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  1. I hope someone can help me out. I'm in the early stages of the de Arnise romance mod; I've killed Torgal, accepted the Keep as my stronghold, and have had several LTs with Nalia. Isaea has recently kidnapped her. Immediately after the kidnapping, I acquired Isaea's slavery document from Dirth and Isaea's financial statements from the Roenall estate in the Government District. I've taken these two items to Coregig Axehand, but I do not get the dialog option to confront Isaea. Both of these items are in the PC's inventory when I initiated the dialog with Coregig. I don't think that this is due to a bug in the mod as this has never happened before. Does anyone know the variable I need to adjust in order to get the dialog from Coregig to confront Isaea?
  2. WeiDU's site has the v208 (I'm assuming this is v20800). I downloaded and extracted it, but it has three applications inside; WeInstall, WeiDU and WeGUI. Do I install all three, or just the WeiDU one. And do I install it in my BG2 directory or in Program Files?
  3. That didn't seem to work... I renamed the setup-1pp application to setup-bg2tweaks.exe, ran it, and the DOS screen displayed this... [C:\bg2\setup-bg2tweaks.exe] WeiDU version 20800 {setup-bg2tweaks.exe.debug} Queried (pid = -1) and that's it. No more text or anything. So I uninstalled all the 1pp components, closed all windows and tried running the bg2tweaks.exe again, and got the same results. Only now there's no bg2 tweaks debug file. I dunno.
  4. I'm having a similar problem, with the installer asking for a Username/password because it can't locate the resource. Since I don't have Ascension downloaded or installed, I used the same process and looked at the BG2 Tweaks debug file and found WeiDU v 20200 Log C:\BG2\Setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe {setup-1pp.exe} Queried (pid = 312) version = 20800 So using this process, I would rename the setup-1pp.exe file to setup-bg2tweaks.exe and my beloved BG2Tweakpack will install?
  5. scott3614a

    Amber Romance

    I should mention that the m#ambermatch value is 4 if that helps, and the m#romance active value is 3.
  6. So Nick said that he sold it to a fence at the Thieves Guild. Does he mean Marina or Gorch? If it's Marina, I'm in trouble because I installed aVENGER'S Rogue Rebalancing after Amber and that mod may have overwritten Marina's script about the bracelet. Is there a fix or some kind of work-around?
  7. scott3614a

    About Amber

    Why dual class her at lvl 6 instead of lvl 7? At lvl 7 she gets an extra 1/2 attack, right? I can always SK her to lvl 1 and go from there, but I was just curious about the "missing" fighter lvl.
  8. Thanks! We certainly hope so A kitted multi-class character...I love it! I often make these myself and are wonderful. I love the portrait, don't pay any mind to the naysayers. Can't wait for this one to be released! I'll be standing right over there, where the line forms to download. Good luck with it, and hope she'll be done soon!
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