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  1. Thanks for the quick update. Hail of Arrows works correctly now. With RAAPRFx.spl, apparently, changing the resource field on op321 wasn't enough to make it work correctly (though it was still needed). I was surprised because I have a working version of the spell on my current iwdee install. Looking in NearInfinity, the only difference I see in the SPL files is I changed the timing field on the level 7 APR effect to timing mode 9. I'm not sure why, but just testing it right now, when the level 7 op1 effect is set to timing mode 9, it gets removed by op321. When set to timing mode 1, it does not get removed, and the character ends up with 2.5 attacks at level 13, instead of just 2. Edit: Removed file because the issue is fixed in the latest release (v1.
  2. Just tested and Range works as you described. Specifically, for anyone confused, the trigger is Range(a,b,c) a = Object b = distance in feet c = EQUAL, LESS_THAN, GREATER_THAN Compared to the LOS trigger, Range seems mostly useful for the GREATER_THAN parameter.
  3. These are just some minor things I noticed recently while working on an ai script for IWD2. Note that I'm not sure whether these behave differently outside of party ai scripts. 1. Single class identifiers (FIGHTER, WIZARD, etc.), when used with the "Class" script trigger, seem to apply as long as the character has any levels in the class, including multiclassing. So either the identifiers, themselves, apply to any combination with the class, or it's the Class script trigger applying them to anything. Basically, I'm mentioning this because you don't need to use the multiclass identifiers or the ClassEx trigger to script for multiclasses, but that isn't clear when reading the pages on IESDP. 2. I wasn't able to get the "Range" script trigger to function (WeiDU also enforces 2 values after the Object, not just the one mentioned on the IESDP page). The LOS trigger, however, works perfectly, as described on the script trigger page, and does the same thing as what I wanted to use Range for. 3. CheckStat/CheckStatGT/CheckStatLT - I wasn't able to get these to work right. When used with an auto-attack block, they either do nothing, or they break auto-attacking, as in the character won't auto-attack at all. Maybe only specific stats work or something. I originally was trying to use these because the IWD Pregen script (from IWDEE, which I was building off of) uses CheckStatLT to check for Sanctuary. In the end, I got the check working using CheckSpellState instead. Edit: After further testing, CheckStat does work, but not with Sanctuary (and possibly others in stats.ids). Tried it with a polymorph check and CheckStat(Myself,1,POLYMORPHED) works for checking druid shapeshifts. It's probably the Sanctuary spell that behaves differently than in the other games, even though it still appears in stats.ids. For Sanctuary, what you'd want to use is CheckSpellState(Myself,SANCTUARY), or !CheckSpellState(Myself,SANCTUARY) to check for not having it.
  4. Hi Raduziel, I noticed issues with 2 of the SPL files. The first is with the Hail of Arrows ability (RASOLO4.SPL). It's supposed to set APR to 5 for 1 round, but it doesn't do this because the Type field for the APR bonus is set to 3 (Set Final), which only works as an equipping effect. Changing the type to 1 (or even 0) will fix this. The other issue is with the kits that have Fighter APR bonuses. At level 13, they are gaining a full additional +1 APR, instead of just +0.5. Looking at RAAPRFX.SPL, the way the bonus is supposed to work is at level 7 it gives the 0.5 APR, then at level 13 it removes the 0.5 and adds a new +1 APR bonus. On op321, the resource field is set to an item that doesn't exist, instead of RAAPRFX.SPL, so the level 7 bonus isn't being removed. Changing this should make it work correctly. Also, and this is just my opinion, but for Hail of Arrows, something to consider is using op176, instead of op126, for reducing movement to 0, so it can't be prevented by Free Action. Since the character isn't being Held, but is standing in one spot to use the ability, I don't think Free Action should be able to allow movement.
  5. I'm assuming no, or I couldn't see anything in IESDP or NearInfinity. Mostly asking out of interest, in case someone's done this. It's not something super important.
  6. Hi subtledoctor, just want to mention an issue with the Hivemaster druid's Rhino Beetle form. On its weapon, d5drbtl4.itm, the animation change (op53) is set to an unknown value, causing the game to lock up/crash. This happens in both v2.5 and v2.6, and in both BG2EE and IWDEE. Changing the animation to 0xE230 will fix the issue and give the proper form.
  7. They're working for me, with the same poison messages as Dagger of Venom (on BG2EE v2.6.6). Character is poisoned, then you get the yellow poison damage text a bunch of times. It doesn't do 30% hp. It lasts 20 seconds and does 1 damage per second, sometimes stopping at 19 damage, for some reason. This is the arow05 item, same one you can buy from stores in BG2.
