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  1. I think I got it… TextScreen("*")... Now gotta find the right screen that is displayed when loading... Thank you all for your time.
  2. Okay maybe I didnt explained clearly what I'm looking for, so bear with me: If the player arrives in the area, there are too many objects to load from the script, and it doesn't fully load all of them. The end result is that many appear out of thin air, and it's quite annoying. So, in order to allow the script to entirely load the script, I need to find what code BGEE use to display the "Loading area" screen between two areas. I don't know the code for a loading screen, simply put.
  3. Hi everyone, I know it may sound a bit newb, but what codes should I put in a script in order that all the contents of a map loads before the players enters an area? In BGEE, it saves while it loads. I've been searching in IESDP but found no mention about it. Is it a state to check in DLTCEP? Thx for your time.
  4. Thank you for your advices @jastey! Normally, the Pdialog is patched with my .tp2 file so that point is taken care of.
  5. Hi everyone! I know how to set Interject_copy_trans for npc quite well, but when it comes with companions I created and who then joins the party, the interjections never works. Let's say I take for example a line from a joined character, PPElros (which line would be located in the PPElrosJ.dlg), interacting with an NPC, PPYor. INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS PPYor 23 Nocase ==PPElros IF ~Detect("PPYor")!StateCheck("PPYor",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN ~Humph! Of course! Because the Harmonium says so, this is the Rule of Law! Well, I have some news for you, Hard Head: It ain't over 'til I said so.~
  6. Clicked() isn't just described for areas? Ah, well, might worth a try. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Been testing some line of codes for my mod, but it doesn't seem to work. Let's say the action in the script is by interacting with an NPC, I want to make a string appear over its head, like it does for some scripts (exemple: *gulps a potion*). They also have this feature in Planescape Torment, BG2EE and Siege of Dragonspear when you click on an area, a string will appear and describe what you see for a few seconds. It is because this code don't work in BGEE? Here's what i tried: IF InteractingWith(*Object*) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayStringHead(*Object*,*Line
  8. Used none of them, but ive been notified numerous times to install ModMerge before installing any new mod. Maybe that should help. Thanks.
  9. Okay, took, me a while, I changed all numbers, rechecked my parsing, named all items in weidu… Still the same bug. Is there a limited number of strings we can add to a dialog.tlk? It didn't do that thing before when I just had 2036 strings in my .tra and my dialogs strings from my .d files. It all happened when I added the strings which weren't showing for items or in my scripts. I'll re-test without the DisplayStringHead() strings off from my .tra, to see if this is the issue.
  10. This is what i learned recently and why i added the strings to the .tra @subtledoctor. Its a mod only used for BGEE. But at first i wanted to implement this campaign in BG2EE (but couldnt resolve the part where it would take the slot of SoD, as suggested by K4thos) so some items came from that game. Would that cause issues also if transferred into BGEE? If so I might have some problems then, although most items are without uses, only for storyline purpose only.
  11. Yup @kjeron, I edited all items with NearInfinity so all references are already with the right strings. But, you think this could provoke the issue? I added the strings to the .tra because the strings were reported invalid in previous attempts. But after integrating them now it messes all the dialog.tlk. So maybe that's the issue... *sigh* Should have kept the old coding with COPY~~ ~~Override\~ SAY~~ Ill retype the items in their old way and test it out. Thx!
  12. Oh, and what I meant by deleting the override, it's the content of the override in the Baldur's gates folder after I uninstalled my mod.
  13. Well it's a big mod (about 5G) so I'll just link the .tp2 file and the .tra file. It's a campaign so I'll not be able to post it here. And I know I'll have several issues to correct afterwards, but at least I want to be able to run without constantly bugging. Thanks in advance. I'd really like to understand what I do wrong, but my I'm still learning by trial-error. Setup-FW.rar PPNPC.tra AR2600.baf
  14. Yes, always. But I think I forgot to delete the override so there's also this i'll check out to make sure. Thank you !
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