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  1. THat's unfortunate. I hope GemRB starts picking up again.
  2. Is there a mod for party size for BG II Enhanced Edition?
  3. the ai scripts don't seem to be doing much. epriest works on Jaheira in BGII:EE. Every other character does nothing but attack, including emage on my created Mage.
  4. Weidu? I'm not using weidu though. EDIT: okay nevermind I think I found it.
  5. There is no Dialog.tk in BGII:EE it seems with the 2.5 patch. I don't know if that's preventing me from seeing spell names, but I can't see them.
  6. How would I go about doing this? I have no clue how. I'm looking at the spells in Nearinfinity at the moment. I want to scale damage and saving throws. I'd also like to scale summoning spells but I'm even more clueless about this.
  7. I looked at the spell revisions mod, but it really doesn't fix the situation for scaling spells to level 40. I'm very surprised this topic is almost never brought up. NWN has the same problem. Few people play tabletop epic and some editions don't even have it, which makes me wish that these games would simply not have had epic levels to begin with if they weren't going to scale everything.
  8. sorry i realized that after the fact. I meant to existing spells. Do they scale above 20?
  9. I'm not new to IE games. It's been years however. My friend and I will be playing BGII Enhanced together, and I wanted to know if the default scripts, or custom scripts (I know little about them) can make the experience more seamless. It does lack patience to some degree. Looked at Gerrick's scripts. but did not see one which uses level 8-9 priest spells. I assume there is no real practical way to have AI handle spell-casters to be truly autonomous, but if so, please tell me of any script(s) which can do that. Regarding balance, are there problems passed level 20 if we do ToB? I am assuming magic becomes increasingly less useful as levels exceed 20, because I do not think spell effects, damage, saving throws, and whatnot, scale past level 20. Is this true? (In a side question, does changing the rules in Core Rules in options apply to MP?)
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