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  1. This sounds like a much better idea to me. Or make it a separate component but make smarter mages/priests depend on that component. Anyway, thanks for the response! I started a new game after my reinstall so i can't report back if it would have broken something if i had continued.
  2. While i understand your reasoning for putting the spell and item changes into the core component, i think it's a terrible idea. I don't think it's reasonable to expect extensive item/spell changes when installing AI components of a (mainly) AI mod... the user basically get's "blindsided" by them. Take my case: i installed a minimal SCS v32 setup (only smarter general ai and call for help) and didn't realise until quite a few hours played that this automatically installs the spell and item changes as well. Yes i could have read the version history of the readme, but this behaviour was/is
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