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  1. Hello all! Please use this thread to report any bugs/issues you encounter in 2.0.2 Alternatively, you can report them in the mod thread over in the Beamdog forum as well: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/76631/mod-siege-of-dragonspear-2-baldurs-gate2-ee-item-upgrade-v2-0-2-released/p1?new=1 Thank you in advance for the feedback!
  2. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 releases. 2.0.2 contains a ton of fixes for the things brought to my attention:
  3. Did you start a new game after installing the mod? This is necessary for everything to be where it's supposed to.
  4. My apologies for not giving this thread the attention it deserves! I appreciate the feedback from all of you. TBH, after working on this mod nearly every single day for almost a year, I needed a bit of a break @morpheus562 Thank you very much for the detail on that error! I've had several folks report that error to me in older versions, but I've never been able to replicate it, and they failed to mention anything about thrown hammers being installed. Would you mind sharing a link to the version of thrown hammers you are using? I would think I can put together a simple fix for this for the next update. @everyon_else : thank you! many of the issues you reported here were also reported in the BD forum thread and I've implemented fixes for those as well for the next update
  5. It's only his starting equipment for SoA, this is to prevent duplicates. Are you running an older version of my mod? I fixed that in 2.0. It is on all versions of keldor, except keldor14
  6. I hope you all are enjoying the 2.0.0 update to my mod. Please post any 2.0.0 specific feedback, issues, or bugs in this thread, and thank you!
  7. Do you have any other mods installed that change Taerom's dialogue in any way? If so there may be a conflict. I just did a test install on a clean BG1EE 2.6 install and didn't run into any issues.
  8. After months of hard work, I have finally completed the v2.0.0 update to SoD2BG2EE Item Upgrade! Spoiler documentation is still in progress, but the mod is fully playable, Check it out here:
  9. The wait is over and Version 2.0.0 has been released! Tons of new stuff added and revisions to lots of the existing items and spells as well! Head on over to the mod page and check it out!
  10. That's a nice call lightning animation! It should still work in 2.6. The pillars I have in SoDtoBG2 Item Upgrade work fine after the update. I haven't played 2.6 much at all, but here's what I suspect, or am able to see using IE, on the rest: 1. 64-bit only going forward: this decision was likely made so they wouldn't have to maintain two client types. Less overhead. And I can't say that I blame them, the Athlon 64 and core2 duo's came out in the very early 2000's. 2. Should still work. Did you create your own projectiles or just replace the BAMs in existing? If its the former, it should be fine. From what I can see, all they did was replace the multi-sequence BAMs with a single sequence version. 3. I'm sure all they did here was add dice thrown/maximum and dice size/minimum level values to existing spells that were supposed to have them but didn't so that they will work as intended. 4. I have to imagine this means that movement values are calculated instead of absolutes, so if a character with +2 movement bonus gets hit with a slow, they still move faster than a character without the bonus. Just guessing on this one, haven't done any comparative analysis yet 5. This one is easy, pull it up in IE: They added in an effect using opcode 324 - it checks to see if the creature targeted is dead. I think you might be pleasantly surprised once you start working with 2.6 more. I *totally* understand where you are coming from though. I've spent the last 11 months working on a HUGE update to SoD2BG2IU, and I was really worried about how much I would have to go back and fix, or if I would have to do something similar, have a 2.5-only version for awhile.
  11. Thank you Sam! Sorry it took me awhile to respond, I've had tons on my plate. When I get the chance, I'm going to give your tool a try and see what I can make with it
  12. Sam, I went ahead and made all the frames for my animation into BAM to make things easier for you. This animation is for a spell in which the character fires the boulder outward in a straight line. It's 5 sequences I had planned to mirror east (reduced). Ideally the center would be on the trailing edge of each frame, so that the boulder animation doesn't overlap the caster's avatar. My attempts to do this result in the animation appeared to bounce around a bit instead of rolling smoothly. boulder.bam
  13. Ok, I can certainly do that. Any particular format you need them in? PNG? Or should I go ahead and create the BAM with all the needed sequences and send it to you that way?
  14. Thank you for pointing this out. I will check into it for the next update.
  15. Sam, thank you so much for your reply. I wasn't aware of either of the two tools you mention. I can provide some examples: A rolling boulder, a jet of flame, character animation.
  16. No, there isn't an option currently, and I don't have plans to add one at this time. The jokes, imo, are part and parcel of that item.
  17. As I am working, and struggling, with setting the center point of some new BAMs I am creating, the thought occurred to me to ask here on the forum if others have any better methods. For those who aren't aware - the "center" is the point of reference the game engine animates a BAM from, and it's not necessarily the actual center of the image. For example: If you have a BAM that spins around a character, you would want the "center" to be the actual center of the image, but for an arrow, you'd want it at the tip or the end. As far as I can tell, BAM workshop 1 doesn't have a tool for changing the center of frames in a BAM. BAM workshop 2 has a nice tool that allows setting the center with a click of the mouse, but I am running into a *major* problem in using it. Most of the time, after I save the file, several frames are lost - by this I mean the frame is blanked out with only the transparency layer remaining. Near Infinty's BAM editor allows changing the center, but has to be plotted with "x" and "y" coordinates, which is accurate, but cumbersome. Complicating this, it doesn't appear that you can use it with the image zoomed in for pixel-perfect accuracy. I would be grateful for any tips on this.
  18. No worries. I am looking into a different method of importing the standard importable SoD items for 1.3 that should be more reliable.
  19. Indeed it is, and thank you for pointing it out. I've corrected it for 1.3
  20. Oh, I knew what he was referring to, but that isn't gonna work in BG1/2. And somehow I don't think your forum avatar would fit cromwell, maybe cespenar, lol.
  21. Hmmm, this isn't a bad idea at all, part of my mod's aim was to give Cromwell more personality. A portrait could certainly be added to Cromwell simply enough, and Cespenar too, for that matter. If anyone has any recommendations for a "fitting" portrait for Cromwell, I will see about adding it into 1.3
  22. @StummvonBordwehr I did indeed, I placed some where I thought they'd be hard to miss:
  23. Thank you very much for the suggestions! I can't promise these will make it into 1.3, but I've made a note of this.
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