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  1. We can agree that the IWD situation is super annoying - and I actually did put up an “agree” on one of your post on that topic back in the days (when the posts existed that is). I have asked about the time frame a couple of times, but they sure are tight lipped… The file handling hooks will be a major issue if not fixed. Luke and I will probably be one of the first asked to do the Beta testing, and I have vowed to file “lack of access to the files” as a bug - and I believe Luke will do the same. My hope is that the devs will look towards NWN for a solution. The NWN iOS version has more or less free access to the files, so they can be modded in the old fashion manor (no jailbreak). So I am expecting the same treatment for the IE engine games - and will consider less manageable solutions as buggy.
  2. Hi Subtledoctor I have tried posting the question on the Beamdog Forum: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1178192/#Comment_1178192 The official answer so far on the iOS version topic has been: “we are working on the Android versions, and will work on the iOS versions after that - and can’t answer you questions before then”. The current pecking order seems to be 1) cpu/Mac (in Beta?) 2) Android (Beta) 3) iOS (not worked on) 4) Consoles ps. You might check the link to see if I got your question right.
  3. TS by VLAD used to be pretty bug free and evne worked in a BWS with everything from the Kerzenburg Forum - would love to play it again. I even have the old walkthrough in my Dropbox
  4. Gusinda is on a prolonged trip with his wife, and dont have access to internet most of the time - so it might be difficult to get a hold of him
  5. In the latest version, you can choose to roll for HP up to level 20 - instead of the flat and nerfed regular bonus. The way it works for me, is that it grants the hit dice, but not the constitution bonus past level 9. So a fighter gets 10 hp at each level from level 9 to 20. I dont know if this is intended, but would it be possible to add the con bonus as well? and perhaps add more options - for instance continue until you reach the level cap?
  6. Hidden in plain sight. Bravo Amongst the many nice things about your mod is the consideration you put into placing your items in the game - they fit in seamlessly.
  7. As far as I know, its not found in the game at all. It is POTN33 if you want to console it in. but perhaps @Daeros_Trollkiller has put it into the game somewhere new via his mod?
  8. I believe the seducer kit for thieves might be the thing you are looking for. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/77859/expanded-classes-and-kits-massive-kit-compilation-mod The modder did a run where numerous characters where included. The big basilisk where particularly good.
  9. @Moonboy187 Sorry for the late reply. there should be a locked container next to the guy who stole the teddy bear from the boy. There are some items (a scroll?) that points you towards Soubar. In the old days the container could be looted straight away... I think
  10. Actually it was an intentional misuse. Trying to be funny - and having to explain the joke, was a sure sign of that working really well...
  11. Just adding my 50 cents. Sorry if I open old wounds. What happened over the years have is a usage of other people’s work without consent. And it’s still happening in 2020. If you wish to be a part of a community, respect for other people’s work and consent is mandatory if you want to change something - no matter how helpful you are towards people who like your work. I sincerely hope for redemption for Roxanne and her project. Time will tell if that ever comes to pass. But until the above comes to pass, I steer clear of Roxanne and her project. Not for the lack of helpfulness, but for the lack of consent.
  12. Thanks again Cahir. The mod was last updated in 2012, so I had my hopes up. I guess I have to learn Weidu and Polish at some point and do the job my self
  13. Thank you Cahir. I thought about PM’ing, since I know of your great work for the Polish community. But thanks for the quick reply.
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