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  1. Yea thanks! Exactly my thoughts. I know this is possible in unmodded game. In that sequence I only meant that with the component you get total of 10 casts of lvl 9 spells instead of usual 6. Overall I completely agree with all your points. Especially around bad design of Project Image. I do use it extensively but mostly as it brings me this joy that I felt as a kid when I learned how OP It was. It's just a fun but broken spell. Nostalgia effect is hard with this one. Most, if not all, SCS components make the game harder, but this one seems like it makes the game easier. Which makes me wonder if this was intended outcome. That said, thanks for the response to my original question. I'm approaching end of BGEE and into SOD. Once I complete the trilogy I will know if this was a buff or not.
  2. I see, thanks @subtledoctor. The reason I asked because there was one little difference here with the usage of Project Image, which normally can't use Innate Abilities but can use them if they are available via Cast Spell action. This means that Sorcerer's project image can in fact cast HLAs since they are available from the cast spell menu. This makes sorcerer more powerful too because you can simply cast project image > 1x Improved alacrity > 1x planetar > 1x dragons' breath > 1x comet > 6x level 9 spells. Also contigencies are now free so a sorcerer will get more spells overall, especially around lvl 8 and 9 because of free Spell trigger and Chain Contigency spells. Overall it feels like this component makes casters more powerfull, not less. Which is something I'm not used to with SCS mod
  3. Hmm I installed those components and one thing that surprised me is that HLAs are available from Cast Spell menu, not from Innate Abilities menu. Whereas Contigencies are available from Innate Abilities menu. Is this inconsistence intended?
  4. I've installed following mods And when I cast buffs when protected by spell trap it is absorbing them.
  5. Beholders in Sendai Enclave seems to be buggy AI. They steal cloak of mirroring but they don't attack unless in melee range and sometimes even then they don't.
  6. PC-summoned fiends ignore protection from evil - PC-summoned fiends now behave themselves I actually reported this one. What I meant by this is that if party is missing protection from evil and summon demon when there isn't any enemy around nearby then demon will just stand there doing nothing. Not attacking party when it should. Also still in RC9 1. Planetars still go hostile when attacked by party members 2. Ease of party AI, when selecting No melee mode via hotkey it actually disables all attacks altogether (in UI it's basically unselects attack enemies) rather than making sure they always use ranged weapon.
  7. Paladins (keldorn) spam detect evil innate ability until all charges are used when selected cast defensive buffs.
  8. Hey @DavidW, first of all, is there a list of open reports that you maintain at all times? I wanted to check before I report bugs to not make duplicates. Planetars still become hostile when attacked. Not sure if intended.
  9. Is there an issue with detecting game type for GOG releases? It installs as if I had TobEx (I think) because it installs component anti-magic attacks penetrate improved invisibility using invisible critter trick. I don't have this issue with v32 so I would assume detection is not working correctly.
  10. Yep. I reported this on page. Liches do the same. Seems like PFE is missing from prebuff script list. I think David missed this when making list of reported bugs. Also, I know this isn't new v32 related but ease of use AI never worked for me on sorcerer in any SCS installation. Since new SCS relates standard customizable AI option in the game it could be worthwhile looking into it?
  11. Captain Erelon doesn't do anything when attacked. Just stands there until he's killed. Probably has no AI script assigned.
  12. Spirit trolls in De'arnise are not using any abilities at all. Playing on LoB. I even changed setting from DEFAULT to maximum to check if its related to slider setting. Still nothing.
  13. There is definitely something off about 'smarter fiends and celestial' component Pit fiend from lvl 9 spell gate doesn't do anything besides melee attacks after initial improved invisibility Fiends don't attack party, they even seem to prioritize the caster - lich at the gate casted two cornugons and pit fiend and they simply attacked him instead of player Cornugons didn't seem to cast any spells either Pit fiend also attacks other fiends rather than players Also, why doesn't lich put protection from evil on himself? https://i.imgur.com/WzA7Yow.png I should add I play on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty with everything on (DEFUALT). Weidu
  14. Hey @DavidW what happened to 'no melee mode' in Ease of use AI. Selecting prefer ranged attacks doesn't give the same effect.
  15. I like to know when protection from magical weapons and some crucial buffs expire or my charaters might get insta killed on LOB/SCS in Ascension Also got a question. What happened to 'no melee' mode in SCS ease of use AI. I loved this since i hate when in crowded places party members engage in fist fight because of promixity.
  16. 1. Summoned fiends don't fight party even when not proteced from evil (improved fiends installed) 2. Is it expected that Cacofiend spell summons bone fiend instead (improved fiends installed)? Couldn't find this in readme
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