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  1. I also think Khark is ok : really tough to beat but, hey, he's a 12th level fighter/mage in vanilla also. Like David says, only the AI and spell selection has been improved. Also, this is an entirely optional fight. I'm more concerned about Icharyd. I'm always having a really bad time with him. My feeling is that he's maybe the only fight which isn't fair, and so it's the only encounter, to my eyes, which isn't really treated the way SCS do things usually (in BG1 at least). For your information, i usually wait to be at least level 6 before meeting him, because i know he's one the toughest fights in the game (unless maybe you're waiting till the endgame to fight him, which would make no sense to me, since Ulcaster is not designed for an endgame group). He's not optional if you want to enter the ruins. That's a big difference from other tough guys like Khark or Shandalar. There is no way you can escape him. He has already good stats, being undead : resistance to magic, slashing and piercing weapons. He strikes really hard, and is also a tough guy to beat with warriors, especially since there is no single class warrior in the game who is proficient with crushing weapons, if i'm not mistaken. I think the script that gives him back all his HP when he's almost down, + wipes out all your active spells and summonings + launch call lightning without any warning is a bit too much. Really, hard metagaming is required here, moreso than in any other fight of BG1 to my knowledge. Basically Icharyd is healing himself to full HP + debuffing all your magic on all your characters + launching a powerful attack spell. All of that in just one second. I think the main issue is the automatic dispelling of all your active spells. There is no way you can escape it. It feels like massive cheat to me (no spell in the game can do that). Also, the fact that your characters are moved back near Icharyd at this moment can lead to some nasty, deadly strike. All in all, i really don't like the script you gave him, and I think a less "cheated" way of modifying this encounter would be appreciated. That's my opinion on him anyway. Ulcaster's final wolf encounter is much more balanced and fun from my point of view. Apart from this guy, I must add that v33 is extremely stable and really fun to play with. Thanks again, David.
  2. I almost finished a playthrough of BG1EE with 32.6 and didn't encountered this bug. Companions were very killable, and died indeed. Maybe it's related to 32.7 but it seems odd such a bug could be added with the leveling fix.
  3. On my playthrough with RC 8 and spell revisions, Shandalar didn't seem to have any spells memorized when i attacked him. He just moved and hit with his weapon. On a side note, in my BGEE playthrough on tactical difficulty (didn't make it to BG2EE) the spells precast by mages with spell revisions installed seem to always be the same (shield, prot from missiles, stoneskin). In a previous run with SCS v 30 and without spell revisions spells were more diverse. Blur has the same duration as shield but was never used for example. Clairvoyance is never used even though it's a great protection against backstabs and is not dispellable by Breach, to my knowledge.The same could be said for offensive spells. SCS without spell revisions seem to do a better job at specializing wizards imho. I could understand though it would be a tough job to get the same level of refinement with SR (a lot of spells don't even have the same schools in SR and there is so many spells modified or added). My run was pleasant but fighting mages was not very surprising, compared to my previous runs with SCS without SR.
  4. I think, for my part, that this widget is really nicely implemented and works great. The possibility of fine-tuning everything is a wonderful addition to SCS. I spotted a minor error on my install : the "doppelganger" choice in the widget leads to the Torgal / d'Arnise fine tuning. The D'Arnise choice seems to be correctly linked to the trolls, so i guess only the doppelganger one is bugged.
  5. I tried it but it didn't work. Four components (always the same) can't be installed the first time i setup SCS because of this "out of memory" error : - improved Durlag - Improved fight with Irenicus in spellhold - improved sendai enclave - Improved minor encounters (BG2) My method is to bypass these components, finish a first SCS setup, then relaunching it to install just these 4 components. Then it works... so it's no big deal. Still, very strange.
  6. Well i reinstalled everything just to be safe. Clairvoyance is working fine now. And the new readme is way better than before. Thanks a lot for your time.
  7. Hey there, same here, i can't install sensible entrance points. Also the component which could open Cloakwood earlier can't be install either. I'm on a EET game too. Nothing game breaking, but it's worth mentioning. EDIT : false alarm, i was using an ancient version of Tweaks. Sorry for the post.
