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  1. I believe the seducer kit for thieves might be the thing you are looking for. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/77859/expanded-classes-and-kits-massive-kit-compilation-mod The modder did a run where numerous characters where included. The big basilisk where particularly good.
  2. @Moonboy187 Sorry for the late reply. there should be a locked container next to the guy who stole the teddy bear from the boy. There are some items (a scroll?) that points you towards Soubar. In the old days the container could be looted straight away... I think
  3. Actually it was an intentional misuse. Trying to be funny - and having to explain the joke, was a sure sign of that working really well...
  4. Just adding my 50 cents. Sorry if I open old wounds. What happened over the years have is a usage of other people’s work without consent. And it’s still happening in 2020. If you wish to be a part of a community, respect for other people’s work and consent is mandatory if you want to change something - no matter how helpful you are towards people who like your work. I sincerely hope for redemption for Roxanne and her project. Time will tell if that ever comes to pass. But until the above comes to pass, I steer clear of Roxanne and her project. Not for the lack of helpfulne
  5. Thanks again Cahir. The mod was last updated in 2012, so I had my hopes up. I guess I have to learn Weidu and Polish at some point and do the job my self
  6. Thank you Cahir. I thought about PM’ing, since I know of your great work for the Polish community. But thanks for the quick reply.
  7. Does anybody know if the old Polish mod “Grimuar” has been updated for the EE’s? http://baldur.cob-bg.pl/gm?pg=2
  8. Actually it was a single that corrupted it for me.I deleted the file from my override folder, and it work. The file name was: CMSTQ04.ITM Dont know what it did, but I will have to without it
  9. Ok. I guess you are right. The above suggested some sort of fix. I will try a text converter and see if it works out. If so I will report back
  10. Is there a fix for this. I have run into the same problems. Hate to go without any of the mods...
  11. Thanks for your posts Subtledoctor and Jastey. I - admittedly - try to get a Kumbaya feeling going. I freely admit to that. I do try do be respectful, and I have noted that there are strong sentiments on the subject. So I shall heed your words Subtledoctor, and be careful. And I do think I have had my say. This thread was meant as a valid question, to which there are different answers/views. I can live with that, and I hope everybody else can. I will be at the Secret of Bonehill thread - hoping for a bug and Roxanne free version of this excellent mod.
  12. it’s ok Semiticgod. People may call me what they want, and say their piece about my actions and motives. It is their choice - not mine. But I am glad that it is confirmed that this is not an echo chamber. It may be that I like the BD Kool-Aid too much, but I actually like the forums, I did part take in the discussion (and not part of any Kool-Aid gang) and still do. And yes I fully stand by that I support the site rules there. And yes I fully support that discussions need a helping hand sometimes - by forumites most of all, but also from moderators. And yes I have pressed agree
  13. Thank you. I have addressed the moderator issue in prior posts. And I didn’t motion the thread being closed (I actually agreed with Subtledoctor on a special treatment for the the iOS versions) I just didn’t see anything before things heated up and the thread was closed.
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