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  1. I wanted to try the EE version of the BG trilogy so I got the GOG version. I noticed a whole slew of really cool mods, something I haven't done with the BG series. I also wanted an XP cap remover so I grabbed the G3 tweaks pack as well as the Wheels of Destiny ad-on (loved the new beginning but stopped there until I get this resolved) I installed the cap remover as well as a couple of cool but non rule changing things i.e., like removing that seriously annoying "you must gather your party before venturing forth" voice, but now the game's running at 100 MPH. I am not as tech savvy as many of you here so I know not how to manipulate the frame rate, if indeed that's possible. I can uninstall the tweak pack and toss in an old save game from an un-tweaked folder and it goes back to normal speed but there are a few really cool tweaks I would like to utilize. Is there an issue with the GOG version of EE I am unaware of regarding compatibility with tweaks/mods etc? My gaming PC runs vista I went online but just can't seem to find that particular issue in any of the FAQ's unless I missed it on the GOG site or at Beamdog's site. Any help would be greatly appreciated; almost as much as I appreciate all the work everyone has done with these mods etc. to keep this golden oldie alive and kicking .
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