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  1. While not as nice as the table Saph made, I did include a list of the recipes in the spoilers section of the readme: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SoD-to-BG2EE-Item-Upgrade/blob/master/SPOILER-RECIPES.md
  2. That table is great! Please feel free to make a post in the main thread sharing your work. Thank you again for your compliments, and enjoyment of my mod. I am making steady progress on the next update, and I think you will enjoy it quite a bit.
  3. Greetings! The list of items is included in the spoilers section of the readme. Here is a direct link to it: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SoD-to-BG2EE-Item-Upgrade/blob/master/SPOILER-ITEMS.md Yes, you would be able to spawn them using the console, but they are also placed in areas of the game so that they can be acquired via normal gameplay.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions! For the amulet - that seems a better fit for an NPC type of mod(Jastey's Imoen 4 Ever perhaps?). For the dagger: I am in the middle of a big update for this mod, and you never know what might shake out
  5. I've been hammering away at the next update, and what I had initially planned to be a minor update is ending up being *much* bigger. So, yes, it will take more time, but I think the end result will be worth it. I've done a much deeper dive into the new things that SoD brought into the game, and as many times as I've played through the campaign, I'm discovering things in the game files that I never actually found in-game. So, for a high level preview of things to come (all subject to change): 1. More spells - Both new and brought in from SoD. 2. Enhanced audiovisual effects for the n
  6. I have never been able to reproduce this error in my testing to do any real troubleshooting. I am making adjustments to how the mod installs in the next version to hopefully resolve the issue. In the mean time, I recommend installing the mod on a clean install of BG2:EE, then installing any other mods afterwards.
  7. No worries at all. I'm not the kinda person who gets bent out of shape over things like that, and I appreciate any and all suggestions for improving the mod. I agree 100% on item progression, and sometimes, when I am working on creating a new item, or an upgrade for an exisiting item, it can be hard to *not* make something overpowered, especially if its for a class that I like playing. I am an oldschool RPG player myself as well. I cut my rpg grinding teeth on the original Dragon Warrior for the NES back when I was around 8 or 9 years old. Back then, I was able to get to the Dragonlor
  8. @Endaire: To me, over-saturation of items means availability of too many items in a specific area, which IMO, trivializes progression. My approach to this mod from the beginning was thoughtful placement of items in places where they made sense to be, if one goes on the assumption that most of your gear from BG1 was either stolen by the shadow thieves, and/or sold off by Irenicus to finance his capture and experimentation on the Bhaalspawn. It seems you have a penchant for monks and mages . My other goal in this mod wasn't to make god-level gear, but to provide different choic
  9. Yeah, that's one option too. I'll have to think about how I want to approach it.
  10. Hey there and thank you for your interest in my mod! Progress is coming along on the next update, the structuring changes for the install are already completed, which will hopefully resolve any issues with EET. As far as changes: this is certainly subject to change, as my ideas tend to, when I am working on a mod, but here is an idea of what's to come: Enhanced audiovisuals for the new spells the mod adds. New spells properly added to spell.ids (doesn't impact function, but is required for a script to be able to use it, among other things) Reworked effects on sever
  11. I am working on my next update to this mod. As part of it, I have cleaned up how it installs existing SoD items (and other files needed for the mod). It will now check to see if the SoD items and their associated effects and spells are already in the game files prior to installation, and if they are already present, it will skip them. This should help a good deal with EET. I went ahead and created a clean EET game install and tried installing the mod with the above changes. I did not receive any errors or warnings, so hopefully, this will resolve the issue. - this was with installing bo
  12. Thank you for the tips on making this mod more compatible with EET. I am working on wrapping up a new mod, and once done, I plan to revise this one. I've a laundry list of changes I want to make and am going to probably end up re-writing much of the TP2 to make things much more clean and hopefully address compatibility issues with EET.
  13. Hello and I am glad you enjoy the mod! I will take your suggestions into consideration for the next update. Generally speaking, I don't add items in unless I can place them in a thoughtful, meaningful way that makes sense.
