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  1. Ah, now I see what brought about this confusion. The bow stats are heavily nerfed from BG1 to BG2 and I was used to the BG1 values. Seems rather odd to me, as the +1 to damage/thac0 for each magic enhancement level seems pretty universal for this series. Anyways, thanks for clearing that one up.
  2. Since one can buy regular +2 bows in the black pits modes I noticed that the stats for them were off. The excellent shortbow has the thaco and damage +1, but the shortbow +2 only has thaco +2 with no damage bonus at all. Same problem with the longbow +2 which has the thaco +3 but no damage bonus. The composite bows are even weirder. A normal composite bow already has +1 thaco and damage (for bg2, it actually has +2 in bg1) so the excellent one should have +2 on both stats, yet only has +2 thaco and +1 damage. The composite bow +2 then has thaco +3 but still only +1 to damage.
  3. Uh, of course, here it is: This same error also happened when I last played it with the SCS v31. At that time I could fix it by reinstalling SCS. I didn't feel like reinstalling it this time, so i tinkered around a bit and it turns out that charming her first (with algernons cloak) and then killing her off fixed it.
  4. Hey guys, killing the hamadryad in the cloakwood crashes the game. Is there any way to fix or troubleshoot this?
  5. Hello everyone, so I just had Tiax randomly leave my group and couldn't find anything related to it online. So I experimented around a bit and it seems like picking up gorions letter (it also talked to me, which I think was not in the base game, so it must have been added by either NPC project or SCS) causes him to leave after a short while. Has anyone experienced this prior? Is it a bug?
  6. All I found in the anthology is an option that disables the visual for it.
  7. Hello everyone, so this is probably a bit silly, but I recently got the enhanced editions. And forsome reason I still remember that when I went from original SoA back in the day to ToB that the effect change on that cloak bugged me unreasonably much. And so I went looking around the forum for something with this effect. Yet all I could find was a thread back from 2005.
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