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  1. I meant solving the table quest, yeah. I did that but I believe nothing triggered after I killed the mage, so some variables shouldn't have been updated. I reload a saved game, completed the quest again and finally it worked Thanks mm75
  2. I have a problem in moving on with Ajantis quest ... after I killed he mage and activated the table I don't know what to do ... I can't trigger anything in paladin's area (where portal is), in feint entrance of the house or where the beasts fought at the beginning.... Please any help? Tx mm75
  3. Here is what helped for me: Click the book, save the game, load the game. Don't know why though.. The same here ... dunno why sometimes the book just doesn't work. I guess my post of some days ago has been deleted, anyway ... i'm experiencing problem with a GS PC and his Thac0. It is set to 0 and even if i set it with NI to 20, at next level up it goes again to 0. Anyone noticed the same? It also happens to a normal "sorcerer" eventually ... mm75
  4. Simply ... Wondeful! I'm eager to see your future work mates!!! Keep it up! mm75
  5. COOL INDEED! I tried it and it works, i'm going to change Jaheira to a GS then ... cool indeed! mm75
  6. You're right ... but u can have them advancing with levels ... mm75
  7. I do have another "reflection on paper". If the kit does "start" during the game or through a quest, that kit WON'T be played by players who doesn't play BG games (i just think about CA or whatever total conversion mod). Of course it's a choice, having the kit playable by everyone, or have a nice related quest in Bg (and Bg2) to become a true GS ... mm75
  8. I hope to be able to test a game soon Caedwyr so that i can help finding bugs. For now i can add some "paper comments": - About BG1 part for BGT games. I disagree about Gorion. As your mentor, u know him very well for years and there is no point that, before or when, u leave Candlekeep "magically" u have a sudden "druidic feeling". It make more sense to have it WHEN u find Jaheria. May be a little quest related could be added if possible. - It's not clear to me (sorry i still have to install the kit on a different game) if the GD works as "old" Druidic Sorcerer. I mean, u start as a So
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