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  1. Here you go! Now I know how to do a changelog; thank you @AL|EN I did a full clean install (new BGEE, BG2EE, and EET install) and could not reproduce the problem. It may be a ghost and if so I am sorry for the trouble. Mods affecting BUB.CRE: This could be unrelated to the one-time glitch, but I have the same issues as Aasim and Krabator with "WIZARD_DIMENSION_JUMP" while installing Smarter Mages. The problem is 100% reproducible on my system with the latest EE Mod Setup/BWS and the list of mods I'm using. I used Krabator's workaround ("I have modified the spell.ids aft
  2. I accept your blessing! I did a full reinstall with clean versions of the game and had no issues. No doubt I should have done this before seeking support, but I really had no idea what I was getting into... just having the guidance to go find a "CRE file" was a light on the problem for me. (And there is a 0% chance I would have solved this without you. I'm technical but have no prior experience with BG mods!)
  3. Sure thing! I may have misinterpreted the order of operations. It's possible that the corruption was caused by CDTweaks/Tweaks Anthology, which I believe was immediately prior in touching BUB.CRE. This is the version from \BG2EE\weidu_external\backup\stratagems\5900\ which was subsequently copied by other mods and ended up in \BG2EE\override I hope this is helpful. SCSv32-5900-BUB.zip
  4. @DavidW thank you for this awesome mod. I wasn't able to find this issue posted anywhere in this epic thread, so I hope this is helpful. In SCSv32 on EET, "BUB.CRE" was installed corrupted and crashes on map transition to "Trade Way North". This is the NPC Bub Snikt, and is touched by a few other mods. I was able to track it down to the initial installation of SCSv32 (5900 - Initialise AI Components). It was previously fine when written by CDTweaks (3020 - Identify all items). My crash was solved by rolling the file back to this version.
  5. Many thanks! I know what to do to fix it now and will figure it out tonight. Thank you for your help - as a noob to modded BG, I’m super impressed with the breadth and depth of the new game and the support of community leaders like you. There’s no way I would have figured this stuff out on my own.
  6. Sorry for the delay. I worked too late last night for gaming... I figured how how to get NearInfinity working. Interesting find: my C#Q01003.CRE causes an error: "Unsupported version". Opening C#Q01002.CRE (as a control) worked fine. Looks to be the Eltolth file. I copied that and renamed to C#Q01003.CRE and it no longer crashes when entering Eltolth's house; Eltolth is standing in front of the fireplace. All mods, including BGQE, were downloaded fresh on Sunday 5/26/19 via the EET Mod Setup script & BWS. Attached: Error screenshot C#Q01003.CRE
  7. Thank you @jastey I think I have a deeper issue. World Map crashed when going south from Beregost. My game had been so stable until then! I'll try the slime animation replacement tomorrow and report back. It could be that I just have too many mods installed, and I need to use one of Roxanne's compilations. Here is the BGEE weidu.log (I assume this is the relevant one rather than BG2EE). (PS: I wasn't aware that I'd deinstalled setup-EET.exe - I used EET Mod Setup (BWS) and nothing else to manage the EET installation. Much to learn!) WeiDU.log
  8. I have a crash-to-desktop at the beginning of Slime Quest, when you enter Alanna's Neighbor's house. It's not game-breaking, so I can just skip it, but I wanted to report it here. It's a hard crash that can hang the computer. I really enjoyed the opening "Unexpected Help" quest which worked fine. I walked into the house in Beregost to check if "Beregost Family Quest" would crash as well; no problems there. I'm running EET with a range of mods from Gibberlings3 (UB, SCS, Tweaks, NPC) and it's been stable (thanks to Roxanne's amazing work on EET Mod Setup). This is on a Windows
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