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  1. Hi Lava, thanks for the prompt reply, and my apologies for posting my first inquiry on an unrelated thread. I'm not sure why the "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" variable was set in that run through, because I thought that I had brought his heart to the Ilmater temple in Waukeen's Promenade, with the comment that "he was a friend who was forced into treachery". More importantly, I was able to get your Yoshimo's Remorse mod to (hopefully) run from the completion of the first reckoning by deleting the "YOSHIMOISDOOMED" variable, then adding "YYSTART" set to 2, and spawning YYAVA.cre with the console,
  2. I just started playing this mod a few days ago, and so far have been VERY pleased (Yoshimo is my favorite in game recruitable npc in BG2, and along with Aerie, Jaheira, Keldorn, and Valygar [badly underwritten in game], is one of the few non mod npcs who I regularly recruit). When I first played the mod, I started a new game of 'classic' BG2 from the beginning. I didn't know that Ilmater's messenger and Yoshimo were supposed to spawn at the exit to the pocket plane after completion of the first reckoning/trial. After defeating Illasera, Grommir, Yaga Shura, and Draconis, Yoshi was nowhere
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