fey creatures atweaks:186:Revised Call Woodland Beings spell atweaks:190:PnP Elementals atweaks:191:Increase the Hit Dice of Elemental Princes atweaks:200:Allow Breach to take down Stoneskin effects applied by items atweaks:201:Instant casting for warrior innates atweaks:202:Enhance the Bhaalpowers and standardize their casting time atweaks:203:Make druidic shapeshifting uninterruptable atweaks:210:Restore the Dispel Magic vulnerability to Nishruu and Hakeashars atweaks:211:Make Death Ward protect against Vorpal Hits atweaks:212:Make alignment detection spells more accurate atweaks:213:Expanded saving throw bonus tables for Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings atweaks:216:Only the Jester song breaks invisibility atweaks:220:Simple Thief script atweaks:230:Simple Bard script atweaks:239:Simple Cleric/Paladin script atweaks:261:Improved (lowered) XP rewards from locks, traps and scrolls atweaks:300:Fast animation speed (matches IWD) atweaks:301:Change the appearance of Valygar's armor atweaks:302:Change the appearance of the Robe of Vecna atweaks:310:Distinctive creature coloring atweaks:315:Distinctive creature soundsets atweaks:500:Use the recommended storage capacity value (999) atweaks:510:Expanded temple services atweaks:999:BG2-style icons for aTweaks content Does anyone know of any compatibility issues with these and Spell revisions revised and SCS? Im happy to help test stuff, just let me know if there's anything specific anyone wants checdking on this install. Thanks
  16. @DavidW I looked in the override but cdibombb.spl wasnt there. It is listed usnder the spl tab in Near Infinity though, probably not in the override due to generalised biffing. So I've uninstalled generalised biffing and checked the override again and it was there so i removed it and tested. So far no crash. Game is almost unplayable but not crashes. No gas-cloud attack either but then im thinking that was the point of removing the file. The is this entry numerous times in the TobEx.log [Sat 11 Jul 2020 23:02:47] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-520) I took another look at sppr413 and ran change-log on the files i could see referenced; CDIBOMBB.SPL Monsum01.2DA - none CDIMSM1H.VVC CDIINSCT.2DA I also had a look in the klatu.tp2 and I've included the relevant bit of that and the contents of the relevant tpa file as well, no idea if it helps though unaffectWildMagic.tpa CDIINSCT.2DA CDIMSM1H.VVC CDIBOMBB.SPL
  17. @Draelyn hopefully without re-opening a big can of worms, some of the mods the EE set-up tool uses are tweaked versions of the originals and i believe it also uses various patches and fixes to get things to work that aren't supported by the original mod authors. There are a few discussions about it on here. If you want to use something to install a lot of mods, use Project Infinity. You'll need to do a bit of reading as its more involved than using the EE mod set-up tool. But you'll be using the supported versions of various mods. It now has download links to something like 130 plus mods. The main thing you'll need to do is create a sorting order which can take a bit of work. I made one, thats on here somewhere, based on the BWP pdf, which is for BGT (the classic non EE games). It took ages, but i was left unattended in the buildroom at work for a couple of weeks so i made the most of it, and the one i made has all the mods in the pdf cos i was trying to be helpful. You can make a sorting order just for the mods you use so it shouldnt take that long. There are a few recent threads on here with people talking about big modded EE installs so you can probably find most of the information you'll need there. Plus asking on here and im sure you'll get some assistance. It does require some work though but is worth it, plus you'll learn a load more about the mods you're using. This as gone a bit off topic though, so if my post should be moved somewhere moderators, feel free to move it or delete it. (I have nothing to actually do with PI, its Alien's project, I've just been using it a fair bit recently)
  18. No they only used melee attacks. I remember one of them had a gas attack in IWD but wasnt sure if it was carried over. Neither type of beetle had any special ability or anything, only melee attack option.
