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  1. Hi. When the SoD GUI is installed, all sequencer like spells crash the game. In the BG2 GUI everything works fine. Is there any solution to this problem? Edit: I found out there was a conflict with some of mod I installed earlier.
  2. Thanks for a quick reaction. I appreciate it
  3. I have major problems with chapter 10. Bodhi doesn't spawn, dialog with Irenicus is just him talking to his sister and that's all. Defeating Solars and Irenicus still brings Imoen back to normal, so that is fine. However Balthazar is quite annoying during this battle. He constantly stops his actions and turn into a direction where Gorion's Ward stands. After this fight he talks to him and from that moment he behaves normal. In the final fight with Melissan, only Abazigal and Yaga-Shura are hostile. The rest of enemies, including Melissan, have blue circles. After killing all of the Bhaal's children Melissan is still immortal and does nothing. When I talk to her, she speaks to Imoen and if Imoen is in the party, Melissan does her magic and softlocks the game xD My WeiDU log.
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