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  1. ok thanks for the repply @Angel maybe something is not right with my installation. and yes @jastey maybe i should make a new fresh game add the mods i want and start a new game. and i should just say good boy at Ac quest because maybe it's just the mod himself that cannot works with the others mods . thanks again.
  2. and i just spotted a new bug. When i was going inside the beregost cave i spotted inside a ogre with the dialogue of the dudley family and i don't know why he is here.
  3. No i played with a new one and i supress all old save. and it"s seems shelligh doesnt spawn or that it could be the child that hax mixed dialogue of all your mods . Now the little girl seems to talk about the necklace of the dudley family now.
  4. @jastey i just log in and seen your message and i wanted to give you some insight: first when i meet the girls on the south road of beregost she had invalid and some numbers on hers when i meet her for the first,now she has the dialogue of the men selling the potion for the slime quest and of my protagonist actually and it's seems that my problem is changing everytime i reinstall the game or my mods. i have actually three other mods with my current game of baldur's gate with your's mods, they're is the BG1 UNFINISHED BUSINESS mods,the Ascalon Questpack and the mods PPE Portraits-Portraits-Everywhere (i don't think this mods create problem but i say it to you in case). And i would like to post her script name and dialogue file name but i don't know actually. have a nice days.
  5. Hello i actually recently install this mods with my new game of baldur's gate 1 Enhanced Edition version 2.5 i spoted a little problem. When i was heading at nashkell at the road of ''South beregost Road'' i spoted a little girl saying some kinds of dialogue with the subject of a mother and her children, i was thinking it was here that i could starsted the quest of ''Babysitting In Nashkell'' but then i remember that it was at nashkell the quest and when i began to speak at her it was some kinds of bugs of mixed dialogue of my protagonist and the dialogue of the mothers in it. I am french and i played the game in the french version so maybe this is the problem but when i have done the two quest at beregost i did'nt have this kind of problem. so i wanted to know how to resolve the problem: thank you. ps: i just saw something strange too: when i am in the map i can see the line of dialogue of girl reapet itself again and again.
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