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  1. Thanks. I will do some tests tonight or tomorrow to confirm. I could reproduce with new characters - I tried a new BG1 and TOB game (in a BGT install) and they did not have it. Edit: I have tested - when I create a new character, there is no SCS special ability. I input CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("DW_Initialise_Difficulty_Widget","GLOBAL") and got back the following text: DW_INITIALISE_DIFFICULTY_WIDGET GLOBAL set to 1 I tried your other console command, and successfully got the difficulty dialog. The widget special ability was back. Thanks very much for your help. I can't think of how I could have stopped it from working. The only things I have done outside of playing normally for an hour or so are: *Starting a multiplayer game and transfering the save over to singleplayer *Fiddling around with Shadowkeeper I wouldn't think either of those could do anything, and certainly not to new characters. Maybe it happens if you use Windows 10 on a full moon on a day starting with a T or something odd.
  2. I believe that only applies to the EE versions - I am using the old version and so I understand that it is not there.
  3. I am using RC9 on a non-EE install and I have had a problem with the difficulty widget. My first test character could access the special ability widget and change the difficulty settings. However, every character I have made after that does not have the SCS special ability. I have never turned off the widget (through the conversation or otherwise). I have a few mods, SCS is the second last one installed, the only one after that is the music settings and widescreen mod. Weidu log attached. I am not quite sure how I managed to break this. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or how to get the widget back? Is there any more information I can give that would be helpful? Also thanks for the brilliant mod. WeiDU.log
  4. Never mind - this was my antivirus being paranoid. Apologies.
  5. I have been trying to download the Windows version of the Item Randomiser mod. Unfortunately every time I try (either from the Github page or the main page download link), I get a download error or corrupt/missing file. Is there any chance that something has gone wrong in the recent forum changes? Or is this just an issue for me? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the explanation, good to know that everything is still working properly. I probably wouldn't have noticed either, except the messages were near the end and so I could easily see them one it installed. Thanks!
  7. Hi - I have had an installation error when trying to install IRR, during the initial core component. I have the original (non-EE) game, BGT setup and manual install of mods. I have extracted IR, then copied the IRR files over the top. Mods installed before this are (in order): ToBEX, BG2 Fixpack, BGT, Almateria's Restoration Project, Wheels of Prophecy, SRR. There are a few error messages: Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong here? Edit: I have attached my weidu.log if that is helpful at all. WeiDU.log
  8. Thank you for adding a new link to the 1PP fixes! The internet has a fickle memory sometimes...
  9. Hi Bartimaeus Thanks for all your work on IRR and SRR - they both look great and I am keen to try them out in my next game. On the first page, you mention that you had your own installer that fixed some 1PP errors. Is this still available (or necessary)? The link on the front page is broken now unfortunately.
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