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  1. Fair enough, I just wouldn't say the game overall is bad though lol. I do agree the kits are....underwhelming. Like I said, that’s why I like your mods and the mods that improve the experience overall (scs, spell revisions, item revisions, etc). You and your collaborators give them more uniqueness, so I appreciate that.
  2. Mmm I wouldn’t say it’s bad by any means. Kits maybe, but thats why I like and use your mods. Bg1 was so.......boring. Bg2 has way more interesting quests and encounters by far.
  3. Oh darn, I thought I removed that. I must confess, this is actually an older list lol. I think that issue has long been fixed by now.
  4. I haven’t had any problems with the stat overhaul. Can’t say I tried that particular graphics mod, but I’m guessing it installs near the end? My install order mainly comes from the BiG world setup, so I followed that for the most part. Yes, I believe the Cernd mod is the friendship mod. Glad it helps! I know it’s pretty daunting to install mods manually, as it was (and still is) for me. It has been a while since I updated, so I can’t guarantee it’ll work completely, and if you want to add more I dunno how well it will work. Anyway, sorry for taking your thread a bit, Subtle
  5. The big thing you'll want to do is download the mods you want to install manually, including BGT Fixpack and BGT Language Pack (I use English, but there are others.) These can be a pain to find on your own, so I will link them from the SHS site. http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/521-big-world-fixpack/ http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/534-big-world-english/ Here is the most important step I have found for a manual install. Download all the mods you want, unpack them into the Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition folder, and then run these files. If you don't, it is possible compa
  6. In all honesty, I don’t really trust anyone’s installers over my manual install. They tend to not keep up to date imo, not to mention I can pick and choose things. If you would like I can show my excel sheet Endarire (I would post a weidu.log but i haven’t been able to make a new install lately). It doesn’t have everything you installed, but you can get an idea from it.
  7. Excellent! I love this mod and can’t see myself playing without it.
  8. That is some poor behavior by the mods of the Beamdog forums. Thank you for making me aware of this. I will no longer be using that forum (not like I was using it anyway).
  9. There is a tactics version for EE that worked on my last playthrough, but that was a long time ago and it wasn't with EET. Dunno how it would do now (might work lol).
  10. Hi Davidw, I hate to bump a thread, but I too would love to see this as an option as well. It would be nice to be able to install this with your mod versus trying to use the version that hasn't been updated in three years. P.S. Love your mod!
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