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  1. Hi everyone, I am an experienced SCS BG1/BG2 player (~500 hours) and am thinking about creating a mod that adjusts some of the squishier areas of game difficulty. I thought I would post about it here and see if there was any interest or feedback. I'm planning on calling the mod "Fair Play", because the intent is to force the player to play fair and to not use certain types of "cheese" that exist in current high level play, particularly high level no-reload play. I'd like to tackle one modification each time I do a run (which happens every few months) and just chip away at the list over ti
  2. It is indeed from a mod, but that mod is SCS . I assure you that I have only SCS and ascension installed... Well, those two and one cdtweak "give every class 4 weapon slots", but that's certainly not the source of the token, and I wouldn't think the source of its removal. I think what we're really learning here is that no one plays with poor Cernd. He's good now! Give him a try...!
  3. But the arena fight actually works now! Just not when cernd is in the party. Seems like all the interactions that clear cernd's inventory take his shapeshift token, which unlike Jaheira he doesn't have the option of recreating. Some of us are playing no-reload and appreciate safer (i.e. more cowardly) ways to deal with a dangerous fight :). I also noticed that 0 damage elemental attacks still interrupt spellcasters when they are from a weapon. I assume this is due to an engine limitation, or perhaps is WAD. Just wanted to mention it. This mechanic came in unintentionally helpful aga
  4. Minor trouble with the 1v1 against Faldorn. Cernd works properly if he joins the fight from outside the party. I recall this didn't use to work - he would not shapeshift - but this path is now working correctly. However, if Cernd joins the fight from *within* the party, he gets teleported naked into the arena and doesn't have his werewolf token. Not sure about greater werewolf, my Cernd is level 11. Fwiw, he still won the fight because he landed an insect plague, but he had to work harder for it... Running 33.6. Edit: Somewhat more serious, Cernd is also robbed off his shapes
  5. Ah OK. I just started writing a reply saying I still don't understand the system but on further reflection I think I do. The creature gets generated and saved on area load, so even if SCS reinstall refreshes spell/ability tables, the reinstall wouldn't update tables for any creature that had already been generated. That makes sense. I will probably not worry about an SCS reinstall for BG1, but will reinstall for BG2 once the party gets there (assuming my monk makes it). Thank you!
  6. Is it correct to say that enemy memorized spells (and sequencers, as appropriate) get chosen once at install and then are always the same? So, a player would need to reinstall in order to re-rerandomize enemy spells and abilities? I thought I read somewhere that's how it works, but I can't find it... If that is the mechanic, what's the easiest way to reinstall to refresh enemy abilities? Just uninstall/reinstall the Mage/Priest AI packages? Thank you in advance to anyone (or David) who knows!
  7. Couple minor bugs on a v33 play-though with "remove party items in spellhold" enabled. Really enjoying how solid its been. Bhaal frequently did not want to follow charname into candlekeep. I THINK the consistent behavior was that Bhaal would not follow when charname was hasted (as my character was starting the map by using an oil of speed). But I only tried it a few times and I unfortunately no longer have the relevant save to check. When the issue was occurring, Bhaal would turn red and follow charname to the entrance as usual, but would not actually change areas to follow charname insi
  8. New release looks great! One quick bug report. The lich that can spawn in the spellhold "level-dependent" undead spawn (by the vampire with the hand) casts "summon dark planetar" while insane-plus difficulty for Mage HLA is enabled. Which I believe shouldn't be possible as he is not one of the whitelisted HLA users in SoA, at least according to the readme. For what it's worth, I also think that particular lich shouldn't spawn in the first place until maybe 1.5mm exp, even on insane "level-dependent" spawns. It's just (imo) too tough for a level ~12 party with no gear, and way, way o
  9. MMM SCS script switch doesn't work. Or at least my Edwin is consistently casting it. He is set to attack, ranged, create items, use healing + goodberries and everything else is off. RC9.
  10. Try installing without the changes to cure / cause wounds. I couldn't get it to install correctly and it broke the rest of the install for me when it was included with a bunch of other stuff. If that doesn't work, try installing a few modules at a time to see if you can figure out what isn't getting through.
  11. Are fireshields truly working properly now with druid bug spells? I fought ployer's boys (3x mages, two of which fireshielded, 1 red + 1 blue). Jaheira cast insect plague (lvl 5) once on ployer at the start of the fight, which spread to the 3 mages. The fireshield behavior seemed the same as in v30, in the sense that it didn't protect them from any of the effects of the spell. I couldn't for certain tell whether affected mages were getting spell fail, but they didn't cast any spells other than sequencers, which sure looks like they had spell failure. They definitely took the per round piercin
  12. If I wanted to play around with the party member pre-buffing script, how would I do that? Essentially I just want to add in some other spells to prebuff with, and if I can figure out how, add in the ability to autocast wondrous recall in certain circumstances.
  13. I am (or was) doing an insane run through BG2 with RC9. The insane level random spawns seem a little... insane? My level 9/10 party got bullied to death by a group of 3 spirit trolls + 5-6 other minor trolls that spawned in the druid grove. It seems more challenging than the comparable v30 "insaneish" install picks. I guess I don't want it nerfed, but I thought I'd mention it. Maybe I'm misremembering which option I used to pick in v30. Also, I don't know if the call for help scripts changed, but the functionality seems more aggressive. I was frequently getting unrelated monster groups pu
  14. WOW. I haven't played BG in over a year, and what an amazing update. Love the changes, particularly preventing 0 damage elemental attacks from causing cast interrupts, and re-fixing the druid insect spell / fireshield interaction. Thank you David! Shouldn't you have a patreon somewhere...? I wanted to mention some things that felt fixable/improvable that I've noticed over a few hundred hours of no-reload SCS play. I'd feel a little remiss if I didn't. That said, I know this is a bit of looking a gift horse in the mouth, so I'd like to preface that these are just my observation
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