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  1. Hi, I have seen in another post that someone had a double Malficus spawning... has the reason for that been found or eliminated? I had the same problem, Malficus spawned twice (at his first appearance already, where I refused him. Both of him, actually, just to be sure). Then I met a double Aster, too. Also, the dialogue line with Quallo where you ask about the blood (the one that appears in the original game, too, where you ask about the order of the items and his reply is just to turn away sadly) appeared twice. Although the friendly option to get the blood worked just fine. I'm playing BG2:EE on Windows, and my only other mod was Berelinde's Keldorn Romance, which is supposed to be compatible (but maybe I installed them in the wrong order?). I wiped them and did a clean install, because the PID in Keldorn Romance was totally messed up, too. Will try again and then post again in both mod threads separately if it happens again.
  2. @jastey , it's possible. I don't know much about that kind of thing. Could there be just this glitch in the install if everything else worked fine? I have read in the beamdog forums that someone else still had the bug of Aravaata spawning neutral, although the v23.3 was said to have fixed it.
  3. @jastey thank you anyway, for letting me know how it should have worked. Knowing that my bad outcome is due to a bug at least gives me some peace of mind. But this hasn't happened to others? I should perhaps mention that I'm playing on Android. But I haven't had any other problems with mod dialogues, so I don't think that's the reason.
  4. @jastey I'm talking about Winski Perorate at the exit of the Thieves' Maze in BG:EE, on the way to the Undercity to fight Sarevok. He talks to Dynaheir, because he's an escaped wizard of her people, and then he says something blablabla nabassu, tanar'ri whatever (if you need the exact line, I'll look it up), summons it and orders it to kill us. The demon's name is Aravaata. I have no romance or special quest of NPC Project installed except Ajantis. Edit: Winski Perorate: "I call on your blood contract, nabassu, tanar'ri. By your true name, get rid of them, "Aravaata"! "
  5. Hi, I'm using this version, v23.3 , and I still get the bug where Winski's demon spawns neutral. What's worse, when I kill the demon and accidentally also Winski (happened once because of Holy Smite, and when I tried again, always one of the confused party members strikes him down), Winski's death leads to a reputation loss of 10. That's a disaster for my strictly roleplayed paladin. I suppose the rep loss is from the vanilla version? I mean, I didn't want to kill him, but if somebody summons a demon to kill me, I shouldn't have to lose 10 reputation if he bites the grass... Very frustrating, I was doing a minimal reload and wasn't supposed to reload other than on character death. Any reply whether this outcome was intentional or not would be helpful. Thank you! (I have posted the same issue in the beamdog forums, but I only found a v24 beta thread, so probably it's better here) Edited: I have no other mod installed.
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