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  1. That's very helpful! Thank you very much. I wonder why there a so many doubled animation cycles. Maybe they were meant for some additional animations that had to be cut out? Yes, I am working on a new dragon animation, but don't expect too much as I am not a 3D modeling / animation expert at all.
  2. Thank you! I wasn't sure I got things right, but I'm glad I can move forward from this point. As for the naming, I didn't know how to name the master file so after splitting them all the different files share their corresponding names, but I hope I've figured it out now. This is good to hear. I didn‘t know that. So, with no size limits in the Enhanced Editions, there could be real huge dragons? Cool. This is a very generous offer - thank you very much! And I wasn‘t aware of how powerful and versatile PSBam really is. An impressive tool! If only I were a better command-l
  3. MDR1 - BAM sequences I am trying to figure out how the dragon animation sequences work. I have read the explanations in the Infinity Animations readme but I do not understand what is exactly going on and how to create the split bam files. I usually just keep trying, but this is too nasty. I do not want to create 405 separate bam files just to realize it is not working how it's supposed to be. What I figured out so far: As a baseline, we have 9 sequences for each of the 9 "west" directions (S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW, N). There are no "east" animations as they are generated
  4. There is a difference between the overlay sections of the Vanilla and the Enhanced Edition tilesets. Switching between these two game engines using the same tis-file thus leads to graphical glitches similar to those shown above. When converting Vanilla-tis-files -> EE, you should use @argent77's tool tis2ovl: https://github.com/InfinityTools/tis2ovl/releases/tag/1.0 If you are using only the Enhanced Edition, this should not be an issue, but your overlay tiles of the area might be missing. The additional water graphic tiles are added at the very bottom of each tileset. Before
  5. Thank you for your interest in the modification. I think the mod you are reffering to is an old modification called "Grabmal-Mod" in german I startet with a fellow modder named "Knight" ~20 years ago. The mod is now under the caring hands of @jastey. There is no ETA yet. There is a topic here at G3 about it: Knight's Grabmal Mod At the moment Jastey is busy with other things she mentions in the above topic and I am also working on some other modifications, but chances are good that this mod will be released sometime. It is dormant, not dead.
  6. Looks really good! Besides the things @jastey mentioned, I am not so happy with the translation of Happy, happy, joy-joy, happy, happy, joy-joy! Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen has a rather negative meaning in German. Translated as Peace, Joy, pancakes, it is a proverb that describes a superficially intact, seemingly peaceful and carefree facade within a society. It is often used to express that problems are repressed rather than solved. I am not sure if this is the idea behind the original sentence. I suggest changing it to something like "Freut Euch Eures Lebens" or „Lasst Freude in
  7. @Arthas: This mod is like one of those well-preserved mummies you might encounter in the Mod's tombs. It moves slowly, but it won't decay.
  8. That's a great idea! I never used Minsc as a two-weapon-dualing-wielding ranger since there was a lack of strong two-handed swordsmen. But now, with Brage showing up, the idea of Brage wielding Spider's Bane+2 with full plate armor and Minsc dual-wielding something in studded leather armor is really intriguing! What would be the best choice of weapons for Minsc, since the two points in morningstar are quite useless in BG1? "Yeah! Hit it! Hit it again!" So there are two possible quest branches for Brage's BGII content: Make Lilarcor mute or Brage deaf.
  9. Congratulations on the release! A great mod with a unique character. All I want for christmas is Grey's +2 war teeth.
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