  8. Very minor update, but I didn't want to leave these unchanged: v1.1 - Unbalanced Halberd effect chance corrected to 50/50 (was 51/49) - Aquamarine Dagger now scales to caster level 21 (for THAC0=0), instead of capping at level 20
  9. Thanks. That's pretty much what I thought, but I wanted to check if others thought the same way. You're right, using prefix is probably still best, and easier to remember the names as well.
  10. Is it still recommended to change the file names to use your reserved prefix, or is it safe to keep the names unchanged? Would that be considered using someone else's prefix? I'm mostly asking for reusing items between the EE games, but a general answer would be fine as well. Just as an example, if you were adding some of the Big Metal Unit files (without modifications) from BG2EE to IWDEE, would you keep the same file names or change them?
  11. I'm assuming so (I don't use EET myself). This mod basically does the following: - adds the weapons to override and patches in text - patches the stores with the weapons I'm not an expert with the engine, but unless EET changes store file names, it should work.
  12. double post...I guess i'll "reserve" this post since I'm not seeing a way to delete it.
  13. Download: https://github.com/D2-mods/D2-Weapon/releases/latest (Version: 1.4) GitHub: https://github.com/D2-mods/D2-Weapon Game version: BG:EE, BG2:EE, EET, IWD:EE (tested on v2.5/v2.6) WHAT THIS MOD DOES: This is a very small Souls-inspired weapon pack. It adds 11 weapons loosely based on weapons from FromSoft's Dark Souls trilogy, plus 4 others experimenting with various effects. All weapons are purchased, and get added to various shops. Some of these weapons have more "normal" abilities, while others have very extreme advantages and disadvantages. I tried to give these weapons some interesting abilities that set them apart from weapons in the base games. Note: For BG1, all weapons install, but only 1 (Unbalanced Halberd) gets added to stores. But if you want to powergame, I won't stop you from importing and using the stronger weapons. INSTALL INFO: Copy zip contents to game directory and run setup-d2-weapon.exe. To uninstall, just run the setup again. Should be installed before any mods that make global changes to weapons, such as weapon usability tweaks. Mod packages are cross-platform, and were made using ALIEN's Infinity Auto Packager. I don't use Mac/Linux, but installing should be the same as with other mods. ITEM LIST: - Black Bow of Pharis (longbow) - Dragonslayer Greatbow (longbow) - White Birch Bow (shortbow) - Avelyn (crossbow) - Greatsword (2-handed sword) - Fume Ultra Greatsword (2-handed sword) - Stone Greatsword (2-handed sword) - Chaos Rapier (long sword) - Drakeblood Greatsword (bastard sword) - Bewitched Alonne Sword (katana) - Aquamarine Dagger - Unbalanced Halberd - Club +4: Frenzy - Scimitar +2: Accelerator - Sling +2: Accelerator Item locations (spoilers): Since it's only 15 weapons, here are full weapon descriptions: Bows 2-handed swords 1-handed weapons non-Souls weapons Credits and Copyright info:
  14. Hi again, I just wanted to quickly mention something I noticed. It's with the current version of the mod, v3.8.1. I first noticed a few weeks ago in IWDEE with Burial Defender but I also quickly checked a couple kits with BG2EE v2.5. I wanted to look into it more before posting, but I haven't had time recently (for gaming in general) so I'm posting this now before I forget. The issue is with exporting/importing some of the kits in this pack. Basically, with a few of the kits, when you export (either from pre-generating or from in a game), then import that chr file, the character in the game won't have any effects. By effects, I'm talking about everything under the "Effects" tab in EEKeeper or other editors. Sometimes, the chr file itself is created without any effects. Sometimes, the chr file has effects, but loses them when imported. There is a sort-of quick fix for it. If you use EEKeeper to empty the effects list, then add all effects with the "Add Kit Effects" button, you can import the new edited chr file. The character in the game will than have all effects. At least, this works with Burial Defender. Haven't tested every kit. Also note, this is specifically when importing. It doesn't happen if you create a new character when starting a game. You can test this really quickly just by creating a new Burial Defender and importing a pregenerated one together into the same game. The imported one won't have the movement speed bonus. Sorry, I don't have any more info than this. I do know that not all the kits are affected and that the Burial Defender is affected in both IWDEE and BG2EE.
  15. Hey, I'm just popping in again to say thanks for the quick update. I appreciate that. I haven't done extensive testing or anything but v0.9.9 appears to fix the choose-your-own familiar component in IWDEE. It no longer causes issues with sequencer screens for me. My current install also has Deities of Faerun (which has Divine sequencers) and SCS innate sequencers. Both are also working 100% now with choose-your-own familiar installed.
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