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  1. Thanks for your replies guys ! This might be what I was looking for; I did all of my tests with summoned monsters attacking allies (needed something that doesnt fight back + doesnt die in 2 hits).
  2. This might be the wrong place to post but I couldnt find a suitable sub-forum. Anyways I noticed that in BG2EE some monsters (notably Ettercaps or Wyverns, dont use/ use their poison attacks very rarely (might be some trigger that makes them switch weapons ?). I did load up BG1EE after that to check if the issue has something to do with the extended editions but everything is working fine in BG1EE. Could this issue be mod-related ? To me it seems like these monsters did "forget" to use their posion/etc. attacks - seeing as some of them have 2 weapons in their inventory with different damage values and/or effects each. Edit: Seems like it was just me being lucky when I fired up BG1EE; after some additional testing it looks like its the same for both games. Adding the monsters to my party via Ctrl+Q shows that they have weapons assigned to them at random - is this the expected behaviour ?
  3. @Jarno Mikkola Thank you for the explanation^^ I am pretty much clueless when it comes to stuff like this but its pretty difficult to not stumble over some problems or not understand everything without knowing how certain programs work. (This is my first time modding BG2, I only ever played it with the (un)official patches )
  4. I dont have weidu.exe anywhere on my pc; is this what I need ?. Do I just unpack the weidu files to my game folder and link to weidu.exe in order to use the weidu compiler ? Edit: WeiDU-Windows-246.zip from the link above worked for me; no more changed names within the script; changed everything back to "neutral" and no issues ingame so far =] - thank you @ABlake for your continued help !
  5. Thanks for the advice but I dont use SoD and I did always create a new game in order to check if any description did get changed =/. Thank you - I am going to try making use of weidu if its really the only way of accomplishing what I am trying to do. Its weird because I WAS able to change item descriptions BEFORE i cleaned up my game and installed weidu mods (SCS, atweaks, cdtweaks, ascension). Changing spell descriptio did never work though.
  6. Mhh... whenever I save the script, a few names do get changed automatically IF Global("RR#EACHECK","LOCALS",0) Allegiance([PC.GENERAL_ITEM.HUMAN],GOODCUTOFF) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("RR#EACHECK","LOCALS",2) LeaveParty() DialogInterrupt(FALSE) ChangeEnemyAlly([INANIMATE.HUMANOID],ALLY) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END This is how it looks once I load "RR#SGLAB.BCS" .... I only swapped the 2 lines as you said, not changing anything else. I supposed the whole file will have altered names; Is there a way I can prevent any changes apart from the one I intend to make ?
  7. I simply cant figure out how to change item or spell descriptions... I have the correct language (de_DE) + "use language" in "set WEIDU options", I did move the "dialog.tlk" and "dialogf.tlk" files directly into my BG2EE folder for editing (and back to "lang" folder again) but It just doesnt show up in game. Gameplay changes do work fine, its only the descriptions that never get updated - DLTCEP does show my edits under the "description" tab and it does mention that "dialog.tlk" does get overridden every time I edit my spells/items. I have a few spells that did get changed via mods (atweaks) like dimension door and gate which do have proper, updated spell descriptions, however doing any custom edits doesnt work. (Any spell/item altering mods were installed previously to my own editing attempts !) Anything I might have missed ?
  8. @ABlake: I know this might be a stupid question, but how exactly do I swap these 2 lines ? I opened the script with DLTCE and did change their position but now my game starts to freeze whenever the summoned creature should appear on screen. Do I need to do anything else besides simply saving the changed script and putting it into the override folder ? Thanks again for your help ^^
  9. Thanks for this detailed response ^^ I will try this in case im reinstalling everything again. I did play around with DLTCE a bit and after changing the reaction from "0x80 neutral" to "0x04 ally" for the affected creatures, it suddenly worked. Now I am not sure if I can keep it like this but I didnt have any troubles so far - every demon is working correctly now.
  10. I see - I thought v4 was still being worked on so I downloaded the version of SR that can be found in the downloads section of this page. Also is there a complete + detailed list of every spell for v4 ? - All I could find were several topics with details about v3 spells/monsters or general ideas/changelogs for upcoming versions.
  11. So I experienced some wierd bug in my game just now; whenever I use the spells Summon Fiend, Cacofiend or Gate, most of the summoned Demons are neutral (blue circle) instead of allied (as they should according to atweaks PnP Fiends). This does happen for the Baatezu (Cornugon, Gelugon, Pit Fiend) and the Tanar'ri (Nabassu, Glabrezu, Balor), however it doesnt affect the Yugoloth (Arcanaloth, Nycaloth, Ultroloth). I checked the creature files and all of them are flagged as "0x80 neutral" which I suppose should get overridden by their script after summoning. Maybe something I installed previously to atweaks is breaking the summons ? All I can think of is SCS/Ascension, as these are the only mods that affect scripting. I am not sure how to fix this myself so I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar or can help me with this issue.
  12. Hey guys, Is there a reason why direct damage spells are changed in SR (I am using using Spell Revisions 3.1) compared to vanilla ? In the original game every spell is checked once for its saving throw(s) and deals half damage via special flag 256. In SR, the spells are actually split in half, having one part dealing half of the dmg without saving throws and another half which does get negated completly if the save fails. Doesnt this make the minimum/average damage dealt higher because of having 2 rolls instead of one ? I guess it was changed intentionally to get these results, but I am still wondering what exactly was wrong with the initial damage calculation. Also, Ive read some discussions about this mod already, most people saying this is pretty balanced and fair towards the base game; I however think that the mod does buff mages/sorcerers, who are already quite strong, pretty significantly, especially the extremely lowered saving throws towards the end of the spell spectrum. Dont get me wrong though. the idea of the mod is great (balancing out the average power level of each spell in the game) - I just think that the creators went a little overboard at some points, which to me is a little bit annoying as I have to change some spells back to lower values after installing this great mod.
  13. Thanks again for the respone, I really appreciate your help - I will try what you suggested and install SR (apart from the NPC plugin) after Ascension. Hope this works !
  14. Is this installation order correct if I am adding Spell Revisions ? (without adding the new/changed fiends that come with it, using the atweak versions): Ascension cd tweaks Spell Revisions SCS atweaks custom overrides
  15. Thanks for the link, thats exactly what I was looking for regarding setting up different mods. I forgot to mention that I am able to change item descriptions (they show up in game) - its only spell descriptions that wont update.
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