  14. For the folks that have reported this issue, try installing this mod into a clean BG2EE install, then install EET and your other mods.
  15. Thank you for the quick response! Would the check look something like this? Answered my own question, the below does indeed work. Thank you! COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.spl$~ ~override~ READ_ASCII 0x0 sg (4) //Signature PATCH_IF (~%sg%~ STRING_EQUAL_CASE ~SPL ~ = 1) BEGIN
  16. I am working on one of my mods which is cross-compatible with BGEE and BG2EE and running into an annoing issue: I get an illegal 2-byte read error when I run the below on a clean install of BGEE w SoD (modmerge already done) COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.spl$~ ~override~ READ_LONG 0x08 name READ_SHORT 0x98 ~proj~ The problem occurs when it tries to read 0x98 from: cddetect.spl. I checked the file in NI, and it appears that this was intended to be an ITM file as it has that signature so, I am fairly positive the file itself is the culprit, but I haven't been able to fin
  17. IWD-ification is by far one of my favorite mods, and inspired me to become a modder last year. I would like to contribute to the cause! One of the things I felt was missing in this mod was that the hit visuals are still in BG-style, which for me was kinda jarring. I put together the below code for one of my mods that I am working on. It sets the hit visuals to IWD-style for BG games. I'd be honored if you would consider including it as an optional component. Please feel free to change the files from my prefix (dtk) to yours for consistency's sake. And I certainly wouldn't be offended i
  18. @Gwendolyne - maybe I am approaching this in the wrong way. I created a weapon, with an effect to play the damage animations (opcode 170) for fire. There are three animations. Do you know how I could extract those into a VEF or VVC? I think I can accomplish what I am looking to do if I can pull those out and set them to play manually using probabilities to control the "randomness"
  19. I've run into that particular issue with some standard VVC's as well. I'm confident I could work around it if I can figure out how to structure the effect so that it plays in the desired way.
  20. FIREBRN in this case, though now that I look SPBURN is similar. From what I can tell, when an avatar is hit with fire dmg, a visual effect is played that plays random frames and sequences from the BAM, and is places in random spots on the avatar. I can create a VVC easily enough, but it only plays the BAM, no random placement, etc... I could create a custom BAM and move the center to random spots, but it would still play the exact same every time. I know from working with projectiles that those can be set to play BAMs starting with random sequences and frames, but I don't think that w
  21. Good evening all, I've been playing with visual hit effects, creating some custom effects for one of my mods. There is one specific effect I am trying to duplicate: the small, randomly scattered flames that appear on an avatar when they are hit with fire. Everything I have discovered so far leads me to believe it is probably a VEF, possibly hardcoded? I'm pretty sure it's hardcoded in BG1-2 because the DMGTYPES.2DA doesnt reference a VVC or BAM for the effect. I've read the VEF documentation, and I've worked with BAMs enough to know that the centers can be changed t
  22. Thank you Jastey! When I get around to testing this mod with EET and making the changes, I will hit you up. Even generalized EET compatibility info would be useful since I have zero experience with it at this point.
  23. Glad to hear the mod is working for you, and also glad to hear I'm not the only one having a hard time with EET The only real issue that folks have reported to me regarding EET compatibility is when my mod attempts to update the tooltip.2da. Weidu reports an error that there isn't enough space, or something to that effect. I've never seen the error myself in any of my testing, so I don't know what, if anything, would need to be done to fix it. I am going to get into some EET testing soon (hopefully). I have another mod I am working on to get up to speed for a v.1 release, after t
  24. You won't have to wait long, I just put up 1.2.0 late last night Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed at all to making adjustments to the mod to make it more compatible with EET. I am all for anything that makes it easier on the player to install and use my mod. I just don't have any experience with EET or any nuances to mods that it brings. I would welcome collaboration and advice from modders who have experience with EET for what changes I should make to help make it more compatible. For my next update to the mod, I was considering re-arranging the TP2 such that SoD itm's and
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