  19. @DavidW i've played around with it some more and i think i might have figured out whats happening when the crash happens. It only seemed to be when i was fighting Duergars in Irenicus' dungeon (Im pretty sure its a BP component that replaces all the goblins in the dungeon with duergars, and there is another one that does something to 'improve' them). I tried starting in Candlekeep and casting spells and had no problems. Tried starting fights with Firebeard and then Thalantyr and died as expected both times. Plenty of spells cast, no crashes. So after starting a new BG2 game i tried a few different spells, inlcuding fireball, and no crash. Fought the summoned ogre mage who cast plenty of spells but killed him without any trouble and no crash. I then tried fighting Duergars without casting anything and just died (they are pretty tough and starting with sod all equipment is a bit of a challenge) , no crash though. I think i have narrowed it down to either the level 4 druid spell - Giant insect (SPPR431.SPL) or the Duergars or some weird interaction between the two. I have tried just casting the spell, which summons boring or bombardier bettlles, or a mixture. Casting the spell by itself doesnt cause a crash. Making the beetles fight each doesnt either. Or attacking them or getting them to atttack the party. And fighting the Duergars without summoning them doesnt seem to cause a crash, i just die. Casting mage summoning spells doesnt cause a crash either, between the PC and Imoen i could cast monster summoning I, III and IV, gibblerings, grey oozes and giant spiders. Again no crashes. I ran change-log on SPPR431 and got the following; Mods affecting SPPR431.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ 0 40 // IWD Divine Spell PackBeta 6 00001: ~JIMFIX/SETUP-JIMFIX.TP2~ 0 201 // Add spell school notifications to the combat logAll spells with a casting time greater than 1v2.5 00002: /* acted upon in an undefined manner */ ~GENERALIZED_BIFFING/GENERALIZED_BIFFING.TP2~ 0 1 // Generalized BiffingBiff all files (recommended by the Big World Dudes)v2.4 Is any of this any help? Do you want any more information? Thanks SPPR431.SPL
  20. @DavidW i've just finished an install with same set-up as requested Started new BG2 game, played it a bit until i got the crash to desktop (it happened while fighting some duergars?, angry dwarfs if i've spelt it wrong, a few spells had been cast earlier fighting the ogre mage the genie summons and there were some summoned bettles, no idea if this is of any relevance ) which generates the following error, which i think (really hope) is the one you were asking about; -----TobEx: Throne of Bhaal Extender build (Wed 08 Jul 2020 00:53:42) [Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:17:19] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-520) [Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:17:19] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-520) [Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:17:19] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-520) [Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:17:26] CEffectSetStat::ApplyEffect(): Tried to set a stat with index < 387 (expected 387-520) [Wed 08 Jul 2020 01:17:26] ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x56C49A File: CGameFireball3d.cpp Line: 560 Expression: FALSE Message: (null) I've downloaded and extracted the file you attached and created setup-dw_387_audit.exe and run it. It creates 387_log.txt in BGII - SoA\weidu_external\data\dw_387_audit But the file is empty. Is something going wrong or is it just not finding anything? Let me know if i need to try anything else or if you want more information or specific details. Thanks for the help so far everyone Weirdly, and completely unrelated, there seems to be no stutter bug caused by the bag of holding added to the weapons table in the golem room. I'll look into that tomorrow. Plus i have questions about atweaks and spell revisions revised for Bartimaeus but i need to work out what im actually going to ask first, before what will hopefully be an actual working install attempt. Getting there slowly.
  21. @DavidW I did what you said on my current install, just to see what happens, and the txt file is empty. Which install/bug did you mean? The one where i uploaded a load of files? Because I uninstalled a load of stuff on that one looking for problems. I have the weidu log though and i think i have the PI install sequence still so i can re-install it if you want. It'll take a day or so to do though. I dont mind doing it if it will be helpful. Or I can continue with current install and see if i get the same errors, 5900 installed with warnings, the same as in the previous install i uploaded the logs from. Currently you cant pre enter anything for mods that have install options, like 1PP, in PRoject Infinity. The readln thing that Bartimaeus was talking about in another thread, though im pretty sure Alien had mentioned trying to implement it in PI at some point. It will be great if that does get done as currently i have to babysit the install somewhat and being able to fully automate it except for it pausing at errors would be awesome. I'll bin RevisedBattles from my next proper install attempt. Out of curiosity, do you know if SCS does similar/better things to the AI in the areas covered by this mod? @subtledoctor thanks for looking into it. I missed that component out on current install and everything seems to be as expected. I thought it might be the kensai component because thats where the alignment problem shows up in the different .2da files that Jarno spotted. I'll look throught them again and see if i can find where the multi-class proficiencies change and if its the same mod or something else.