  8. I have absolutely no idea what version of weidu i'm using, and i don't see why my RAM could have been out of memory - in other words, the installation of SCS was the only thing i was doing on my PC at that time. Not a big deal, but still really strange.
  9. Wow that was quick ! Nice job. If i want to install the last version of SRR, i have to uninstall the mods i have installed after it, right ? And especially the EET finalize component i guess ? It's a long time i haven't been messing around with infinity engine's games.
  10. I was testing with a level 31 sorcerer. I've just tested it with a level 7 and results are the same. I'm a little worried now because my skull trap doesn't work like you explain. The spell description says it will be triggered by any creature, and will damage opponents only. But when i launch a skull trap, i can damage myself with it (even if i have a deflection spell active)... My simulacrum couldn't damage me with the deflection spell. Maybe there's something wrong in my installation after all ? For your information, Moment of prescience works fine. It's really similar to Clairvoyance, but it isn't bugged and i can see the icon and the modifiers on the character's sheet. EDIT : i attached my WEIDU log just in case. WeiDU.log
  11. Thank you. It's ok for me to wait for the official release anyway. Any idea what can cause the "out of memory" errors ? i mean, i have a lot of space on my SSD
  12. I reinstalled everything and did some more testing. Everything seems fine, and the SR system is looking pretty cool and balanced so far. I can confirm that Aoe Dflection is working, after all. But it's not working on clouds-type spells as you mentionned (fine for me). More interestingly, the simulacrum of my toon couldn't buff me through it, curiously enough. He couldn't hit me with a skull trap either. It's actually a good thing imho. I noticed a few things that maybe bugs (not sure where i can post this so i'll write them here for now). - the Clairvoyance spell (3rtd level) doesn't seem to work, visually at least. When it is cast, an icon briefly appears on the avatar's image then disappears. So now there is no icon, and none of the stats are modified in character's sheet (AC and save vs breath should have modifiers). Not sure if it's silently working or really bugged. - the dispelling screen memorized on a spell trigger doesn't seem to work. Well, i 'm not sure again, because we have access to all the standards replicates of the classic Immunity spell. There is no text in the trigger's screen for these spells, and there is no way to know if it's working and most importantly which "immunity" version you should choose.
  13. Hey there, i just launched a new game with Spell Revisions, SCS v32 RC8 and EET. Some components of SCS couldn't be installed. For some it was an "out of memory" error. I tried again but it wouldn't work. So i finish the SCS install process and then relaunch it : it seems i could install the components. However, two components won't install no matter what for a "Not_found" error : improved Demiliches and Improved Sendai enclave. Note that i didn't install some others components so there could be more bugs. I attached my Weidu log to my post. WeiDU.log
  14. What i did exactly was just launching fireballs or skull traps near me (my own fireballs, that is). I figured the deflections spells would have the same effect that the invulnerability globes : protect against you own spells, but it seems i didn't understand it well. Also, it's nice to know that it won't work in clouds and others spells like this (and it makes sense after all: a few rounds in clouds spells would discharge the deflection spell really quick after all). Thanks for these precisions, i will do further tests but i think it would be ok after all. List of some things to change in update in the readme : - The Aoe Deflection component isn't present at all. Any user won't have any idea what this component is. That's why i 've written this post initially. - Revised warrior HLA component. I have absolutely no idea what is this component and didn't install it. Also, i don't see why a modification of warriors HLA should be in SR. It doesn't sound right. - removal of spells like Protection from petrification, or Chaos at the 5th level. Actually Chaos is still present in the readme so it's really confusing. - new spells for which i didn't find any info here, such as Expeditious retreat or dispelling screen. Now, i agree with you : the spells descriptions ingame are really precise. In fact, there's so much work and love on this (especially with all the monsters stats for the monsters spells or shapechange spells) that's it's really amazing. Congrats The only problem is that you can only see what the V4 of this mod does exactly once you've installed it...
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