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  1. I'm having an odd sort of bug with BG1RE. I've started in Candlekeep, and the NPCs come in pairs for some reason. There's the NPC that you're supposed to talk to to trigger the dialog, and there's this clone of them standing right next to them that is clearly not supposed to be there. Sometimes I've reloaded the game, only to meet with three Alec's at the same time! Is anyone else having this problem? I've installed this mod through the EE Mod Setup, running the game on v1.3, by the way.
  2. I have heard of problems relating to this install directory, but I haven't had any major issues installing anything through it so far. Just to be better safe than sorry, I'll keep that in mind.
  3. Hello there. This is my first time installing EET, since I was so curious. I only got as far as successfully merging Baldur's Gate EE with the SoD expansion via DLCMerger. I own copies of the Baldur's Gate games on Steam, by the way. I have played through the game a bit with mods, but I uninstalled it, deleted all mods I had beforehand and re-installed with v2.5 just so there wasn't any interference with the installation of EET. Whenever there is an attempt to install the EET Core from the WeiDU installation, I get an error telling me that I have "installed the wrong The Stone of Askavar" c
  4. I have a bug with Dave, as well. Whenever I click on his portrait on the right hand side of the screen, one of the voice quotes for "Yes?" comes out as a glitchy, corrupted noise, sometimes replaced with a generic sound effect whenever I'm in battle. So far, that's the only bug I've had with him. Does anyone else have the same bug? Keep in mind, I may have installed a version of Glam's NPC Pack via the EE Mod Setup.
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