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  1. it's my fav romance mod and I'm still holding hope someone will make some tob portion addon to this mod, there's modders which could do it well I don't get why none of them at least will try? asking for permission and all? guess I'll never stop checking if this mod finally has ToB continuation, Nalia is my forever companion with this mod ♥ no in game romance can compare
  2. when I saw this mod I felt like AWW it's so cute someone felt same way I did, like... gathering 15000 takes 1 or 2 better quests still I prefers to complete all quests and go for Imoen BUT knowing she's caged there is irritating and so sad so yeah, this should work for me and I agree, being turned into stone should be like sleeping I guess (at least I stand by this version) lovely mod, thank you ♥
  3. I thinks I am bored over "there gotta be someone killed in order to get npc" mods... or mods adding drama in order to get it. It's like with Yoshimo, there's "keeping Yoshimo" mod but boring, no banters after Spellhold and romance is "romance with ghost". Yoshi gotta be either boring robot or dead guy lmao and here.... let's kill Aerie to get along Quayle, maybe I am boring but I'd so gladly wanted them both, especially while there's Aerie romance and there could be minor changes in dialogues to it. But nah.... kill Aerie, get the gnome.... some mods aren't just my cup of tea. I prefer happy endings and people staying alive. And Varshoon.... I tried this mod few times and he always leaves so I got over it, there could be some hint written how to keep him around instead of trying multiple times and a pity it's cool mod idea
  4. I mean IWD1 NPC mod have certain command whoch helps tweak romance options or restore broken romance, is there any for this mod? sorry for spamming lately
  5. I am always taking my fav ones but same time I tries keep party in good balance so: Nord (as he is old grouch I adores to irritate lol), Hildury (very valuable warrior plus amazing character), Salomeya (cuz there gotta be one evil individual type in the party lol), Nikosh (as Hobbit fan I cannot skip halfling thief, right?), and obviously Peony (and she's my fav as her character is as childish as mine lol). My main protagonist is human male warrior, neutral evil. And that's it, 3 shooting chars plus 3 warriors works cool together. I likes Valeero too, a lot but there's no space for more than 6 people and she's great friend material
  6. Don't wanna complain... but when it comes to Yoshi there's romance mod which ends with his death anyways, "keeping Yoshimo" mod which just lets you keep him but he's not even talking and now this.... (again ghost like).... maybe I am silly cheerful type but I'd like just have mod to rescue him AND get friendship path till the very end. I likes all types of mods letting you get happy ending to your companions. As much as I enjoy new mods I'd really liked to get finally Yoshimo well made, positively made, he really deserves it.
  7. Dunno if it's good section to go with it but I'd love to get Garrick for BG2 along with ToB with some banters and perhaps romance track for Imoen? There's many NPC's bringing romance for main characters but not many between companions and Garrick is kind of cutie that would matched to Immy well lol I thought about him as thief or bard, more thief as beside Jansen there's no other good option out there. I'd love to hear his voice again in my journey.
  8. oh CMON don't burn bridges like Tsuki
  9. I still counts on more characters addon one day along with banters matching existing ones! Peony is my very fav character but same time even after dual classing her to thief she cannot use thievery.... maybe I am doing something wrong but one does not simply start that journey without that cheerful sunshine lol I thinks some 3rd romancing female, more wise (a paladin perhaps?) would be great, since Salomeya is evil like and Peony so silly... anyway I love this mod, as BG trylogy fan it was sad IWD saga was robbed out from "alive" characters. Pls consider make some update with more characters one day (not too late day, tho, lol) ♥
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