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  1. I would like to make three suggestions. 1. That you include the mace glimmer of hope in the game. 2. That you move the shield of the egons to be a reward from the temple of Lathander if you are a priest there. 3. That you make some items that are specific for the other kitted clerics in game for when they get their strongholds.
  2. Improved NPC customisation and management (BGEE,BG2EE,EET) This component makes it much easier to customise NPCs and to make sure they keep up with your main character even if you swap them in and out of the group. When it is installed, NPCs (including mod-added NPCs) join your party at level zero. If you want, you can activate a special 'customise' power on their innate abilities to change their class and kit to whatever you like. After that, you can level the character to first level and choose their proficiencies, skills and the like. The character will continue levelling until they re
  3. I am installing it on BGII:EE using the newest version of SCS all BP content was installed before SCS, the part of BP that is ruining the install is the one that is required for all BP content. WeiDU.log
  4. Just to be clear, does this mod work with BGII:EE?
  5. Is this the one you asked for? change-log.txt
  6. I have recently tried to install the Initialise AI components required for all tactical and AI components and it would not install as per the screendump below.
  7. I can't install scs 31 because when I seek to initialise the core componet it fails to do so, I would there like to know if I should install scs first? Edit: I have the siege of dragonspear expansion
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