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  1. Laskal is tagged as an innocent in my game (which is odd as in another playthrough I killed him for no rep loss). The only mods I have are the NPC Project and SCS version 32.7. Not sure what to look for in Andarthe's file.
  2. It's version 23.3. Can I look up these tags in eekeeper to see how they're actually tagged for me?
  3. Thanks. I'm just playing on BG:EE, no SoD, SoA, or ToB. For Laskal, I Charmed him and then he turned hostile during the fight with Izefia (this may or may not have anything to do with the mod). For Andarthe, it's definitely him because I went back and refought it, accepting his surrender, and didn't get the rep hit.
  4. My party (reputation 9 going into the quest) killed Laskal for a rep loss of 3, and then Andarthe for a rep loss of 4. What is the reasoning that killing leading members of a widely-hated/feared organization causes a reputation hit?
  5. I tried that and it worked for those, but I'm getting the same error trying to install the mini quests mod. The install folder is now one under my user profile.
  6. I am running Windows 10 and have Baldur's Gate I only, through Steam. I tried to install the current versions of Sword Coast Stratagems and the BG1 NPC Project, and for both got the following error: FATAL ERROR: Sys_error(".\\lang\\en_us\\dialog.tlk: Permission denied") When I opened a game file, dialogue options were screwed up and all choices were "Invalid(#####)". Is there something I can do to get the mods to install correctly?
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