  22. The Breach spell crash is still happening Brand new fresh install. From scratch, installed BG2 and Tob from disc (nearly had a major tantrum when ToB wouldnt install. Several re-install/uninstall and ccleaner registry scans later it decided to work. Ithought i'd uninstalled BG2 correctly, something must have gone wrong or missed a reg entry) I then patched and ran the game, started new bg2 and ToB games - everything seems to be installed and working correctly new megamod install started minus spellpack, MIGHT_AND_GUILE/MIGHT_AND_GUILE.TP2~ 0 260 // Revised Kensai and few other little bits and everything is installing ok Paused after installing stratagems:5900:Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components) It installed with warnings but nothing relating to SPWI513.SPL Checked spell description in Near Infinity and its gargage, ran the game, tried to read the description in Imoen's spellbook at start of BG2- crash to desktop ran change-log and get the following; Mods affecting SPWI513.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~SETUP-OVERSIGHT.TP2~ 0 0 // Tougher Sendai (ToB Required)16 BWP Fix 00001: ~SPELL_REV/SETUP-SPELL_REV.TP2~ 0 0 // Spell Revisionsv4 Beta 18 (Revised V1.3.2) 00002: ~SETUP-REVISEDBATTLES.TP2~ 0 0 // Improved Battles - "erebusant's Patching Version" v6 I've looked in the readme for revisedbattles - component 0 in PI, (listed as 1 in the readme) Detectable Spells {Cirerrek & David Wallace} - For “Revised Battles” I replaced the previous version of the modified STATS.IDS with the latest version of Detectable Spells currently maintained graciously by David Wallace. The install sequence for RevisedBattles im using is RevisedBattles:0:Improved Battles - "erebusant's Patching Version" v6 RevisedBattles:8:Improved Cohrvale, Bregg & Alamas RevisedBattles:15:Improved Trademeet Crypt RevisedBattles:16:Improved Dungeon RevisedBattles:27:Modify .CRE Proficiencies, Abilities & Effects. This component MUST be installed. The BWP PDF states that component 0 is needed for other mods. @DavidW i think a detectable spells is installed by something else b ut im not sure, if it is do you think the other components will work without first installing it because something else installs the same or similar component? And, probably more importantly, do you know if the whole mod will work alongside SCS or should i just bin the whole thing from my install? The multi-class grandmastery problem looks like its sorted now i dropped the might and guile revised Kensai component. The WEAPPROF.2da is correct and a quick test with character creation in BG2 seemed fine.
  23. @Jarno Mikkola thanks for spotting that. I tried what you said and I can only put one * in Dagger, but you're right the columns are out of line. Running change-log has put 55 WEAPPROF.2da files in the folder. I've had a look through and it looks like its Revised Kensai that is putting stuff out of alignmnet. 00040: ~MIGHT_AND_GUILE/MIGHT_AND_GUILE.TP2~ 0 260 // Revised Kensai3.8.17 @subtledoctor any ideas? Or shall i just not bother with this component? Dont think its one i've used before anyway, just thought id take a look at it. Thanks
  24. I've found another issue, though this is more likely from me trying to install to much rather than a mod being broken. Multi-class grandmastery from CDTweaks isnt working as it should. I've used this before and it was fine, with similar number of mods to current aattempted install. Mutli-class fighters are now only able to put a single * in anything. I've tried numerous variations by starting a new ToB game, as that gives you the most *'s to play around with. All other kits and tweaks are working more or less as intended. I checked the WEAPPROF.2da in Near Infinity and i think it looks ok though im hardly an expert. I ran change-log on it and multi-class grandmastery is listed as affecting it. Are there any other files I'd need to check? Any ideas what daft problem i've caused this time? Thanks change-log7.txt WEAPPROF.2DA
  25. @davidw, I'll bin spellpack, it does some interesting things but spell rev does plenty on its own and how many spells do you actually need? Its mostly still in my install order as a remnant from old BWS installs, and because its still in the BWP pdf but as you said its pretty old and unspupported so into the old mods folder it goes. Plus it'll shave about 45 minutes off my install time too. I meant to ask you about the Improved Difficulty System component as well and see if it was still needed and if it worked with SCS, i'll bin that bit too. I think, apart from the stuttering, that i might almost have an install that will work properly. I'll do another fresh install and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
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